Andrei Barbos

Associate Professor

Department of Economics

University of South Florida


Ph.D.: Economics, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, 2009
B.A.: Mathematical Economics, Academia de Studii Economice, Bucharest, Romania, 2001


Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of South Florida, 2015-present 

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of South Florida, 2009-2015


Reputational Effects of Third-Party Agents: A Study of the Market for Fine and Rare Wines” (with John Hartman) - Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2023

  An Example of Negative Wage Elasticities for YouTube Content Creators” (with Joshua Kaisen) - Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2022

"Optimal Contracts with Random Monitoring" - International Journal of Game Theory, 2022

The Effect of Awarding Disability Benefits on Opioid Consumption” (with Minglu Sun) - Health Economics, 2021

Dynamic Contracts with Random Monitoring” – Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2019

The Effect of Maternity Leave Expansions on Fertility Intentions: Evidence from Switzerland” (with Stefani Milovanska-Farrington) – Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 2019   

"The Impact of a Public Option in the U.S. Health Insurance Market" (with Yi Deng) - Economic Inquiry, 2015

"Information Acquisition and Innovation under Competitive Pressure"  - Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2015

"Imperfect Evaluation in Project Screening" - Journal of Economics, 2014 

"An Alternative Interpretation of Random Noise in Rank-Order Tournaments" - Economics Letters, 2013

"Project Screening with Tiered Evaluation" - Mathematical Social Sciences, 2013   

"A Reference Dependent Representation with Subjective Tastes" - Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2013      

"De-synchronized Clocks in Preemption Games with Risky Prospects" - Mathematical Social Sciences, 2013

"Context Effects: A Representation of Choices from Categories" - Journal of Economic Theory, 2010


"Opioid Control Policies Can Also Reduce Domestic Violence" (with Minglu Sun)


Mathematical Economics I (graduate); Mathematical Economics II (graduate); Microeconomics II (graduate); Behavioral Economics (graduate); Game Theory (undergraduate); Intermediate Microeconomics (undergraduate); Behavioral Economics (undergraduate)


As committee chair: Joshua Stringfellow; Minglu Sun; Stefani Milovanska-Farrington; John Hartman; Youssef Fassi Fehri

As committee member: Gazanfar Karimli; Md Shahjahan; Joshua Kaisen; Maysam Qadimi Rabbani; Ichiro Nakamoto; Samaneh Ghadyani; Zahra Akbari; Brian Hornung; Nicole Schoenecker; Stacey Gelsheimer; Natallia Gray; Berna Colak; Boris Nikolaev

As committee member for students from other departments: Ryan Matthew Thurman (Mathematics); Vahid Mahmoodian (Engineering); Aygerim Bogyrbayeva (Engineering); Lohuwa Mamudu (Statistics); Vasile Pop (Mathematics); Kevin Melendez (Engineering); Vignesh Subramanian (Engineering); Alireza Ghalebani (Engineering); Felipe Feijoo Palacios (Engineering)


Annals of Finance; Canadian Journal of Economics; Econometrica; Economics Bulletin; Economics Journal; International Economic Review; Journal of Combinatorial Optimization; Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization; Journal of Economic Theory; Journal of Economics; Journal of Economics and Management Strategy; Labour Economics; Mathematical Social Sciences; National Science Foundation; Review of Economic Design; Review of Economic Studies; Social Choice and Welfare


Director of the Ph.D. Program, Department of Economics, University of South Florida, 2015-2019 and 2022 - present

Member in the Scientific Committee of the Annual Scientific Conference of Romanian Academic Economists, 2015 and 2016

Organizer of the Departmental Seminar Series, University of South Florida, 2010-2012

Consultant, Behavioral Research Associates, Evanston, IL, 2008-2009


USF Faculty Research and Development Award, 2011

Academia de Studii Economice, Bucharest, Romania, graduated with the highest GPA in my cohort of 500 students, 2001

Romanian Government Excellence Scholarship (awarded to one student from each University in Romania), 2000-2001

Procter & Gamble Scholarship (awarded to 24 students from 8 East European countries), 2000-2001

Academia de Studii Economice, Bucharest, Romania, First Prize at the Professional Contest “The Best Programmer”, 1998



Address: 4202 E Fowler Ave. CMC 206; Tampa, FL 33620