Cluster Visualizations

I thought of implementing a simple program to admire the modules we find in networks.

To run the program, you first need to run a clustering algorithm and get the modules you want to visualize.
The modules can be hierarchical and overlapping. The program will write a gdf file which reports the positions and the colors of the nodes: this file can be visualized using gephi. Below you can have a look at some visualizations I got using the clusters found by OSLOM.
For more information, look at the ReadMe file which comes along with the program. Don't hesitate to contact me for any question or problem!
Protein-Protein interaction network in yeast which I found here.
Western States Power Grid of the United States. Data compiled by D. Watts and S. Strogatz 
D. J. Watts and S. H. Strogatz, Nature 393, 440-442 (1998)

My first idea was to use a hierarchical circular method: in the circular layout one places all nodes in a circle. Hierarchical simply means that one first places the nodes belonging to the same module in a circle, repeats this for all the clusters and then places them all in a bigger circle. The algorithm is somehow an improvement of this idea. 

Andrea Lancichinetti,
Jun 9, 2017, 12:42 PM