I am professor of economics at the  Central European University and a co-editor at the Journal of the European Economic Association.


email: WeberA@ceu.edu

Central European University, Department of Economics

Quellenstrasse 51, 1100 Vienna, Austria

New Papers:

Precautionary Fertility: Conceptions, Births, and Abortions around Employment Shocks, with Anna Bardits, Anna Adamecz, Marta Bistray, Agnes Szabo-Morvai, 2024.

Take-Up and Labor Supply Responses to Disability Insurance Earnings Limits, with Judit Kreko and Daniel Prinz, 2022.

Can public policy increase paternity acknowledgment? Evidence from earnings-related parental leave, with Anna Raute and Galina Zudenkova, 2023.

Internal Labor Markets: A Worker Flow Approach, with Ingrid Huitfeldt,  Andreas Kostol and Jan Nimczik, 2023.