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Andrea y Hugo

Being a linguist, Andrea has found Argentine tango a universal, powerful yet subtle non-verbal language for communication through intense connection. Her passion for tango originated from a trip to Buenos Aires in 2001 to look for the “tango culture”, and has since returned almost yearly. Andrea dances in both roles, follower and leader. Since 2006 she has been teaching tango in her home studio in Gainesville, FL. She is also a DJ.

Andrea has learned with numerous maestros from Buenos Aires, Canada and the United States, most closely with Lydia and Barry Byrne in Canada, Los Dinzels and DNI studios in Buenos Aires, Maria Olivera, Omar Vega, Alejandra Arrue and Sergio Natario, and through dancing with a countless number of partners. From 2009 she has become a frequent participant of El Corte in Nijmegen with Eric Jeurissen for various learning and dancing opportunities, including DJ workshops and Teachers' Training Week.

Andrea is known to her students as one with "infinite" patience for students and passion for the dance. She emphasizes on connection, relaxation, technique and musicality "so that the simplest Tango walk becomes an elegant dance". Her careful selecting of the music and figures to teach with clarity in a fun and supporting atmosphere helps students to gain confidence and to come back for years. Contact: pham.andrea@gmail.com.

Toronto Tango Marathon

Dinzel Studio, Buenos Aires

Rodolfo Dinzel

Eric Jeurissen, El Corte

                            Lubeck, Germany

Hue Tango Club, Vietnam

Andrea and Linda


Papirusa studio

                             Gloria Dinzel


Summerdaze 2011, Nijmegen

Hanoi Tango Club, Vietnam
Andrea Pham,
Dec 26, 2012, 3:04 PM