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st martin hotels and resorts
    martin hotels
  • (Martin Hotel (Sioux City, Iowa)) The Martin Hotel is located at 410 Pierce St. in Sioux City, Iowa. The Chicago style building was erected in 1912. It is significant for its architecture, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.
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St. Martins Lane Hotel
St. Martins Lane Hotel
A former office building converted to a hotel. Go during the regular season, because in the off-season there was practically no staff there. I had to complain 3 times before they would come and remove the former occupant's socks from our room, and then the heater broke and they left the window open. They upgraded our room, but at something like ?300 a night it's not worth it. The Light Bar was worse; Bee asked for a martini with olives, got one with lemon, and the waitress fished the lemon out with her fingers. At ?9 per drink we should have bought our own vodka.
"Hôtel du Nord"
"Hôtel du Nord"
"Hotel du nord" est un film culte de 1938 realise par Marcel Carne avec Arletty et Louis Jouvet. Le film n'a pas ete tourne sur le canal Saint Martin mais dans un gigantesque decors reconstitue par Alexandre Trauner dans le studios de Billancourt.

st martin hotels and resorts
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