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FTPServer Usage

The FTPServer is used to transfer files from/to the Android device 
using the FTP protocol. 
The Android device needs to be on WIFI, and a FTP client must be 
installed on a computer that can access the Android device (e.g. on 
the same network). 
In the preferences, the mark for the network has to be checked to 
allow connections, and the port, username and password also have to be 
(Note: The port must be an integer number greater than 1023). 
After setting the preferences, on top of the FTPServer the ip address 
and the port of the Android device are shown. 

These values can be used on a FTP client to connect to the Android 
device to transfer files. 

Connecting without Wifi (using 3G data connection) only works if the 
connecting device is on the same network, or if your mobile operator 
does not use any proxy. 


  • Selecting "QUIT" closes the application, but keeps the service running in the background. 
  • To stop the server, select "Stop FTP Service". 
    It is recommended to stop the FTP service when there are no active  connections. 
  • To access your SD card, use its mount point in the folder /mnt/ (Your SD card may, for example, be named sdcard or extSdCard). You can choose the SD card by using the "Choose Folder" button and navigating to /mnt/
Andreas Liebig,
21 Jan 2011, 11:47