Grade 8 Heart Rate Monitors

Dear Parents/Guardians,

            This year in Physical Education class, all grade 8 students will be wearing a Polar H7 heart rate monitor. Heart rate monitors provide immediate feedback about the student's training intensity. The information that each heart rate monitor provides, allows students the ability to learn to exercise according to their individual levels. With the help of the heart rate monitors, the students and the teachers will be receiving concrete feedback and real time data supporting a student’s personal best effort. They will be exercising according to what is safe for their level. Heart rate summaries from each physical education class will be recorded for all students so parents, students and teachers can view this information at the web site. Documented data will be recorded that proves exercise is truly an individual experience.

            To use these transmitters, each student will be required to use a textile transmitter strap.  Each student will be provided with their own personal strap to use. These straps are being loaned and are the responsibility of the students to care for and have for each and every class. The straps may be rinsed or washed, BUT MAY NOT BE PUT INTO THE DRYER. The cost to replace a lost or broken strap is $18.00.  If a strap is forgotten for class, the student will not be given another strap to use, although students will still be expected to participate in class. Since data can’t be collected, it will have an impact on their overall grade for that day.

Each class runs approximately 44 minutes long. Our goal is to achieve 20 minutes or 50% moderate to vigorous physical activity for each class period. This grade will be worth 20% of their overall term grade. The remaining 80% of their grade is measured using the Andover Middle Schools Grading Rubric. This grade is reflected on the Aspen x2 grading page. Every class has a period of time that is dedicated to cardiovascular training. This period of time lasts about 5-7 minutes.  We are also allowing students after they change to start early to help get a head start on their zone time. Some activities like volleyball require some creativity to maintain the zone time. Students are allowed to be creative within the rules of the game to maintain their zone time. For example, jumping jacks between volleys, ski jumps or a simple light jog in place is very useful to do this.  

The heart rate zone is considered between 130 - 185 bpm. 

     Time in the Zone                       Grade for the Class

     16 - 20 minutes                         EXCELLENT

     12 - 15:59                                  GOOD

     6 - 11:59                                    FAIR

     5:59 or below or NO STRAP     NEEDS IMPROVEMENT

Each day will input a new evaluation, which will average throughout the term. The Heart Rate Monitor grade is 20% of the overall PE grade each term.

             Each student will be assigned their own account number and password where they will be able to see their progress throughout the year. Their accounts can be monitored through the Polar website, Students will be assigned usernames and passwords to view their progress and information. Parents and students are encouraged to log on throughout the school year to track progress.

             Thank you and we look forward to an exciting school year using this technology to bring a more personal approach to exercising.