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Rubia illustrations


These [Threads of Change] classes not only provided me the chance to become aware of my rights and what is happening in other worlds, but also let me share my ideas. This is the first time in life that I was asked about my opinion as a woman on an issue. Due to these classes, I worked hard on not letting my daughter Humaira be married until she completes 12th grade. Before the classes, my husband did not understand her right to education and would have forced her to marry at a younger age.”

                                                --Marjana, Karizak village, Afghanistan 
     Even in a remote village in Afghanistan, when given the gift of empowerment, mothers can transform their daughters’ lives. Rubia’s “Threads of Change” training convinced Marjana to insist that her daughter finish high school before getting married.

Rubia offers an alternative to early marriage: education and economic opportunity. Our innovative “Threads of Change (TOC)” curriculum combines education in human rights, health and hygiene with refinement of women’s marketable embroidery skills.
Women learn to stitch images promoting hand-washing, vaccinating children, women’s rights, girls’ education, and ending child marriage while participating in guided discussions of these lessons. They are sewing durable Threads of Change. 

Over the past three years, 700 women have completed ToC.

Women Participate in Threads of Change Training, Farah Province