About me

I am currently a researcher at the Leibniz-Center of General Linguistics in Berlin (ZAS). Previously I worked as a post-doc on a project entitled Strength of Scalar Implicatures with Dr. Uli Sauerland, and before that I taught graduate and undergraduate courses in semantics and syntax as a Lecturer at Harvard University.

My research is focused on semantics and pragmatics, as well as the syntax-semantics interface. I am especially interested in polarity phenomena, the grammatical encoding of implicature calculation and the syntax and semantics of questions.

I received my Ph.D. from Harvard University in May 2013 with a dissertation entitled Any questions? Polarity as a window into the structure of questions.

ContactLeibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine SprachwissenschaftSch├╝tzenstr. 18, room 411D-10117 Berlin, Germany
nicolae (at) leibniz-zas.de; andreea.nicolae (at) gmail.com

Recent publications

A new perspective on the shielding property of positive polarity. In SALT 27 Proceedings.

Deriving the positive polarity behavior of plain disjunction. In Semantics & Pragmatics.

Fragment answers and double negation in strict negative concord languages. In SALT 26 Proceedings. [with A. Falaus]

Here is the latest version of my CV.

Check out my Google Scholar page here.

Recent presentations

Positive polarity disjunction. Osaka University, invited talk. (March 2019)

Logic in language. Osaka University, 2-day grad student tutorial. (March 2019)

Tutorial on the semantics of coordinated vs non-coordinated wh-constructions. [with P. Elliott] Multiple wh-constructions and their kin Internal Workshop. Nantes (Sept 2019)