Computer Science

In this page you can find some activities I've performed in the field of Computer Science:
  • Code for the Rorschach-Test-Platform FB application
    Rorschach Test Platform is an application which aims to dispense psychological tests easily using Facebook. On this application administrators can define tests to be submitted to the Facebook users to complete. The application is accessible at the following link: (
    Thanks to the features and information offered by Facebook the application is able to integrate the testing data with other relevant information about the users. In particular the application leverages the techniques of Social Network Analysis (SNA, read more on Wikipedia to compute sociological indexes on the users.
    These indexes are:
    • Basic indexes on the network configuration
    • Centrality indexes
    • Group indexes on subgraphs and cliques
    • Rorschach Test Platform - OpenSesame plugin
This application is a plugin to the OpenSesame platform to integrate with Rorschach Test Platform (a psychological testing platform with social network analysis features).
OpenSesame is a graphical experiment builder. OpenSesame provides an easy to use, point-and-click interface for creating psychological experiments. In addition to a powerful sketchpad for creating visual stimuli, OpenSesame features a sampler and synthesizer for sound playback. For more complex tasks, OpenSesame supports Python scripting using the built-in editor with syntax highlighting.
OpenSesame is freely available under the General Public Licence. More information on this application can be found at the following link: (