Architecture is Knowledge.
Each new project is the possibility to meet new challenges.

I was born in 1974 in the green hills of central Italy.

As a child I was interested in developing my design abilities in any occasion.
For this reason I later decided to study Graphic Arts at secondary school.

Afterwards, I got a degree in Architecture from the University of Milan.
During this course of study I was fascinated by Bruno Munari, Achille Castiglioni,
Ignazio Gardella, Franco Albini, Enzo Mari... Angelo Mangiarotti...

Later on, in Lisbon I learned about the poetry we can find in the
Portuguese architecture of Siza, Souto de Moura... Carrilho da Graça...

I finished my education in Santiago de Chile, studying their young architects
like Mathias klotz and Smiljan Radic...

Finally I arrived in Barcelona in 2003, where I have been working in
several projects with a major dedication in the creative phase.

My continual interest in landscape, architecture, design and
sustainability inspires me for further self-development.