About me

I am currently the Principal Investigator of the DFG-funded project "Logic across languages: Expressing and interpreting connectives cross-linguistically" (CrossConn), hosted by the Leibniz-Center of General Linguistics in Berlin (ZAS). I am also an associated member of the LeibnizDream Generator Group at ZAS.

Previously I was a research associate at ZAS, a post-doc on a project entitled "Strength of Scalar Implicatures" with Dr. Uli Sauerland, and a lecturer at Harvard University teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in semantics and syntax.

In May 2013, I received my Ph.D. from Harvard University with a dissertation entitled "Any questions? Polarity as a window into the structure of questions".

My research is focused on semantics, pragmatics, and the syntax-semantics interface. I am especially interested in polarity phenomena, the array of variation in the interpretation of connective particles cross-linguistically, the grammatical encoding of implicature calculation and interrogative constructions.



Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft
SchĂĽtzenstr. 18, room 411, D-10117 Berlin, Germany

nicolae(at)leibniz-zas.de andreea.nicolae(at)gmail.com

Recent papers

Additive free choice items. [with A. Falaus] Natural Language Semantics.

Who and what do "who" and "what" range over cross-linguistically? [with P. Elliott and U. Sauerland] To appear in Journal of Semantics

Negative polarity additive particles. TLLM 2020: Monotonicity in Logic and Languages, pp 166-182.

Not eating kein veggies: Negative concord in child German. [with K. Yatsushiro] Linguistic Evidence 2020.

Quantity implicatures. [with U. Sauerland] The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Semantics. 2020.

Check out my CV and my Google Scholar page.

Recent presentations

The polarity of additive particles. GLOW 43, SuB 25, TLLM2020

Functional multiple wh-relatives. NELS 41

When children interpret disjunction exclusively. [with K. Yatsushiro, M. Asano, Y. Miyamoto, S. Otani] BUCLD 45