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obama t shirts ebay
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  • Barack Hussein Obama II (; born August 4, 1961) is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office.
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  • Barack (1961–), 44th president of the US, since 2009; full name Barack Hussein Obama. A Democrat, he is the first African American to be elected to the presidency. Nobel Peace Prize (2009)
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Obama head believe
Obama head believe
this was one of the many rough designs i was working up before i settled on the one i eventually made into prints, the other "believe" stencil in my set. i might still do something with this one but it's not as dynamic and it's harder to tell it's barack. but i still kinda like it. 12/08 update; this design is being used by countless tshirt makers around the country now, as i've seen the shirts for sale on ebay, zazzle, cafe press, and elsewhere. it's also been on a bunch of blogs and news articles, of course not credited to me. i just wanted to document somewhere that i actually did this design, back in february 08. it's entirely possible that someone else had the same idea - it's not an earth-shatteringly original design - but i haven't seen anyone else claim to have designed it. and i feel like the fact that it was designed stencil style - with the lettering bleeding off the edge of the design - makes me feel like it is my specific design that has been used. it's cool - i like my other design better and probably would have never used this one - but just feel a little weird about others having taken my design and run with it without any acknowledgement.
I love hope. I really do and man... Obama can bring some. This is a sticker I got from my pal Cheryl. It's a Shepard Fairey sticker. I adore it. The prints and T-shirts have been sold out. There are rip offs of it of course (ebay...baby) - but I decided not to get one and instead got what they had left. He has done some really cool voting prints this year. I love that he has always been about exploiting propaganda and here he is on the forefront of propaganda-ing Obama... he really likes him. I love that hope can reach even the jaded... *sigh* and really - what a cool image. He is such a printing genius and Obama is such a grand candidate... it's heaven.

obama t shirts ebay