I am currently a researcher at the Leibniz-Center of General Linguistics in Berlin (ZAS). Previously I worked as a post-doc on a project entitled Strength of Scalar Implicatures with Dr. Uli Sauerland, and before that I taught graduate and undergraduate courses in semantics and syntax as a Lecturer at Harvard University.

My research is focused on semantics and pragmatics, as well as the syntax-semantics interface. I am especially interested in polarity phenomena, the grammatical encoding of implicature calculation and the syntax and semantics of questions.

I received my Ph.D. from Harvard University in May 2013 with a dissertation entitled Any questions? Polarity as a window into the structure of questions.

Recent publications

A new perspective on the shielding property of positive polarity. In SALT 27 Proceedings.

Cumulative readings beyond nominals. In Proceedings of the Linguistics Society of America. [with P. Elliott]

Deriving the positive polarity behavior of plain disjunction. In Semantics & Pragmatics.

Fragment answers and double negation in strict negative concord languages. In SALT 26 Proceedings. [with A. Fălăuș]

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Recent presentations

Positive polarity indefinites

  • invited talk at UCL seminar, London. (March 2017)
  • SALT 27, Maryland. (May 2017) [handout]

Who and what do who and what range over cross-linguistically? [with P. Elliott & U. Sauerland]

  • SALT 27 poster, Maryland. (May 2017)
  • CLS53 presentation, Chicago (May 2017)

Strict negative concord [with A. Fălăuș]

  • Landscape of Neg-Words Workshop invited talk, Göttingen. (March 2017)