Andreas Klocker
ARC Fellow (DECRA)

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies,
University of Tasmania


I am a physical oceanographer at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) where I work on understanding
how small-scale turbulent processes in the ocean affect large-scale ocean circulation and climate, with a special interest in the Southern Ocean. These small-scale processes are key to understanding our global climate since they play a major role in determining, for example, the uptake of heat and carbon into the global ocean.  They are also vital to the transport of warm ocean currents towards Antarctic ice shelves, leading to the melting of these ice shelves and subsequently sea-level change. Current global climate models are not yet capable of resolving these small-scale processes due to computational constraints, and a substantial part of my work is therefore aimed at improving the representation of these processes in climate models that will help develop our understanding of the changing global environment. To understand these fundamental processes, I use a combination of theory, numerical ocean models and observations, with a focus on high-resolution state-of-the-art ocean models.