All my fish news and pictures will be available here. [Outdated]

At the moment, I have:

 4 Platys


5 Angelfish

4 Silver Dollars

7 Neons


5 Surpae Tetra

[No image yet]


1 Blue Fish

[No image or real name yet]

3 Yellow Fish

[No image or real name yet]


The Platys are definatly the ones who bring excitment to the fish tank while the Silver Dollars prefer a more quiet place. The Angelfish are very similar to the Silver Dollars except not as sensitive. It's very cute to see all of the Neons together in a scholl and when one changes direction, they all change! Unfortunately three Neons have left the tank but I hope to get 10 more soon as they don't show or stand out with all the big fish.

Tank Details:

Manufacturer:                               Juwel

Model:                                        Trigon 190

Size:                                           190l

Shape:                                        Corner; curved

Tank Temperature (Co):          26o


Total Fish: 29