Andover West Middle School
70 Shawsheen Rd.
Andover, MA 01810
(978) 247-5400

Principal - Becky Franks
Assistant Principal - Greg Waters

Physical Education Teachers 
Marc Deschene
Kathy McDermott

Andover West Middle School is comprised of approximately 570 sixth, seventh and eighth graders. It is centrally located between the two other middle schools in town. All students in the school have Physical Education for the entire year, twice a week for fifty minutes. To promote proper hygiene, it is suggested that students bring a change of clothing and sneakers to Physical Education class.

When participating in Physical Education, always;

                                           Display Good Sportsmanship

                                           Be Respectful to Equipment

                                           Treat Everyone Equally

                                           Be a Positive Role Mode

                                           Try Your Best