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Philosophy & Curriculum

The Andover Rompers Nursery School is a non-sectarian preschool open to any child who will be at least 2 years and 9 months old by September 1st of the school year. Registration is accomplished on a first come, first served basis without regard to race, religion, cultural heritage, national origin, political belief, marital status, sexual orientation or disability. Consideration is given to current student priority and sibling priority, as well as an equal balance in enrollment between numbers of boys and girls, so that proper social development in the children can take place. We place emphasis on high teacher to student ratio.

It is our belief that every child comes to us with some very special gift all his/her own and it is for us to uncover and celebrate each child’s gifts. We provide children with a warm and loving atmosphere for growing and for learning about the world around them. 

Our goal for the children socially is to encourage independence, cooperation, sharing and most importantly, self-esteem.  Both Discovery and Pre-K Classes meet together in a mixed-age free play setting at the beginning of the school day before the two groups divide and meet in separate classrooms to focus on age-appropriate academics.  Once academic time is over, the two groups meet all together again for snack, music & movement and outdoor play time. This allows for social interactions that are so important to every child's social development.

Academically, we incorporate the skills of color, shape, letter and number recognition and language development into the learning process through storytelling, song, and dramatic and creative play. They learn about the world around them through literature. Attention will be given to fine and gross motor development through activities in art, music and game playing. The children will learn the skills of taking direction and following instructions, important tools to the success of their future educational process. Our highest goal for the children is that they have a love of school and that they recognize and love their own uniqueness.  

Parental involvement in the school is encouraged. We ask each parent to belong to one Activity Committee. Parents will choose a committee on which they would like to serve. The school chooses one individual to serve as the Parent Chairperson to oversee the workings of the different committees and to represent the parents’ interests and concerns to the school Administration. Careful attention is given to every parental concern. We also offer a Parent Enrichment Program which gives parents a chance to volunteer to come into the classroom and share with the children a special talent such as storytelling, yoga, playing the piano, violin, etc.    

Our hope is that as a result of our high standards and commitment to quality preschool education, our students and their families will find the preschool years to be a wonderfully enriching and rewarding experience.