• Andover - a hidden treasure you must see; the place where Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightingale, left a lasting footprint
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Andover, which celebrated its 180th birthday in 2015, is strategically located between the Quad-Cities (22 miles), Galesburg (28 miles), Geneseo (18 miles), and Kewanee (22 miles).  Within this western Illinois area of over 400,000 persons, you will find the amenities usually only offered in large cities:  shopping, educational opportunities, recreation, art, museums, healthcare facilities, and restaurants.

Served by Interstate 74 and IL Route 81, Andover is a community where some 600 persons live, work, raise a family, and retire.  Old historic homes are blended with new homes and historic buildings as you travel in all four directions from the former colony square - now the beautiful ten-acre Andover Lake Park.  This brief video and these photos highlight Andover's tourist attractions.

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Click on this set of pictures that were taken by SFC Wright, ASC PAO, at the Salute to Veterans service on June 8, 2014, at the Andover Lake Park. 

Painting by Jeff Selander for Andover's 180th anniversary in 2015 of the Andover Lake Park Band Stand, which was 155 years old then.  Prints and note-cards available from:  jeff@jeffselander.com

2017 Events

Sunday, April 30, 4 PM – Augustana Founders Day                         Service – Jenny Lind Chapel  
        See jennylindchapel.org for details
Saturday & Sunday, June 3 & 4 – “More Fun on 81”                     Festival - Andover Lake Park & nearby sites 
    Click "June  Festival" link at top  for details
Sunday, September 24, 4 PM – Service Celebrating the                 500th Anniversary of the Reformation –                                             Augustana Lutheran Church  
        See jennylindchapel.org for details
Saturday, December 2, 4:45 PM-8 PM – 28th annual                 Christmas Walk – Andover Lake Park, Legion Bldg. &                             Jenny Lind Chapel
Wednesday, December 6, 7:30 PM – 47th annual Joy of             Christmas with Augustana College – Augustana                                         Church & Jenny Lind Chapel

Sunday, December 24, 11 PM – Community Candlelight Christmas Eve Service – 

                Jenny Lind Chapel


Monday, December 25, 6:30 AM – 167th annual Julotta (early Christmas morning service) –           Augustana Church


         WEB SITE:  andovertourism.com