Andrej Srakar


  • My joint contribution "Combinatorial regression in abstract simplicial complexes" will be presented in this week as part of the European Young Statisticians Meeting (EYSM) under the auspice of the Bernoulli Society.

  • My presentation on "Approximating the Ising model on fractal lattices of dimension two or greater than two" will be part of this year's Young European Probabilists workshop.

  • My joint presentation "Approximate Bayesian algorithm for tensor robust principal component analysis" will be part of this year's Bayesian Young Statisticians Meeting (BAYSM).

  • My joint contribution on "Level densities for general β-ensembles: An operator-valued free probability perspective" has received award for the best poster at the Young Researchers Meeting of the 10th Bernoulli-IMS World Congress in Probability and Statistics, 2021.

  • Contribution about YoungStatS, project I initiated and coordinate in the framework of Young Statisticians Europe (YSE), FENStatS, has been featured in the August edition of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) Bulletin.


Dobrodošli na predstavitveni strani Andreja Srakarja.

Welcome to the webpage of Andrej Srakar.

I work as a Scientific Associate at Institute for Economic Research in Ljubljana and Assistant Professor at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana. Finishing second PhD in mathematical statistics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana. In my spare time I'm also a tutor of statistics and econometrics at the Horizont agency in Ljubljana - do call if you're interested and if you need my tutoring help.

Bulk of my research work lies on the intersection of probability theory, stochastic processes and mathematical analysis. I often use this in the development of novel estimators and approaches in mathematical statistics and econometrics, mathematical physics and mathematical biology (including applications in cultural economics, SHARE data and macroeconomics).

More specifically, my current research interests lie in:

- probability (random matrices and free probability, stochastic PDE's, interacting particle systems);

- random geometry (scaling limits for non-planar geometric and topological objects; conformal field theory; random topology);

- complex, functional and harmonic analysis;

- object-based data analysis (distributional symbolic data and likelihood for symbolic data; compositional regression approaches; FDA; causal inference for SDA, CoDA and FDA);

- non- and semiparametric methods (wavelet and sieve approaches; isotonic regression; semi- and nonparametric approaches for SEM);

- Bayesian approaches (stochastic processes for nonparametric priors; high-dimensional ABC problems);

- econometrics (machine learning approaches to causality; difference-in-differences approaches; shrinkage estimation; partial identification; time series econometrics);

- applications to cultural economics; SHARE database; and macroeconomics.

I'm currently coordinating two larger projects of online seminars and blogs:

YoungStatS - The blog and One World YoungStatS webinar of Young Statisticians Europe (YSE)

Cultural Economics Online Seminar, Association for Cultural Economics International

Do get involved if interested and please write me an email on first.last(at) and/or first.last(at)

Editor-in-chief of Review of Economics and Economic Methodology (REEM), indexed by EconLit.

I am joint Coordinator of the Young Section of the Slovenian Statistical Society and active member of Young Statisticians Europe coordination.

I'm member of ERCIM Working Group on Computational and Methodological Statistics (specialized team in Functional Data Analysis,

As of May 2018, I have been continually listed among the top 15 Slovenian economists by number of points, total research output and exceptional achievements in the main Slovenian research base SICRIS. Since January 2020, I'm in the top ten.