Le Franschhoek Hotel Spa : Grand Hotel Margitsziget Budapest.

Le Franschhoek Hotel Spa

le franschhoek hotel spa
  • Franschhoek (Dutch spelling before 1947: "French Corner") is a small town in the Western Cape Province and one of the oldest towns of the Republic of South Africa. It is about 75 kilometres from Cape Town and has a population of 15,353. Since 2000 it has been incorporated into Stellenbosch.
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franschhoek flowers
franschhoek flowers
franschhoek is in the heart of the south african wine lands. excellent red and white stuff comes from the grapes here. because all the restaurants in franschhoek (and south africa in general) serve local wines, a great bottle will set you back about $25-$30US. a really good bottle will only cost about $10US. needless to say, i took great pleasure in getting to know the local grapes. taken in franschhoek (meaning french hook), south africa.
Franschhoek village
Franschhoek village
Franschhoek is a trendy, quaint little village in the heart of the Cape's wine country. Settled hundreds of years ago by French Hugenots (the name means "French Corner"), the fertile valley is home to some of the finest wine farms in South Africa. The wines, as well as the region, compare favourably to the Napa and Sonoma valleys of California.

le franschhoek hotel spa
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