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ESSEC Business School

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CS 50105



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  • Density-Tempered Marginalized Sequential Monte Carlo Samplers, (with Jin-Chuan Duan), 2015, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 33, 192-202 (WP version)
  • Bayesian Learning of Impacts of Self-Exciting Jumps in Returns and Volatility, (with Jun Yu and Junye Li), 2015, Review of Financial Studies, 28, 876-912 (WP version)
  • Estimating the Structural Credit Risk Model When Equity Prices Are Contaminated by Trading Noises'' (with Jin-Chuan Duan), 2009, Journal of Econometrics, 150, 288-296 (WP version)
  • "Filtering Methods" In Handbook of Computational Finance Edited by Jin-Chuan Duan, James E. Gentle, Wolfgang Haerdle Berlin: Springer, 2011
  • A first look at the microstructure of CDS markets (with Laurence Lescourret), 2008 in Proceedings of the 1st International Financial Research Forum, edited by Monique Jeanblanc, Economica
  • "Maximum Likelihood'' (with Jin-Chuan Duan) 2004, Encyclopedia of Actuarial Science, 2004, eds. Jozef Teugels and Bjorn Sundt, Wiley, Volume 2, 1107-1115
Working Papers
    • IFSID (Montreal Institute of Structured Finance and Derivatives) award for the best paper on Derivatives presented at the 2015 Northern Finance Association (NFA) meeting
Old Working Papers