In this time architecture is characterized by the appearance
of new business strategies and smart ways of working.
One of the most evident of them is the internationalization
of companies related with architecture.

This new situation takes us to the need of professionals
with a high adaptation capacity to the new architectural scenarios,
every time more and more complex and interdisciplinary.
We should add the need of being able to speak several languages.

For all this, I propose myself because of my long experience in several national
and international projects, with different magnitudes and functional programs
always faced up searching the equilibrium between Architecture and Landscape.
In the result, a sustainable respect towards people and land can be appreciated.

I have developed different international projects under construction like
Dondana Villas (Italy) or Palace in Ajman (United Arab Emirates).
I have also developed projects in Poland, Portugal, Estonia, China or Spain.

I offer external or internal collaboration to architecture studios,
engineering, building enterprises, or to private clients.
I can develop competitions or projects in all their phases,
from the first sketch to the construction document.