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Daily Schedule

A typical daily routine will consist of:

  9:00               Teachers welcome children.  Parents may assist the
                        children in removal of outerwear.  Children are free to
                        choose any activity available at the time.  Both Discovery
                        and Pre-K Classes meet together in a mixed-age
                        free play setting This is also the time when children
                        start the Daily Project/Craft. Teachers will direct children
                        to the craft table where they will work on projects in
                        arts and crafts, cooking, story writing, etc.  When
                        projects are complete, children may engage in free play.

  9:45               Circle time - Group learning experiences by creative
                        presentation of: stories, math, science or language arts,
                        dramatization, socialization or cultural themes. At
                        this time, the two groups divide and meet in separate
                        classrooms to focus on age-appropriate academics.
                        Once academic time is over, the two groups meet all
                        together again.
10:15/10:30     Finish daily project/craft, clean up room, wash hands
                        and eat a nutritious snack provided by the school.
                        Once a child is finished eating snack, it's "quiet book
                        time" until everyone finishes.

11:00               Circle time - "Star of the Week", calendar, weather,
                        Music & Movement, etc.

11:30               Outdoor play if weather permits, or active indoor games
                        such as parachute, obstacle course, musical chairs, etc.

12:00               Dismissal

12:00-1:00       Extended Day for children signed up to stay for lunch.