Selwyn Lake Road

Dec 16 2006         


RD 3


New Zealand 7683


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Unfortunately the vendor had signed a 1 year rental lease to 5 male Lincoln Students 3 days before he decided to sell! That lease terminated on
Oct 20, 2007.... After that we could finally move in!


The property is surrounded by a paper road that the council has said we can have if we pay the surveyor to survey it off... I suspect if may not be as simple as it sounds!...

the barbeque

the pool before...

the pool in February 2007.... (untended for 3 months!)

March 11, 2007 The boys had cleaned it out :-)

the tennis court

friend, Ryan

driveway... you can see part of the 6 car garaging there on the right

part of the back garden

The Orchard

back door

wash house

kitchen (before)

a bedroom ensuite toilet and shower then


Part of "our area" - a living room with 2 bedrooms connected



Neighbour's cat, "Tigger" visits nearly every day for cuddles and water

Or just to hang...

my mum on part of the huge lawn. very sheltered

kitchen and dining area

Selwyn Huts (across the river - see google map above)

Rooms to rent


More Pics: --> Our Farmhouse Photos

The Chook House


We are on the right hand side (110 metres from the end) see photo below

(you can't see the house from the road)

Directions to 11 Selwyn Lake Road

(from Christchurch Airport)

Yi-Ming’s and Andrew’s farmhouse

Turn right into Russelly road at the airport roundabout, (the 2nd roundabout)

Follow that road (i.e. keep heading south for about 25 minutes) it will become

Carmen Road (at the first set of lights)

then Shands Road (you will drive past my parent's farm 6.4 k's after the Hornby traffic lights, (Intersection with The Main South Road))

Stay on Shands road all the way to Ellesmere Lake Road, turn right, and then left into

Days Road

At the NO EXIT sign turn right into Pannetts road

About 1800 metres later turn left into

The lake Road (takes you through Coes Ford)

Then just over 1 km later turn left into

Selwyn Lake Road

Drive all the way to the end

Last 1 km is gravel, (you can see it starting in the pic below) please drive carefully - four cars have ended up off the gravel and either wrapped around trees or in the ditch, since we have owned this place....

google maps - copy and paste this address: 11 Selwyn Lake Road New Zealand, 

but be aware that you need to go around through Coes Ford as there is no bridge beside our house!

More Pics: --> Our Farmhouse Photos


Flatmates wanted