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If you're looking for the Chef who shares my name, his page is here.

This is something I've only started doing with any degree of seriousness recently. My father always cooks, and my grandfather always cooked, so this is the third generation of the cooking Matrangas. 

This trimester I started organizing a dinner per week with my colleagues from uni, and friends. I wished I started doing this in the first trimester, because I love it! 

It's a great chance to

  • have people over to get them know them better.
  • take an afternoon off from problem sets, assignments and the like, to do something completely different.
  • drink wine in merry company
  • plan something out and see it develop
  • force yourself to not eat some random junk out of the fridge

So far I've concentrated mainly on the pastas, because they tend to take slightly less time, and are easier to make for a number of people. I'm in no position to start giving cooking advice, but that won't stop me from doing it anyway!

I'll just write up what it is I cook. Caveat lector.