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Hotel St Andre Des Arts

hotel st andre des arts
  • In French contexts an hotel particulier is an urban "private house" of a grand sort. Whereas an ordinary maison was built as part of a row, sharing party walls with the houses on either side and directly fronting on a street, an hotel particulier was often free-standing, and by the eighteenth
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Emile Nelligan. Poet.
Emile Nelligan. Poet.
Emile Nelligan (December 24, 1879 - November 18, 1941) was a francophone poet from Quebec, Canada. Nelligan was born in Montreal on December 24, 1879 at 602, rue de La Gauchetiere. He was the first son of David Nelligan, who arrived in Quebec from Dublin, Ireland at the age of 12. His mother was Emilie Amanda Hudon, from Rimouski, Quebec. He had two sisters, Beatrice and Gertrude. A follower of Symbolism, his poetry was profoundly influenced by Octave Cremazie, Louis Frechette, Charles Baudelaire, Paul Verlaine, Georges Rodenbach, Maurice Rollinat and Edgar Allan Poe. A precocious talent like Arthur Rimbaud, his first poems were published in Montreal when he was 16 years old. In 1899, Nelligan suffered a major psychotic breakdown from which he never recovered. He never had a chance to finish his first poetry work which was to be entitled Le Recital des Anges according to his last notes. In 1903, his collected poems were published to great acclaim in Canada, an acclaim he never knew. On his passing in 1941, Emile Nelligan was interred in the Cimetiere Notre-Dame-des-Neiges in Montreal, Quebec. Following his death, the public became increasingly interested in Nelligan. His incomplete work spawned a kind of romantic legend. He was first translated to English in 1960 by P.F. Widdows. In 1983, Fred Cogswell translated all his poems in The Complete Poems of Emile Nelligan. Emile Nelligan is considered one of the greatest poets of French Canada. Several schools and libraries in Quebec are named after him and Hotel Nelligan is a four-star hotel in Old Montreal at the corner of Rue St. Paul and Rue St. Sulpice. [edit] Quotation: Le Vaisseau d'Or C'etait un grand Vaisseau taille dans l'or massif: Ses mats touchaient l'azur, sur des mers inconnues; La Cyprine d'amour, cheveux epars, chairs nues, S'etalait a sa proue, au soleil excessif. Mais il vint une nuit frapper le grand ecueil Dans l'Ocean trompeur ou chantait la Sirene, Et le naufrage horrible inclina sa carene Aux profondeurs du Gouffre, immuable cercueil. Ce fut un Vaisseau d'Or, dont les flancs diaphanes Revelaient des tresors que les marins profanes, Degout, Haine et Nevrose, entre eux ont disputes. Que reste-t-il de lui dans la tempete breve? Qu'est devenu mon coeur, navire deserte? Helas! Il a sombre dans l'abime du Reve! [edit] Translation: Christ en Croix By Konrad Bongard The gypsum Jesus always stalled me in my steps Like a curse at the old convent door; Crouching meekly, I bend to exalt an idol Whose forgiveness I do not implore. Not long ago, at the crickets' hour, I roamed dim Meadows in a restful reverie Reciting 'Eloa', with my hair worn by the wind And no audience save for the trees. But now, as I lie with knees bent beneath Christ's scaffold, I see his crumbling mortar cross With its plaster buried in the roses, and am saddened - For if I listen close enough, I can almost hear The sound of coal-black nails being wrung in To his wrists, the savage piercing of Longinus' spear. [edit] Selected bibliography [edit] Collections Emile Nelligan et son ?uvre - 1903 Poesies completes, 1896-1899 - 1952 Poemes choisis - 1966 Oeuvres completes (two volumes) - 1991 Poemes autographes - 1991 [edit] In translation Selected Poems - 1960 (translated by P. F. Widdows) The Complete Poems of Emile Nelligan - 1982 (translated by Fred Cogswell) [edit] Tribute Several schools and libraries of Quebec bare the name of Emile Nelligan. Since 1979, the Prix Emile-Nelligan rewards the author of a French-language poetry book written by a young poet in North America. On June 7, 2005, the Fondation Emile-Nelligan and the City of Montreal inaugurated a bust to his memory in the Carre Saint-Louis. There is also a monument to his memory in Quebec City. The poetry of Nelligan inspired numerous music composers: Andre Gagnon. Nelligan, Toronto: Disques SRC, 2005, 2 disks (Concert recorded at the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier of the Place des Arts in Montreal, on February 18 and 19 2005) Gilbert Patenaude. Compagnons des Ameriques : poetes quebecois mis en musique, Montreal: Disques XXI, 2005, 1 disk Jean Chatillon. Clair de lune sur les eaux du reve, Becancour: Editions de l'Ecureuil noir, 2001 (1 disk) Jacques Hetu. Le tombeau de Nelligan : mouvement symphonique opus 52, Saint-Nicolas: Doberman-Yppan, 1995 (1 partition: 44 pages) Andre Gagnon and Claude Leveillee. Monique Leyrac chante Emile Nelligan, Verdun: Disques Merite, 1991, 1 disk Andre Gagnon. Nelligan : livret d'opera, Montreal: Lemeac, 1990, 90 pages (text by Michel Tremblay) Jacques Hetu. Les abimes du reve : opus 36, Montreal: Societe nouvelle d'enregistrement, 1987, duration 30:21 Richard G. Boucher. Anges maudits, veuillez m'aider! : cantate dramatique sur des poemes d'Emile Nelligan, Montreal: Radio Canada international, 1981, duration 38 min. Omer Letourneau. Violon de villanelle : choeur pour voix de femmes, Quebec: Procure generale de musique enr., 1940 (1 partition: 8 pages)
Hotel St. Andre Des Arts
Hotel St. Andre Des Arts
Our hotel, 1 km from ND and just a block from the hustle and bustle. It was quaint and nice. Friendly staff. Highly recommended!

hotel st andre des arts
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