Fungal Ecology

WELCOME! We are at the Department of Biological Sciences at WIU and our research focuses on the study of fungal symbiotic associations, their emergent properties, and the effect of global climate change on fungal diversity and community structure. We a
re interested in ecological roles of fungal symbionts, their diversity, biogeographical distributions, and potential applications of novel fungal consortia.


Congratulations! Cedric obtained a graduate research grant!!

Great semester! Congratulations to Terry Torres for her Mycological Society of America Travel Award and her third place oral presentation at the Bio Research Symposium!

Congratulations to Eliese Potocek for her Undergraduate Honors Grant! (Spring 2015)!

Congratulations Ryan Deaver and Terry Torres Cruz for their WIU Sustainability Fund Awards!! (Spring 2015!)

We are very happy to welcome our new lab members: Terry Torres (now as a grad student  from Costa Rica)!, Benjamin Nave (Grad Student), Eliese Potocek (Honors Undergrad).

Congratulations Paris Hamm! Best poster presentation at the 2014 Mycological Society of America Meeting in East Lansing!
Congratulations to Aleshia, Shiloh and Paris for their Honors and Underg Research Grants!

Ryan was awarded a FESIN travel grant!

Bio Symposium Results: Terri - third best oral presentation! Katrina-third best poster presentation!, Shiloh-second undergrad poster!

Congratulations to Terri Tobias for her second best poster at the 2014 WIU Graduate Research Conference!

 **Opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students**