Special Days

Mark these special days to visit Andover.

Last Sunday in April. 4 pm
Founder's Day Service, Jenny Lind Chapel

First Weekend in June
"More Fun on 81" Festival, Andover Lake Park & near-by sites

Last Sunday in September, 4 pm
Swedish Högmässa, Jenny Lind Chapel 
Note:  in place of this service in 2017, a special service celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation will be held at Augustana Lutheran Church at 4 pm.  The message will be given by Sister Sandra Brunenn OSB, Prioress of the Sisters of St. Benedict in Rock Island.  An ecumenical mass choir will provide music.  Light refreshments will be served following the service. 

First Saturday in December
Andover Christmas Walk, Andover American Legion Bldg./Andover Lake Park/Jenny Lind Chapel

Christmas Eve. 11 pm
Community Christmas Service, Jenny Lind Chapel

Christmas Day, 6:30 am
Julotta Service, Augustana Lutheran Church

Scavenger Hunt Answers

1                         1911

2                         At the top portion

3                         War of 1812

4                         Buck, Hammer, Knapp, Miller, Pillsbury, Woolsey

5                         4

6                         8

7                         2

8                         Andover Terrible Swedes Ball Diamond

9                         Andover’s first 2-story school

10                    Edwards River Mill

11                    Blank - Pass

12                    The largest cucumber magnolia tree north of Springfield, IL

13                    1996

14                    1948

15                    69 days

16                    Swensson

17                    Amalia & Helena

18                    1864

19                    56

20                    Lutheran & Methodist

21                    Anderson