I started this website first, because I am an opening theory fanatic and second, I love analysing games of club strength players. I find it more rewarding than going through Grand Masters' games because lower rated players' games are easier to understand, contain many blunders and most importantly, so many missed winning opportunities!
Check out my games with  my favourite openings played in the Canberra Chess Club and other tournaments, and correspondence chess on gameknot.com You can download the games in PGN format to look at all the variations with annotations more easily. If you don't have a PGN reader download Scid from "great chess websites". It's free!
Please send me your own great games in your favourite openings in PGN format, that you have analysed and annotated, so I can post them here.
Also be sure to check out the "recommended opening books" and  "great chess websites" pages that every aspiring chess player should know about.
If you want to play me at Gameknot.com my handle is thanchientranh. Than Chien Tranh is the God of War in Viet Nam. Known to the Romans as Mars, son of Jupiter and father of Romulus & Remus. Known to the Ancient Greeks as Ares son of Zeus.