Andreas Fagereng

Welcome to my homepage!

I am a Professor of Finance at BI Norwegian Business School and a Senior Researcher at Statistics Norway. My research is broadly focused around household finance and macroeconomics.

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. in Economics, European University Institute, 2012


BI Norwegian Business School, Department of Finance, Nydalsveien 37, 0484 Oslo, Norway

Working papers

K-Returns to Education, with Luigi Guiso, Martin Holm & Luigi Pistaferri

Saving Behavior Across the Wealth Distribution, with Martin Holm, Benjamin Moll & Gisle Natvik, NBER Wp 26588 [Slides] [Online Appendix]

MPC Heterogeneity and Household Balance Sheets, with Martin Holm & Gisle Natvik, CESifo Wp 7134

Conditionally accepted, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics

Work in progress

Assortative Mating in Wealth and Returns to Wealth and Implications for Wealth Inequality, with Luigi Guiso & Luigi Pistaferri

Housing Wealth in Norway, 1993-2015, with Martin Holm & Kjersti Torstensen

Published work

Why do Wealthy Parents have Wealthy Children? with Magne Mogstad & Marte Rønning

Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming

Heterogeneity and Persistence in Returns to Wealth, with Luigi Guiso, Davide Malacrino & Luigi Pistaferri

Econometrica, 88 (1) pp.115-170, 2020.

Portfolio Choices, Firm Shocks and Uninsurable Wage Risk, with Luigi Guiso & Luigi Pistaferri

Review of Economic Studies, 85 (1) pp.396-436, 2018. [Working paper] [VoxEU]

Firm-Related Risk and Precautionary Saving Response, with Luigi Guiso & Luigi Pistaferri

American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings, 107 (5) pp.393-397, 2017. [Print] [Working paper]

Imputing consumption from Norwegian income and wealth registry data, with Elin Halvorsen

Journal of Economic and Social Measurement, 42 (1) pp.67-100, 2017. [Working Paper]

Asset Market Participation and Portfolio Choice over the Life-Cycle, with Charles Gottlieb & Luigi Guiso

Journal of Finance, 72 (2) pp.705-750, 2017. [Working Paper] [Internet Appendix] [Slides]

Heterogeneity in Returns to Wealth and the Measurement of Wealth Inequality, with Luigi Guiso, Davide Malacrino & Luigi Pistaferri

American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings, 106 (5) pp.651-655, 2016. [Working Paper]

Saving and Portfolio Allocation Before and After Job Loss, with Christoph Basten & Kjetil Telle

Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 48 (2-3) pp.293-324, 2016. [Working Paper] [Internet Appendix]

Cash-on-Hand and the Duration of Job Search: Quasi-experimental evidence from Norway, with Christoph Basten & Kjetil Telle

Economic Journal, 124 (576) pp.540-568, 2014. [Working Paper], Summary article in Norwegian: Samfunnsøkonomen 8/2014

Exchange rate volatility and export performance: A cointegrated VAR approach, with Pål Boug

Applied Economics, 42 (7) pp.851-864, 2010. [Working Paper]

Current grants

2020-2024: ERC Starting Grant

Inequality in 3D – Measurement and Implications for Macroeconomic Theory (3D-In-Macro)

2019-2021: Norwegian Research Council

The Macroeconomics of Wealth Inequality

Policy reports

Debt and household consumption responses, with Elin Halvorsen, Norges Bank Staff Memo, 2016, [Download]

Other sites

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