Pears Red Anjou Packh Nelis        Pears Forelle Bosc Comice         Pears Bosc Red Anjou Seckel    Pears Red Winter Anjou Seckle                     
 Multi Peppers
Single Peppers                                         
          Red & Green Peppers Square            Orange Pepper Square                  Green Pepper Square                    Red Peppers Square
 Olive Oils
                            Aceite de Oliva                        Olio Oliva                         Huile d'Olives                         Olive Oil
                                                           Olive Oil Three bottles                        Olive Oil Two Bottles
        Garroxta  earth tone                   Idzabal                              Zamora                           Manchego                         Garroxta B&W
                                               Cheese Collage                                                                Coffees Collage
                        Cappuccino                                 Mochaccino                                espresso                                 Mocha Latte
Veggies on Red                   
                                  Okra                                                 Navet                                        Patty pan Squash
                                 Radish                                             Petit Pois                                                Chile
    Navet w greens                          Beet                                Daikon                            Artichoke                           Carrot
                                          Veggie Collage Smalls                                        Veggie Collage Large on small 
All artwork is copyright Andrea Strongwater and may not be used without permission of the artist.