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You've come to the right place for transformative trainings on the growing edge of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), psychotherapy, and personal growth.

Upcoming Trainings:

Core Transformation
Tamara Andreas
Feb 22-24, 2013, Boulder CO

A gently powerful personal transformation seminar that teaches 3 methods for deep emotional healing and behavior transformation. Many people also find it a direct way to access our spiritual core. (You do not need to have spiritual beliefs to benefit--it is experience based rather than belief based.) You'll discover how this simple process can do all three of these things. Many people have told us this is the most transformative seminar they have attended in NLP.  And many therapists and coaches after attending tell us this method has become the foundation for their practice.

Open to all:
If you've attended once, you're welcome to return for half price. We encourage this use of this process for ongoing deepening of the benefits.
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Metaphors of Movement
with Andrew T. Austin
April 13-16, 2013, Boulder CO (Saturday-Tuesday)
Open to all: We'll be exploring this fascinating work in different areas of living!  Including Andy's latest discoveries and applications.

Metaphors of Movement: Research/Exploration Day

guided by
Andrew T. Austin

April 17, 2013, Boulder CO (Wednesday)
This is a day for us to go beyond what is "known" in Metaphors of Movement, and explore unanswered or partially answered questions about how MoM really works!
Prerequisite: the 4-day Metaphors of Movement training with Andy Austin

Weight Loss: A Neuro-Linguistic Perspective
Andrew T. Austin

April 20-21, 2013, Boulder CO (Saturday & Sunday)
Open to Everyone: No background needed.
This is not about dieting and not about exercise. What we will explore are the personal blocks and emotional difficulties that arise for you when it comes to issues around food and eating. Andy has a unique perspective, not replicated in other NLP approaches. Come if you are wanting this exploration for yourself, and/or if you have clients who are struggling with weight loss.

(Boulder Flatiron Mountains)