Unofficial OpenELEC Add-ons

These Add-ons can be downloaded by installing my unofficial repo from Download file matching your architecture.
Do not forget to reboot your mediaplayer after install.

alsamixer Add-on

If you are using putty for the ssh connection to OpenELEC machine there is problems using the function keys.
For the functions key to work correctly choose in putty at session configurationĀ  Terminal > Keyboard > The Function keys and keypad > Linux.
There is no alsamixer Add-on for Raspberry-Pi.

bluez-tools Add-on

This Add-on is based on a GSoC 2010 project and provides some command line tools for bluez using the D-bus interface of bluez. More info here.
For some directions how to use this Add-on read this post on openelec forum.

bt-gui Add-on

This Add-on provides a graphical inteface for the command line tools from bluez-tools Add-on. It is for the first time when I am programming in python
so please be gentle with me

mc Add-on

With this Add-on you will have midnight commander, an opensource file manager, installed on OpenELEC, callit only from an ssh connection.

mksquashfs Add-on

With this addon you can make changes to the read-only filesystem from OpenELEC - read the squashfs-howto (link below)
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