The Dutch Tulipmania

Version 0.5 

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The tulip next appeared, all over gay,
But wanton, full of pride, and full of play;
The world can't show a dye but here has place;
Nay, by new mixtures, she can change her face;
Purple and gold are both beneath her care-
The richest needlework she loves to wear;
Her only study is to please the eye
And to outshine the rest in finery

Abraham Cowley


When the tulip was introduced to The Netherlands (or United Provinces, as they were known at the time, they caused a great deal of interest, to say the least.

Society was transfixed by the pretty flower, as prices spiraled higher and higher.

For a basic overview of the crisis, read the wikipedia article on tulipmania.

This article, WHICH IS STILL IN AN INCOMPLETE FORM AND MIGHT CONTAIN INACCURACIES, instead tries to pick at the link between   the ecology and the economic of the tulips. 

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