Clinical Pilates

The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) is a firmly established international training institute founded by Physiotherapists in response to the demand for rehabilitation-based Pilates teacher training.

The traditional repertoire is broken down into defined levels to allow clients to progress safely towards normal movement and function. 

Modified Pilates is ideal for individuals who suffer with chronic back pain, as well as those who simply want to maintain strength and flexibility for injury prevention, or as an adjunct to other sporting activities.

This approach incorporates the recent research on back instability, muscle imbalance and adverse neural tension.  It is deemed safe and effective for individuals recovering from recent injury and those who suffer from chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

The APPI only train Physiotherapists or equivalent degree specialists so you can rest assured that your instructor has the highest level of training and is able to provide safe and effective programmes to suit your individual needs.

You can enjoy the benefits no matter what level you start at.  As you get stronger, the exercises get tougher to ensure continued results!

HPC registered (PH55139)

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (60709)

APPI (Australian Pilates & Physiotherapy Institute) Instructor