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Contact Info

Position: Team Leader (Assistant Professor)
Location: RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Wako-shi, Saitma, Japan

phone: +81-48-467-5203

Research Interests

I use electrophysiological and imaging methods to study the dynamics of population of neurons in the primary visual cortex. The questions I have addressed aim at understanding how neurons respond over time to features of the visual stimulus on a millisecond time scale. Traditionally, such questions have been addressed at the single cell level. My approach instead is to simultaneously record the activity of large populations of neurons. Specifically, I have been studying the selectivity of neurons for orientation: oriented stimuli elicit wave-like activity in the visual cortex and I have characterized such responses through a combination of recording methods (multi-array recording, politrodes, voltage sensitive dye imaging, intrinsic imaging) and modeling approaches as well. I am particularly interested in understanding how such activity affects the correlation between responses of neurons and how it interacts with the natural ongoing dynamics of the cortex.