Trip reportages

In this page you can find a list of trips and experiences I've had in volounteering.
In the following the places I've visited with the considerations and information I've been able to get!
  • Kenya (August 2012)
    Page collecting data, pictures and information about Kenya and the trip I did there in the summer of 2012.
    My experience has been in a children's home near Embu (150Km north of Nairobi) where I had the opportunity to see how people traditionally live in country-side Kenya and which is their organization.
And places and experiences from friends...
  • Twende ONLUS - (Democratic Republic of Congo, August 2007)
    Twende is an association that carries out projects aimed at inform on the situation and conditions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and help (in a real way, even economically) the Congolese population (through the Xaverian missions and possibly the construction of autonomous).
    The original group, made ​​up of 8 people (Chiara, Daria, Oriana, Richard, Robert, Robert, Robert, Rosetta), was formed as a result of the experience of one month in South Kivu, Bukavu and Xaverian missions Luvungi. Currently, the group consists of 10 people.
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