Pilates Studio Timetable


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Monday Level Instructor
09.30 Beginner/Improver Sam
10.40 Improver Sam
11.50 Beginner Sam
13.00 Improver Sam

19.00 Improver Helen
20.00 Beginner/ Improver Helen

Tuesday  Level Instructor
09.30 Beginner/ Improver Helen
10.40 Beginner/ Improver Helen
12.00 Improver/ Intermediate Helen
13.15 Beginner  Helen
18.00 Beginner/ Improver Sam
19.00 Fitness Pilates Sam
20.00 Improver/ Intermediate Sam

Wednesday  Level Instructor
Improver/ Intermediate
Improver/ Intermediate
10.50 40 minute Rehab / lower level Tricia
11.40 Beginner Tricia
18.00 Improver Helen
19.00 Improver Helen
20.00 Beginner/ Improver Helen

Thursday Level Instructor
09.30 Improver/ Intermediate Helen
10.45 Improver Helen
12.00 40 minute
Introduction to Pilates / Beginner


Introduction to Pilates

19.00 Beginner/ Improver Tricia
20.00 Beginner Tricia

Friday Level Instructor
09.45 Beginner/ Improver Sam
Stretch & Flexibility


Class Level Descriptions

Foundation - For those who are new to Pilates or who want a gentle class focusing on the basic principles, improving posture, flexibility and strength around the joints. You will improve your core strength, reduce muscle stiffness and increase your flexibility.  Suitable for clients who require clinical rehabilitation and need to keep exercises at a gentle level.
Beginner - You will learn and reinforce the basic principles and work on correct muscle patterning, increasing core strength and correct breathing but gradually introducing some more challenging progressions for those who need to move on.  This level should not be rushed! Some clients prefer to stay at this level if it's best for them.
Improver - For those who have a very good grasp of the basics and want to be challenged with tougher exercises.  The focus is on increasing core strength, stamina and more complex patterns of movement.  Many clients will remain at this level and feel huge benefits from regular classes.
Intermediate - For those clients are ready for even more challenging exercises for the core and co-ordination. A faster pace, working towards increasing stamina as well as flexibility and strength. The aim is for movement to become more flowing and dynamic so the body becomes evenly strengthened and toned. Clients must have the ability to know their own bodies and how far to push themselves.  Essential to have a complete grasp of previous levels.

40 minute Rehab class - This class works on your balance, bone health and overall tone and flexibility to keep you moving efficiently despite any injuries or difficulties you may be experiencing. Delivered at a level that allows everyone to participate.



Summer Term  1: Monday 20th April - Friday 22nd May (4 weeks BH Fri 8th May/ 5 weeks)
                         2: Monday 1st June - 17th July (7 weeks)

Summer Holiday: Monday 20th July - Friday 28th August (6 weeks)

Autumn/Winter  1: Wednesday 2nd September - Friday 25th October (6/7 weeks)
                            2: Monday 2nd November - Friday 18th December (7 weeks)


Spring Term  1: 4th January - Friday 12th February (6 weeks)
                       2: Monday 22nd February - Thursday 1st April (6 weeks)

Summer Term  1: Monday 19th April - Friday 28th May (5/6 weeks. NB BH 3rd May)
                         2: Monday 7th June - 23rd July (7 weeks)

NB. There will be a different summer timetable during the summer holiday. This will be confirmed nearer the time. Please email helen@andoverpilates.co.uk if you would like the summer timetable 

 HPC registered (PH55139)

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (60709)

APPI (Australian Pilates & Physiotherapy Institute) Instructor