Brother dog t shirt. I love vinyl t shirt. Made in america tested in japan t shirt

Brother Dog T Shirt

brother dog t shirt
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brother dog t shirt - Artsmith, Inc.
Artsmith, Inc. Dog T-Shirt I'm The Big Brother - 2X
Artsmith, Inc. Dog T-Shirt I'm The Big Brother - 2X
Product Number: 030-544965586 Put your pooch in his own cool doggie t-shirt from American Apparel. He'll be the envy of all the pups in the park. Let him wear a doggie-cool design so he can express what he'd like to bark out loud. Do it up in doggie style! * Made of 100% ring spun cotton. 5.8oz. 1x1 rib. * Black ringer accent on sleeves and collar. * Five sizes to choose from * (SMALL - Body Length 10"/Neck Opening 4"/Sleeve Length 4"/Sleeve Opening 2"/Chest Width 7.25"/Weight up to 10 lbs.)(MEDIUM - Body Length 12"/Neck Opening 4.75"/Sleeve Length 4"/Sleeve Opening 2"/Chest Width 8.25"/Weight up to 12-25 lbs.)(LARGE - Body Length 15.5"/Neck Opening 7.75"/Sleeve Length 5.5"/Sleeve Opening 2.75"/Chest Width 9.25"/Weight up to 26-40 lbs.)(XL - Body Length 17.5"/Neck Opening 8.75"/Sleeve Length 6.5"/Chest Width 11.5"/Weight up to 41-60 lbs.)(XXL[2X] - Body Length 20"/Neck Opening 9.5"/Sleeve Length 7.5"/Sleeve Opening 3.125"/Chest Width 12.75"/Weight up to 61-80 lbs.)

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ready for a romantic walk....with the dog...
ready for a romantic walk....with the dog...
attached my meter w/ a hair tie to my belt loop & my insulin pen on my shirt collar LOL hey, it works! And (this is hilarious to me but)I really wasn't trying to strike a pose I just decided turn sideways slightly so you could see my meter LOL today was a chill day...I went to Walmart and got myself a ReliOn Ultima meter and some strips. here's the I said on my last post (as part of the notes) I don't have insurance right now so depending on which brand of strips are currently on sale on ebay is what I go for. With the ReliOn (which is Walmart's Precision Xtra (exactly the same except it doesnt test for ketones) and my Wavesense Presto I can get the strips in town so I don't have to wait for them to come in the mail in case I need them quickly for some reason. the meter was only 9 bucks and 20 bucks for 50 strips is pretty awesome. The meter also seems very accurate so far. I plan on having this one around the house and then my Presto in my backpack/satchel. this way I dont have to constantly move things around I am always worried I forget my meter at home. it does stink though I really wish I could stick with my Freestyle (I still have some strips left for that one too...) but right now it's whatever brand strips are the cheapest. and in the end I don't really care that much as long as I have a meter and strips so I can test. :) BTW Wizards of Waverly Place and JONAS L.A. have been nominated for an Emmy again!!! W00T! Yay for: me finally sitting down and making a list of what number all the channels are on here. (ok not ALL the channels....OK only DisneyXD, Disney, and DisneyWest...leave me alone! Yay for: creativity Yay for: fish sticks and french fries (oh yes I did! BG was in range all day so ha!) Yay for: new Suite Life tomorrow, then Sunday new Hannah, Charlie, AND JONAS L.A. So tell me, what do you do with your meter/insulin when you just go outside for a walk really quick?
that's a lot of entertainment... for $4 dollars
that's a lot of entertainment... for $4 dollars
Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 230 (c.1968)= $2.00 Early 1970s General Electric Cassette Player= $2.00. Major thrift store scores Saturday morning from the Misson Thrift Store in Cottonwood, AZ. Also got a $6.00 picnic basket, a wealth of vintage post cards, and a couple of nice books. Success! The cassette player reminds me of one my family had when I was very young, except ours was white, or maybe grey. We used to borrow cassette tapes from the children's section of our local library and I'd lay on the floor listening to stories, fascinated with the sounds of the recording, and how they were emanting from the little machine. Perhaps this is why my most favorite Christmas gift of all time was when I got a tape recorder in 1982, and could use it to interview people, and record skits & antics of me and my brother. The Land Camera had minor electrical problems, a corroded negative battery wire and terminal, which Chad was able to jury-rig/fix for me, getting the shutter to fire again.

brother dog t shirt