West Middle School Physical Education 
Expectations and Guidelines 2016 - 2017 

Class Meetings Per Week - Each student in grades six through eight receives Physical Education twice per week.  Class periods are approximately 50 minutes long.  Ample time is given at the beginning and end of each class period for the students to change and prepare themselves for class.

Class Standards - It is expected that students’ behavior be similar to those of any student as outlined in the WMS student handbook.  We also expect students to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion in the locker room.  If a student behaves inappropriately in the locker room, they will not be allowed in for a period of time. Sportsmanship and fair play will be of utmost importance along with cooperation with peers.

Dress Code - To promote proper hygiene, it is suggested that students bring a change of clothing, which may include a t-shirt, shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirts and sneakers that have laces and are tied. Attire must conform to the school handbook and must be appropriate with no torn parts or inappropriate language or designs.  No undergarments should be showing and no tank tops are allowed. Proper hygiene should be maintained. (washing of hands, use of deodorant) The Physical Education staff is not responsible for articles of clothing or other misc. items left in the locker rooms. Please pick up after yourself.  Lock all valuables, (cell phones, electronic devices, jewelry, and money) in your school locker before coming to the gymnasium. Any cell phone that is visible in the gymnasium or the locker rooms will be taken away and given to the main office.

Grading - All students are graded three times per year in Physical Education. The Physical Education grade will be determined by a student’s individual progress in each activity.  The letter grade will be based on the skills and knowledge taught in each unit.  A grading rubric is used which includes areas such as participation, safety, following rules and directions, attitude, skills and fitness. A number grade for conduct and effort will also be given.  Each unit grade represents the sum total of weighted parts for each activity.  Active participation is emphasized and will be included in the grade.  A progress report will be issued to students who are in need of improvement in areas such as; being prepared for class, participation in activities and warm-ups and also behavior issues.  Grades are posted on the Aspen X2 grading portal. The final grade for the course will represent the average of the student’s unit.

Notes From Home / Excused From Participation - A note from home should accompany any student that is ill or has an injury that prevents them from participating in class. If a student is excused for more than two consecutive classes, another note is needed to reinstate them back into Physical Education class.  This note may also specify any limitations for the individual student. Without a note, a student is not considered excused from class.