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And Justice 4 All, Is a strictly volunteer foundation, we are a group of tired citizens who want change for the next generation. I am not an attorney , I "Do Not" accept money or any form of payment by anyone who needs help, I refer people to my links for resources, I will go to court with you as support or help you read and understand any forms or paperwork you may have, However, I Do Not represent you.

And Justice 4 all was founded because of the failing and insane Justice System in Lee County Florida aka: The Good Ol Boy system, Which has serious issues in almost every department of government.

In 2005, I started And Justice 4 All in Memory of Kelsey Briggs, Who was let down by the Justice System that was suppose to protect her and failed. As of  May 20, 2009 , And Justice 4 All had reached a average of 2083 U.S. readers per month, And growing with World-Wide visitors daily.

 As community Volunteer, I have been a Lee County Court Watcher and Have Consulted on Dependency Cases. I have 8 yrs extensive knowledge of Florida Statues Chapter 39. 


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" Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither, and lose both "

- Benjamin Franklin? -


 And Justice 4 all provides the resources and tools  to preserve the rights of everyone and every family, With Commitment to Change and Unity of resources & groups....

1-Two Million people, a full quarter of the world’s incarcerated population, are in U.S Prisons and Jails.  (TOUCH Foundation )

2-Title IVD has caused much corruption in the family, and juvenile court system... ( Local & State resource Links )

3- State and County incentives for destroying American Families..
   (Americas Injustice ) ( Project Prevent)
   ( Fathers Supporting Fathers )
   ( Grandparents 4 Justice)
   ( Step-parents supporting Step-parents ) 

4-Child Abuse and Neglect , Shaken Baby Syndrome, Sudden Infant Death, Child Welfare and Safety, Alcohol and Drug Additions...
   ( Building Safer Tomorrows )

5- Abuse 0f Power, Violation of our civil and constitutional rights, Corruption in our justice system ( Local , State and Federal )

6- Basic civil issues , 100 % success rate  ( Business complaints , Landlord /Tenant )


Bill of rights is a document that describes the fundamental liberties of the people. It also forbids the government to violate these rights. The constitutions of many democratic countries have bills of rights that guarantee everyone the freedoms of speech, of religion, and of the press, and the right of assembly.

                                                                    NOT RACIST - NOT VIOLENT - JUST NOT SILENT

In Loving Memory of My Heroes, Those Who made a Difference :

Kelsey Briggs, "Over 100 calls, broken bones and bruises. Her caseworker left her home 4 hours before she was killed." ( 12/28/02 - 10/11/05 )

U.S Marine SSGT.Craig T. Fulle ( www.craigtfuller.com  ), " It is the Solider that has giving us the Freedom of Speech..." ( 10/30/75 -04/25/09 )

Philadelphia Police Officer Albert Valentino," To Protect and Serve: With Dignity, Honor and Integrity ..." ( EOW 10/23/89 )

Philadelphia Mayor Frank L. Rizzo Sr., " The streets are safe in Philadelphia, it's only the people who make them unsafe..."  ( 10/23/20 - 07/16/91 )

Nicholas Christie , A 62-yr-old retiree strapped to a chair and died, Murdered by the LCSO guards at the Lee County Jail  (10/06/46 - 03/31/09)

Joseph A. Scirrotto Jr., " Never to Stand Down,When the Truth is Told... "  ( 09/20/34 - 01/20/03 ) 

Andrew Breitbart , 02/01/69 – 03/01/12. He ran his own news aggregation site, Breitbart.com, and five other websites: Breitbart.tv, Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism, and Big Peace.

  For all who Protect and Serve : Heaven must of needed a Hero


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Official Documents

Kelsey's 1st Autopsy Report:


Michael Lee Porter Arrest Warrant:


Michael Lee Porter Charged:


November 1st, 2005 OCCY Report:


November 2nd, 2005 OKDHS Report :


OCCY Summary of June 15th-16th, 2005 Court Hearing:


Raye Dawn Smith Charged:


March 27th, 2006 OCCY Report:


Kelsey's 2nd Autopsy (Excerpts):


Michael Lee Porter Plea:


June 5th, 2007 Confidential OCCY Report (4 parts):





DHS Visitation Logs (Incomplete):

May 2005 DHS Visitation Log:


June 2005 DHS Visitation Log:


July 2005 DHS Visitation Log:


August 2005 DHS Visitation Log:


Raye Dawn Smith Pre Sentencing Report:


Judge Paul Vassar's Decision Regarding a New Trial for Raye Dawn Smith:


Judge Timothy DeGiusti's Decision Regarding the DHS Settlement:



                                                     ZAHID JONES, JR.,
GIVE GRANDPARENTS AND OTHER RELATIVES A VOICE ACT"  which was finally passed in the Florida House
thanks to Rep. Nick Thompson's support..

Very Graphic and Disturbing..


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The Murder of Baby Briana Lopez, Tortured from the day she born and her family knew it and never made one call to CPS or even taking the baby away.

Those family members only got 30 days in jail, that's 10 days for every day of Briana's life and her killers only got 18 years..

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                                 You either fight active evil or You accept it..Doing nothing is acceptance. There is No in between
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                                                                                                                                     PHOTO BY: Gina Cohen
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Wow !
This is for you; Craig T. Fuller , for your service to God, Country and Community

Finally we are done with this project and ready to move on. I would like to Thank everyone who supported us and help to make Craig's dream come true...
We made some amazing friends during this journey, People that have touch our hearts forever, That we never would met had it not been for this project. There are too many to name, However; These People that will never leave our hearts and will always be friends.

The Iwo Jima Project has opened our eyes to what we need to do to help our Veterans, Since we started, we have all became involved in many ways to continue to make a difference. We are continuing to do what Craig would of done and that is to help those who need help. He would never turn his back on anyone in need and now it's our turn to do the same.

Please enjoy this documentary of the Battle of Iwo Jima and Our battle to Restore a national monument  :

Documentary was done by : Blue Marble Films

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Cape Coral's Iwo Jima Statue: A true testament of survival


  CapeCoral.com has the step by step photo gallery !





Transportation for the Craig Fuller Team was provided by :
Fun Biz Charter , Inc
Steve ~ (239) 789-7971
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                                                                                                                   Uncommon Valor , A Common Virtue

The Man who dedicated 24 hours a day for the last 2 years;
George Colom, Cmdt
Pfc. Paul E. Ison Det #60,
Lee County, FL

Saturday 2/25/12 @ 10:30am , We Re-dedicate the Iwo Jima Statue in Cape Coral, Fl ..
1 of 3 Felix deWeldon originals , A national monument .
The other 2 are Parris Island and Arlington Nation Cemetery. After 2 years of hard work and a lot of dedication and support.
We did this to honor the memory of :
                               USMC SSGT Craig T Fuller , 10/30/75 ~ 04/25/09

                                                                By: Dean Forward


A Thank you note from Cape Coral Bill ;

This page is dedicated to the men and women who served in Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan,and ALL other War



           " Craig's Dream , Mission Accomplished ! "


Cape Coral's Iwo Jima Statue stands proud and fully restored

POSTED Thu, 12/08/2011 - 2:05am | POSTED BY CapeCoral.com

After eight long months, Cape Coral’s Iwo Jima Memorial Statue stood fully restored to its original glory in the Veterans Memorial Area of Cape Coral's Four Mile Eco Park

The statue, which has been located in Cape coral since the 1960's, was officially returned to the city during a ceremony commemorating Pearl Harbor Day, by George Colom, D.J. Wilkins, and Don Meek, the three individuals who oversaw the restoration of the statue.

Standing in the Veterans Memorial Area of Cape Coral's Four Mile Eco Park, the statue, had fallen to a state of near disrepair in recent years, fingers on the soldiers holding the American Flag were missing; cracks lined the foundation and soldiers to the point that cable ties had to be used to keep the statue together.

In 2010, a small group known as the Craig T. Fuller Foundation, began working on collecting donations to fund the restoration of the statue. The foundation is named after Craig Fuller, a Cape Coral resident who spent eight years in the Marine Corps. Fuller, was killed in Afghanistan in April of 2009, while serving as a civilian security personnel. It was Fuller’s dream to see the statue restored to its former glory.

A group of Fuller’s family and friends decided to work at making Fuller’s dream come true and spent countless hours, days, weeks, and months collecting donations for the statue’s restoration. Their journey brought them before the city council in December of 2010, where they petitioned the city to cover the difference in the money they had raised and the money it cost to repair the statue. In what some call the shortest vote in council history, the city council voted unanimously to make up the difference in restoring the statue. By the end, the total cost for the statue’s restoration was $103,000. The foundation had raised $65,000, with the city providing the remaining $38,000.

On Wednesday, the group was in attendance to see the final restoration, “It feels like the end, but almost feels like the beginning, as well. We finally finished the project. We kept saying it was his dream and our mission. Today we get to say mission accomplished, that is the end. Now we get to enjoy it, that is the beginning,” said foundation member Lisa Cohen, who along with sister Gina Cohen, mother Marian Scirrotta, Joe Sabella, and Craig's parents, put in countless hours raising money to help restore the statue.

See photos from the ceremony

While the restoration of the statue had a happy ending, there were times in the beginning where that outcome did not seem possible. Cape Coral’s Parks & Recreation Director Steve Pohlman recalled a meeting with Meek and Wilkins early in the process. Pohlman says during the meeting Meek told him the statue was unsalvageable and handed him a piece of paper stating that, “I told him we could not say that because the statue is an icon in our city. I also told him to keep the piece of paper because if he would have given it to me that makes it public record, and people would have thought we were going to destroy the statue. I told them to do what it takes to fix the statue. In a week, they came back with a solution.”

While the duo had the solution, it would have to be the first of many, “In the very beginning, Don and I spent days putting together the perfect playbook on how to handle the restoration. We started on Monday and by threw the playbook out by that Wednesday,” recalled Wilkins. “We decided it was like building an airplane and flying it at the same time. Don recommended the solutions as we discovered the problems.”

Wilkins, who is a sculptor by trade and Meeks, who spent his career as a concrete restoration specialist, worked alongside Marine Corps League Commandant George Colom almost daily for over eight months to restore the statue. Colom quickly became a fixture at the restoration site, showing up daily with his camera and a smile overseeing all that was going on, “It was George’s positive attitude that kept the project going,” said Wilkins. “It is amazing how many hours George spent on this project. If I put in 350 hours, George had 3,000 hours,” added Meek.

Despite the long hours, Colom said it was a labor of love, “I felt I had something that I had to do. First I am a retired Marine. This statue means something to us,” said Colom. “This whole process has been a joy. We started something, and we finished. In our hearts, we know we did the job right.”

Colom says the working relationship between he, Meek, and Wilkins is what made the restoration possible, “We barely had an argument. We were able to talk things out and normally within an hour we had a solution. It was a great working dynamic we had, not just with us three, but all of those who worked so hard restoring the statue.”

A sentiment Pohlman whole heartedly agreed with, “Their work on this statue will be invaluable for years to come.”

During the ceremony, Wilkins, hoisted by crane, attached the American Flag back to its rightful place on top of the pole held by the soldiers. There ceremony also saw a canister of sand from the actual Iwo Jima Beach placed in the base of the statue.

On February 23, 2012, the city will hold the official unveiling of the statue to coincide with the 67th anniversary of the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima.

After eight long months, Cape Coral’s Iwo Jima Memorial Statue stood fully restored to its original glory in the Veterans Memorial Area of Cape Coral's Four Mile Eco Park

For today, those who attended and were a part of the restoration can take pride that the statue will live in Cape Coral for years to come and for all to see, “This was a culmination of a lot of people working together to save an icon of our country that sits in Cape Coral. We can all be very proud of this statue. It serves as a gateway to our community. I believe it recognizes how proud Cape Coral is of its military and those who have served,” said an elated Steve Pohlman.


Thank You !

Watch a video of the restoration:

YouTube Video

From all of us who wanted to make Craig's Dream come true, we would like to Thank the City of Cape Coral and everyone who help us in our Mission.

Marian / Craig T. Fuller Project Iwo Jima Restoration

Ceremony marks completion of Iwo Jima restoration project

Effort done in memory of fallen Marine from Cape Coral

September 25, 2011
By MEGHAN McCOY (mmccoy@breezenewspapers.com) , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

An intimate ceremony was held Saturday morning to honor everyone who played a crucial role in the restoration project of the Iwo Jima monument.

Bonnie Harcleroad Willey, the mother of Craig T. Fuller, whose love of the statue spurred its rejuvenation, said the ceremony meant everything to her.

"My son loved the statue and he wanted to see it restored," she said. "It was his big dream. This was his passion."

Craig T. Fuller, 33, was ambushed and killed on April 25, 2009, in a roadside attack in Afghanistan. He had served overseas in the U.S. Marine Corps before going back to the country to work as a private contractor. Fuller had worked as a security and construction contractor for five years before he was killed.

Willey said it was when he was training at boot camp at Parris Island that her son saw the Iwo Jima monument and fell in love with it. Once he arrived in Cape Coral and saw what kind of condition the statue here was in, he wanted to make sure it was restored.

She thanked everyone for what they did to make her son's dream a reality.

"This is absolutely wonderful," Willey said.

George Colom, commandant of the Marine Corps League, was able to obtain sand from Iwo Jima for the ceremony in which 31 people participated at Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve Saturday.

Each was escorted by a United States Marine to a table under the pavilion, which had a glass bowl full of sand, three flags and an urn donated by Fort Myers Memorial Gardens. Once the individual was in front of the table, they took a scoop full of sand and poured it into the urn, which will be permanently placed in a sleeve on the east side of the lava rocks of the monument after the granite base is complete.

George Colom, commandant of the Marine Corps League, was able to obtain sand from Iwo Jima for the ceremony in which 31 people participated at Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve Saturday.

Each was escorted by a United States Marine to a table under the pavilion, which had a glass bowl full of sand, three flags and an urn donated by Fort Myers Memorial Gardens. Once the individual was in front of the table, they took a scoop full of sand and poured it into the urn, which will be permanently placed in a sleeve on the east side of the lava rocks of the monument after the granite base is complete.

The last piece of the monument, the granite slab, is expected to begin to be installed the first week of October.

A private celebration will take place for the friends and family of Craig in his honor and for what would of been his 35th Birthday on October 30th

The Formal  re-dedication of the Iwo Jima monument will be held on Feb. 25, 2012 because the flag was raised over Mount Suribachi on Feb. 23, 1945.

Please see our Facebook site and watch as our statue was restored :



Our Iwo Jima Statue is coming alone Great ! We have had a lot of different events to honor our Troops and our Vets, Besides our Memorial day and 4th of July, We were so honored to be invited to attend the " Crossing of America " which is an effort to raise awareness and funds for the Wounded Warrior Project, a non-profit agency that aids soldiers returning home with severe injuries.

That foundation was formed to raise funds for refurbishing the Statue of Liberty, but the group changed directions in the wake of the attacks of 9/11 to focus on promoting the meaning and symbolism of American freedoms.

The "Crossing of America" tour is part of that effort, which began on the deck of the USS Midway on San Diego Harbor and will close the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 on the USS Intrepid in New York Harbor.

Thank you Galeana Jeep for hosting this event, It was a real honor and we had a great time with these wonderful people .

Doug Reiter from Galeana Jeep said the Southwest Florida Caloosa Jeepers, a club dedicated to all things Jeep, brought the efforts of "Crossing of America" to his attention.

Reiter said he is honored to have the opportunity to spotlight the efforts of the tour and the "Spirit of Liberty" group.

"When I found out about this tour, I thought it was a great opportunity for our patriotic community to come out and welcome these people," Reiter said. "They've gone on this historic journey and we want to show them what we're made of and how we are as hosts."

Please visit our Cape Coral Iwo Jima Restoration Facebook and see pictures of the progress of the statue and all upcoming events and You can also check out Capecoral.com for other great things to do here, Capecoral.com is for People to see, Places to go and Things to do..

Thank you to everyone that has been helping us alone this 2 year journey, We could of never made Craig's dream come true without your help !


Cape Coral Firefighters Union donates to help restore Iwo Jima statue

Saturday morning Cape Coral’s 2424 Firefighters Union President Mark Muerth and Vice-president Brendan Fonack gathered with representatives from the Craig T. Fuller Foundation at the foot of the Iwo Jima statue to donate $5,000 to aid in restoration of the statue.

The statue, which has been in Cape Coral since the 1960’s has been in dire need of repairs due to years of deterioration. The foundation was established in honor of Craig T. Fuller, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2009. It was Fuller’s dream that the statue be restored to its previous glory. A small group of Fuller’s family and friends began working on raising funds to restore the statue shortly after his death. To date the foundation has risen close to $58,000 with Saturday’s donation. Total cost to repair the statue has been estimated to be $85,000. In December of 2010, the Cape Coral City Council agreed to make up the difference in what was raised to what it would cost to repair the statue. Workers began the restoration project in March and expect to be completed sometime this summer.

The foundation is still working to raise funds to restore the statue and Saturday’s donation was just another step to making Fuller’s dream a reality, “This donation shows the firefighters union commitment to our community and we are grateful for their service. What they did today is above and beyond and we greatly appreciate it,” said foundation member Marian Scirrotto.



THANK YOU ; Cape Coral Professional Firefighter's Union 2424


The project was a dream for Cape Coral Marine Craig T. Fuller, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2009.  He wanted to see the statue completely restored.

Cape Coral Professional Firefighter's Union donated $5,000 to the restoration fund in memory of Fuller, waiting until Armed Forces Day to show how much they appreciate him.

"It's very important to make sure that we remember what they have done for us and we want to see this statue taken care of," said union member Mark Muerth.

With the addition of the donation, nearly $58,000 has been raised. However, supporters of the project say they're still $27,000 away from reaching their goal.

"We're not exactly where we want to be. We still have a ways to go, but it's a great step in that direction," said Lee Bushong from the Craig T. Fuller Foundation.


ECO Park
Saturday 05/21/11 @ 8:30 am

The Cape Coral firefighter’s union announced today it will make a donation on Saturday to help restore the Iwo Jima statue.

“This is a huge monument honoring all veterans in the city of Cape Coral,” Fonock said, noting many firefighters have served in the armed forces.

Other groups and individuals are planning on making donations on Saturday as well, he said.

The donations are being made to a fund established in memory of Craig T. Fuller, a Cape Coral soldier who was killed in an ambush in Afghanistan on April 24, 2009.

Jaycee Park
Saturday 05/21/11 @ 1:00 - 4:00 pm

Celebrating Armed Forces Day at Jaycee Park this Saturday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Admission is free to the public. For more information you can call (239) 945-1229.


Work on the Iwo Jima Statue is going very well, We learned more information about the history of this amazing monument that we will share soon..



Crews began prep work on restoring the Iwo Jima Statue in Cape Coral on Wednesday.

The one-third scale replica of the original Marine Corps War Memorial, created by Felix W. DeWeldon is only one of three in the world. Due to weather and time, the statue had deteriorated to the point that cracks and breaks were beginning to threaten the integrity of the statue.

For almost two years, the Craig T. Fuller Foundation has been raising funds to restore the statue and along with the Marine Corps League, went in front of the city council in December of last year and was able to secure help in funding to restore the statue. Over the last three months, the city has been taking bids for the project and cost for restoring the statue is expected to be near $80,000.

On Wednesday crews laid down a plywood system to protect the bricks around the statue and began removing the granite from around the base of the statue. The next step will be removing the lava rock from around the base of the soldiers and installing scaffolding around the statue itself.

George Colom, a Commandant with the Marine Corps League says they won’t know how long the project will take until they start getting into the interior of the statue to see the extent of work that needs to be done, but they are hopeful to have the statue restored sometime this summer.


Follow the progress of the restoration :


Watch the photo gallery for updated pictures as the projects progresses: www.capecoral.com 

About CapeCoral.com

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If there is something going on in Cape Coral rest assured you will be able to find it on CapeCoral.com.


Taste, Tunes & More Rocks Cape Coral


The festivities, held at Tarpon Point Marina, began with a presentation by the Military Color Guard and the National Anthem, from there live music by nationally known bands the New York Front and Deb & the Dynamics and local bands; HeadCount and Low Rent kept the crowd on their feet.

Along with the great music there was food from such restaurants as Hooters, Boar’s Head and Gourmet on the Way. The crowd also had the chance to go back in history as they walked through the Invest In America’s Veterans Foundation museum. Classic cars, motorcycles and yachts were also on display.

The event was held to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Florida and the Craig T. Fuller Iwo Jima Memorial Restoration Fund.

It was a beautiful day and we had a great time !
We would like to thank Gloria Tate who worked so hard on this event,

Fund for Cape Iwo Jima statue restoration tops $50K

The Craig T. Fuller Fund for the restoration of the Iwo Jima statue in Cape Coral has topped the $50,000 mark.

“We have about $53,000 and are awaiting word on another $1,000 grant,” said Beth Sanger, executive director of the Cape Coral Community Foundation, which manages the fund.

"This is not only just a statue to us but the embodiment of the Marine Corps' spirit and American way," said Lee Bushong with the Craig T. Fuller Foundation.


Council Agrees To Aid In Iwo Jima Statue Restoration

Cape Coral City Council voted unanimously to aid in the restoration of the Iwo Jima Statue at Eco Park. For a small group of people known as the Craig T. Fuller Foundation it has been a long, tough road to get to this point. Started just a short time ago, the Foundation was set up in honor of Craig T. Fuller, a former Marine from Cape Coral who lost his life in Afghanistan. It was his dream that the statue be repaired and restored to its former glory. With Monday night’s unanimous vote it seems that dream will now be realized.

As the crowd of veterans left the chambers after the vote you could see the overwhelming joy on their face, “This statue needs to be maintained and preserved. Now we can get this done,” said former mayor Kempe.

Standing together in the chamber hall was a small group of friends. Friends of Craig T. Fuller, the fallen soldier whose dream it was to see the statue be restored. This small group has spent countless hours, days, weeks and months raising funds, including fundraisers, passing out fliers, and soliciting donations one by one, whatever they need to do to raise money to restore the statue. With all of the hard work it was no surprise that emotions were running high for them and you could see that when Foundation member, Gina Cohen immediately called Fuller’s parents, who live in Tennessee to tell them the good news. Tonight this small group was able to see their hard work and dedication pay off and within the near future they will see Craig Fuller’s dream of a restored Iwo Jima Statue in Cape Coral come to reality as well.

This has been a long road and we have met so many great people. Lets continue this mission until the day we can sit under a restored statue, hold our heads up high and not see damage but more so honor and pride. I set out for this mission in honor of Craig but came out of this learning more about the men and woman in our own community that hold great links to history. Thank you all for all your help .
Thank you, Gina


City Working with Cape Coral Community Foundation and Marine Corps League to Restore Iwo Jima Statue


The City of Cape Coral is working with the Cape Coral Community Foundation and the Marine Corps League to raise the necessary funds required to restore the Iwo Jima Statue near the Midpoint Bridge.  The Foundation has more than $48,000 in the Craig T. Fuller Fund, which was established specifically for the restoration of the statue. The City is soliciting proposals for the restoration work and will help bridge the funding gap should additional dollars be necessary. 


“The statue has been deteriorating to the point that the cracks and breaks threaten the integrity of the structure,” said Mayor John Sullivan.  “We want to work together to ensure that this community treasure is preserved and maintained for our citizens, visitors and all veterans.”



Cape Coral Project Iwo Jima Restoration

Now on Facebook !

Share with your friends and family, See Articles, Sponsors, Pictures and interact with others who want to see " His Dream, Our Mission' come true and watch the Goal Thermometer raise..



A letter to the editor of the Cape Coral
Daily Breeze from:
Dolores and Aldo Bertolini (Veteran World War II)


05/31/10 ~ Memorial Day:

The Iwo Jima Statue- A History In Preservation

"Uncommon Valor was a Common Virtue."

Check out capecoral.com for a  spread of articles that are focused on the Craig T. Fuller Iwo Jima Restoration Memorial Project and it's Cape Coral history .

We are continuing to raise funds until our mission is complete.

Please show your support to all of our troops and make a donation in their honor to restore this historical national monument . We have raised $46000.00 and we are more than half way to our goal.

Our Iwo Jima statue means so much to our community and deserves the respect to be restored, Our community has banded together so generously to help archive Craigs dream and we his family and friends are so proud to see so many help us that we can't thank everyone enough but make our statue shine and stand as the symbol of
Freedom that so many gave all for, In the condition it rightfully deserves..

For more information on donating Please visit :

"His Dream is Our Mission"

We had a great time and are at our half way mark..Please keep sending in donations .. We still need to get this project done !

I know in my heart that Craig is proud of all the work that went into this fundraiser..

Special Thanks to the team that made this possible :
Joe Sabella, Lisa Cohen, Michela Sabella, Gina Cohen,
George Colom, the Commandant with the Marine Corps League .Pastor Russ Winstead, Lee Bushong, Todd King and Me; Marian Scirrotto...We worked tirelessly for months and today we are all sitting this out and relaxing.

There are so many other people to thank, . Please check back !
So many donated their time to help us make this a success and we can't let anyone not get the recognition that they deserved ... You can check out the news-press photos at:


Saturday May 22, 2010 ~
For the Love of our Soldiers
Jaycee Park , Cape Coral 

Master of Ceremony - Lee Bushong

Cape Coral-Mariner graduate Earnest Graham, a Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back, was signing autographs .



For the Love of Our Soldiers ~ in Honor of SSGT. Craig T. Fuller ~ Restoration of the Iwo Jima Statue

Fallen Marine, Civilian Contractor,

Craig T. Fuller to be honored

In his honor; Craig T Fuller memorial fund aka For the Love of Our Soldiers along with Oasis Elementary Charter School have decided to make Craig's dream come true and restore the Iwo Jima statue that sits where we honored and celebrated Craig's life.

What you may or may not know is our Iwo Jima statue is not just a local monument but a National monument with only 3 Large scaled originals made by Felix de Weldon for: Arlington National Cemetery, (two thirds) Parris Island , SC and (one thirds) Eco Park/ Cape Coral, Florida

As this piece of history is crumbling in Cape Coral, the family and friends of a former active Marine killed doing contractor work in Afghanistan are aiming to restore the Iwo Jima statue in his memory.

It’s cracked in more than 150 places. Elements and time have driven the symbolic piece of history into disrepair.

All Craig Fuller wanted was to see it shine again.

“When he was here he just couldn’t do enough to try to get this going,” said Fuller’s father, Jerry Fuller.

For him, the loss is still raw.  This week marks one year since the death of the former Marine, a Cape Coral native.

“He means the world to me and I know how much this statue meant to him. I mean it’s always been his dream to fix it. So now, it’s become our mission,” said Fuller’s friend, Joe Sabella.

Fuller’s loved ones have launched a fund-raising effort in his memory.

With the help of several community and veterans groups, they’re trying to raise $85,000 to restore Cape Coral’s Iwo Jima Memorial.

“We want to get it back to as original a condition as we can,” said George Colom, with the Marine Corps League.

Fuller’s family and friends say he felt so strongly about this statue because of the message it reflects.

“It’s just a symbol of freedom,” Jerry said.

“It’s all about what the Marines really are about. Put them on the map. So that’s what made him so proud of it, having the values of a Marine,” Joe Sabella added.

The historical meaning makes it even more special.

It is one of three Iwo Jima statues created by the same sculptor who erected the original memorial near Arlington Cemetery.

Fuller’s father says he knows his son is watching, and is grateful for the group’s efforts.

“Oh he’s smiling. He’s happy. He’s proud we’ve picked up the torch after him,” he said.


April 26, 2010


April 24, 2010




April 23,2010




April 22,2010


April 21, 2010


April 12, 2010




Craig T. Fuller Memorial Fund has partnered with Oasis Charter School to make the dream come true..

It would have made Craig proud to know that the statue that he loved and that was so dear to his heart will finally be restored with your help.

The Iwo Jima Statue is in desperate need of repair, Please help in Craig's name and fulfill something that he really  wanted so badly.


Honor our son by donating to restore the local Iwo Jima Statue

In Craig's Honor we must restore his home town Iwo Jima Statue.  The City of Cape Coral has estimated that it will take at least $85,000.00 to restore the statue.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

The Cape Coral Community has band together to honor Craig T. Fuller in restoring the Iwo Jima Statue that is located in Eco Park in Cape Coral. It would have made Craig proud to know that the statue that he loved and that was so dear to his heart will finally be restored with your help.
The Cape Coral Community foundation is stepping forward to help manage your donations to ensure that your monies will be allocated to the restoration of the Iwo Jima Statue in Craig's Honor.   Please read below and find out how to make your honorable contribution to the restoration of this statue:  We thank you.
Please make your check out as follows:
Payable to:  The Cape Coral Community Foundation
Memo :  MUST WRITE: Craig T. Fuller Iwo Jima Statue Restoration.
Please send all checks to:

Cape Coral Community Foundation
4729 Vincennes Boulevard
Cape Coral, FL 33904
If you need to call for further instructions please call them at: 239-542-5594
Thank you,
Jerry and Bert Fuller


It's Official according to the City of Cape Coral " On the Move "

Craig T. Fuller Iwo Jima Statue Restoration Fund

The Cape Coral Community has band together to honor Craig T. Fuller in restoring the Iwo Jima Statue that is located in Eco Park in Cape Coral. It would have made Craig proud to know that the statue that he loved and that was so dear to his heart will finally be restored with your help.

The Cape Coral Community foundation is stepping forward to help manage your donations to ensure that your monies will be allocated to the restoration of the Iwo Jima Statue in Craig's Honor.

If individuals would like to make a contribution to the Iwo Jima Restoration Fund, they may do so by contacting the Cape Coral Community Foundation, which established the Craig Fuller Iwo Jima Restoration Fund.

"On the Move" stated in the article ;Craig was a serviceman who lost his life in Iraq, and his family has established this fund to assist the City in the restoration of the Iwo Jima Statue

Actually; Craig did serve his time in Iraq, However, He died in Afghanistan near the Pakistan boarder. The typo was made is article is excusable since the honor will still belong to him for the restoration project..


Cape Coral Marine dies in California motorcycle crash..

Michael Martins, 23 of Cape Coral had a dream of being a career Marine Corps officer.He served 2 tours in Iraq

Those plans ended tragically Friday when Martins, a sergeant who applied for officer training, died in a motorcycle crash on his way to work at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar near San Diego, his widow, Allison "He's the love of my life. He's my soul mate. It doesn't seem real. I'm in denial,"

Michael had served just more than five years in the Marine Corps and survived two tours in Iraq before being stationed with the intelligence unit at Miramar,

"Heaven received another Angel. Our dearest friend, Michael Martins, has lost his life unexpectedly"

His personal decorations included a Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, two Sea Service Deployment Ribbons, an Iraq Campaign Medal, a Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, a National Defense Service Medal and a Navy Unit Commendation.


   Lance Cpl. Dennis J. Burrow

Formerly of Naples, died Friday August 7th while
supporting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan.

Burrow was assigned to 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine
Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N.C , His address was listed as Naples, though Hagan said Maryland was still home.

In a written statement, Marine Capt. Timothy Patrick said that Burrow joined the Marine Corps in June 2006 and was promoted to the rank of lance corporal on Sept. 1, 2007.

Burrow deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom from November 2007 to May 2008, and to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in May 2009. His awards include the Iraqi Campaign Medal and Global War on Terrorism Service Medals.

Website to honor our local Hero's is Up and Running..
Please visit:

We welcome other families to join us to
Celebrate and Honor their lives and sacrifice to our country.

North Fort Myers Marine killed in Afghanistan..

Sgt. Roy was a Lee County Academy high school graduate, and served two tours of duty in Iraq before a third deployment to the Middle East. Initially trained as a rifleman, Roy was promoted to sergeant in October 2005. His decorations include a Navy Achievement Medal, a Combat Action Ribbon, a Navy Unit Commendation, three Navy Meritorious Unit Commendations, two Good Conduct Medals, the National Defense Service Medal, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, a Humanitarian Service Medal, four Sea Service Deployment Ribbons and a NATO Medal-ISAF Afghanistan

Roy and his wife, Amy, have three children, Olivia, 4; Mikey, 2; and Landon, 11 weeks

Roy was on his third tour of duty, a week from returning to Camp Lejeune, N.C., for good.

He enlisted Sept. 25, 2001, two weeks after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and often talked about stopping terrorism, al-Qaida and Osama Bin Laden.

Sgt. Michael C. Roy died July 8th after being shot in the right cheek during a mission in the Nimroz province of Afghanistan. He was assigned to the third marine special operations battalion, a unit that was set for a return next week to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

Memorial Day 2009

During a visit today to the Iwo Jima Statue at Eco park, Several people had come and gone just to pay tribute to the Flags of our military.
At one point a LCSO Sheriff's car pulled up, The Deputy got out of his car and walked to the Flags, He stood silently as he took his moment . As he saluted the American Flag, Tears were noticed falling from his cheeks. He returned to car and drove off.
At that very moment the realization that Memorial day is not just for our military but for our Law Enforcement Officers as well , Those who Serve and Those who have fallen. We all share the same flag, We all make sacrifices for our country and We all need to honor those who give us the safety and rights that we proudly defend.. 

While people are lighting up their grills, or spending a
day off at the beach, it's important to remember the real reason for today's holiday.

During a visit today to the Iwo Jima Statue at Eco park, Several people had come and gone just to pay tribute to the Flags of our military.At one point a LCSO Sheriff's car pulled up, The Deputy got out of his car and walked to the Flags, He stood silently as he took his moment . As he saluted the American Flag, Tears were noticed falling from his cheeks. He returned to car and drove off.At that very moment the realization that Memorial day is not just for our military but for our Law Enforcement Officers as well , Those who Serve and Those who have fallen. We all share the same flag, We all make sacrifices for our country and We all need to honor those who give us the safety and rights that we proudly defend..

Today marks a solemn day of remembrance for the more than 1 million American heroes of all generations who gave the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefields, defending our country.

To me, Memorial Day means paying tribute to heroes like former Marine Craig T. Fuller,  for his selfless bravery.

In the mountains of Afghanistan, while returning from delivering supplies near the Afghan / Pakistan boarder,

He was ambushed and sacrificed his life exactly 1 month ago today..

There are no words that can adequately express our debt to the men and women of all generations who have paid the ultimate price in service of our nation. But we should take the time to honor their sacrifice today, and every day of the year.

Sad days here in Cape Coral, Florida....

  Craig Thomas Fuller


               October 30,1975 - April 25,2009

My name is Craig; I'm a United States Marine and founder of Scrap Yard Fights.

Cape Coral,Florida vet killed in Afghanistan ambush

Gave his life to help the less fortunate


"Remember where you got the freedom of speech from; this way you don't abuse it or forget the ones that so diligently protected it for you!
" ~ Craig Fuller ~


On top of the world !  Craig & Jeff in Kabul, Afghanistan

Seated at the right hand of God, Thank you for everything you have done for all of us, You will be sadly missed. You were a Loving Son & Friend !
Till we meet again..

It broke my heart to lose you,

But you did not go alone

Part of me went with you,

the day God called you home.

A million times I've thought of you

A million times I've cried

If loving could have saved you

You would have never died

I love you now and always ~Gina

Craig will get the recognition that he deserves, He fought for this country as a Marine and went back to Afghanistan to continue the fight , After 6 more years of battle, He was coming home on July 1st for good.

On Saturday, He had completed a mission and was on his way back to his base when they were ambushed and he was fatally shot.

There are men and women there that are protecting us, those who have died are not the being referred as casualties of War because they are independents yet they have sacrifice them selves for us and are unknown to us.

To those Soldiers and all of our military : I say Thank You..

Please pray for them and for all the souls that we have never heard about .

And Justice 4 All


I would like to Thank the News-Press and Rachel Myers

April 27, 2009 5:30pm

Cape Coral family mourns death

of Afghanistan contractor

By Rachel Myers

The family of a Cape Coral man and retired Marine who was work

ing as a contractor in Afghanistan today is mourning the loss of

his life after he was killed Saturday in an attack near the Afghan

/Pakistan border.

Craig Fuller, 33, was killed, along with a civilian Afghan leader of

his team in a roadside firefight. Jeff Hermey, another Lee County

man, was injured by shrapnel in the attack, and is now on his

way back to Florida.

A third Lee County resident, Lynn Terhune, office manager for

Fuller’s company, Afghan Full Road Construction & Security Inc.

, is remaining in Kabul. She was not present when the attack


Fuller’s father, Jerry Fuller, was comforted Monday by a steady

stream of his son’s friends, who stopped by to share hugs and


“He was my heart, and I was his,” Jerry Fuller said. “There is

nothing he wouldn’t do for a friend.”

Fuller retired as a staff sergeant from the Marine Corps. in 2002

, and for a time returned to Cape Coral before working with a

string of contractors in Afghanistan. He opened his own security

/construction business in January. His father had just returned

from a three-month visit to the country.

Craig Fuller and his crew were returning to Kabul from the

Afghanistan/Pakistan border, where they were delivering

supplies and fixing a leaking septic system for a community


The Federal Bureau of Investigations is investigating the case.


Rachel Myers from The News-press posted a Beautiful 3 page article

This article was absolutely beautiful. The description of Craig was right on the money !

I can't say enough about Craig & his family, the Father / Son bond was so strong that I hardly remember a time that they weren't together. His love & devotion for his friends was amazing. He was always looking out for everyone & wanted only the best for them, Sadly right now they're all so devastated by the loss.

My home is quite & cold, My children are distraught & I feel as if the world has lost one of it's greatest defenders.

Craig gave everyone advise on how to better themselves, Do what he asked for him & in his honor. Don't let him down because he is gone , Make him proud !

He made everyone feel they were the most important person in his life, Use this to " Make a Difference ".
Make your goals for life as he did & stick to them in his memory, And as long as we all do this , he will never be forgotten & his love will carry on in each of us.

With my sincerest sympathies to all ,
As Craig would call me : Gina's Mom

On Wednesday May 6, 2009 @ 6:00 pm , We gathered to honor Craig T. Fuller, during a service at the Iwo Jima statue near the Veterans Memorial Bridge @ Eco Park in Cape Coral.

On behalf of the Fuller Family, We thank everyone who has worked so hard planning this memorial with dignity

Thank you to all who attended this memorial to honor and celebrate the life of Craig Fuller:"  Son, Brother, Uncle and Friend to everyone who crossed his short path", His last mission was completed and he is safety home.

In Memory of Craig T.Fuller


At the Families request: 

The Iwo Jima Statue is in desperate need of repair, Please help in Craig's name and fulfill something that he really would of wanted so badly.

The Cape Coral community has banded together to honor the past, current, and future service men and women through the establishment of the project. These dedicated service personnel have earned our respect and inspired us to undertake this project in recognition of their effort in providing us the freedom we enjoy in these United States of America.
By Check:
Donations can be sent by check to the following address:

Cape Coral Community Foundation
4729 Vincennes Boulevard
Cape Coral, FL 33904

RE: Craig T. Fuller Memorial /
For the restoration of the Iwo Jima Statue

Please make your check payable to:
"Cape Coral Community Foundation "

After he sacrificed everything surrounded by suffering, those who loved him don't doubt that heaven is where Craig Fuller rests.

Special Thank You's to : The media who covered the memorial , Pastor Russ Winstead, The Cape Coral VFW,
The CC Park Rangers, CCPD, The Harp & Thistle Bagpipe Band of SW Fla., CCFD, ROTC, Singers, Kara Everly and Debbie Brown, The VFW Cater Jeanie and her crew of lovely ladies..

In Craig's memory his very close friends joined the memorial with words of remembrances. They made us cry and they made us laugh. We heard stories that a lot of us have never heard and some that were witnessed by our selves.
Craig's friends will carry all of his love and devotions with them forever.

Those special speakers were: Dusty Rhodes: his Afghan Brother, Mike Hannon: The little Brother from Scrapyard, Jade Juda: the Scrapyard Diva, Joe Sabella: The first friend Craig had when he moved here to SW Fla. who always stayed close , Gina Cohen: The Heart of Craig's Soul, Charli Willard: AKA Charli from Texas and Dirk Smith: from Childhood to heaven.

Other Thanks to friends of Craig that made the memorial possible : Rob Robertson: Sound System, Ty Jackson: The production manager and his team, Melody Hull who did the flower arrangements from " HE, She and Me " in Fort Myers, Lisa Cohen : Who greeted the guest and distributed the program booklets. Erin Hannon who made the private invitations to the reception and everyone who helped Jade with the slide show.. If I left anyone out , My apologizes..

Craig would be so proud to see all his friends come together for him, He had many different circles of friends, and made everyone special...Craig had his military friends, childhood friends, party friends, Scrapyard friends and then his confident friends that he counted on to be there for him...They all came together and celebrated Craig the Man, The Solider; as one family.. Semper Fi

Thank you for everyone's help to make the memorial  special , God will bless those who help others for no reward.

And Justice 4 All

Craig Fuller Memorial photos  :



This picture rocks, someone went above and beyond to prove how corrupt every department of Lee county government is .

Now, If we can get everyone to stand up and let everyone know the truth about the justice system here; We may actually have a fair justice system..For more information go to the links for Jail4Judges.

This person was giving 5 days to remove this, However, By then everyone would of seen it on Del Prado Blvd. in Cape Coral

Maybe they'll listen to the defendants more before making a ruling and remembers even the state makes mistakes .
If you are truly innocent don't plea out, go all the way and if you lose:  appeal and appeal but fight for your rights to a fair and balanced justice system.



  I Live life in such a way that when my feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders & says ;

      "Oh shit... she's awake!!!"


Welcome Back, Mike ! 
I see you have visiting me again ..

Please re-direct your self to your own page I made for you ..


Hugs and Kisses from Philadelphia , Pa 
I may not be there but I'm sure I'll always be in your heart !


LCSO DEPUTIES ; Kurtis Calhoun, Frank Hansen, Daniel Falzone, and Dathan Pyle


Guess Again !

This was just step 1 , Hold on to your asses !

Lee sheriff settles wrongful death lawsuit by pepper sprayed inmate's widow

 The record shows that not only was Christie subjected to prolonged exposure to pepper spray, but he was never adequately decontaminated after being exposed to the pepper sprayings."

U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson

Nurse Canete told investigators that when she warned one of the jailers, Deputy Calhoun, about the level of pepper spray, he called it "good training for everyone" and laughed.


U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson ruled that Christie could move forward with excessive force, assault and battery claims against deputies Daniel Falzone, Kurtis Calhoun, Dathan Pyle, Sgt. Mary DaRoss and nurses Maria Canete, Linda Sundo and Joan Winnie.

The judge refused to drop claims of assault and battery, failure to train, and negligent hiring, retention and supervision against the sheriff. He also allowed claims of deliberate indifference against the deputies and nurses, and let Christie proceed with medical negligence claims and allegations that Prison Health Services and Scott had a policy or custom of similar acts.

"Christie was pepper-sprayed repeatedly, even after he was placed in a restraint chair," Magnuson wrote, noting that there was no evidence of Christie being violent, except for grabbing someone's hand when his food was delivered.

"The record shows that not only was Christie subjected to prolonged exposure to pepper spray, but he was never adequately decontaminated after being exposed to the pepper sprayings," he wrote. "And the unit's ventilation system was obviously not adequate to dissipate the amount of spraying, as evidenced by testimony regarding the need to wear masks on the unit because of the pepper spray in the air."

Nurse Sundo said the spray was heavy in the observation ward and that during one check of Christie, she didn't get close to him because she feared the chemical.

The State Attorney's Office declined to prosecute anyone, concluding Christie represented a threat and jailers didn't show a "reckless disregard" for his life. Scott refused to review jail policies after the investigations, but called the death "tragic."

The lawsuit alleged medical staff denied him medical attention and that nurses had screened him during an earlier arrest on similar charges on March 25, 2009, his first arrest, and knew his history. The lawsuit says Christie had a list of prescriptions on him when he was jailed and that his wife repeatedly called to ask that he be taken to a hospital.

Settlement reached in death of Nick Christie
Story Created: Feb 13, 2013 at 7:37 PM America/New_York

The Lee County Sheriff's Office said Sheriff Mike Scott won't comment but sent WINK News this statement:

"This afternoon, a settlement was reached during mediation in the lawsuit brought against the Sheriff's Office and its inmate health provider by the wife of the late Nicholas Christy.  The Sheriff's Office portion of the settlement is paid through the Florida Sheriff's Risk Management Fund, a self-insurance program administered on behalf of many agencies across the state of Florida.  The other portion will be paid by the inmate health provider to the Lee County Jail.  The shares will be itemized in the final documents which must be filed in both the Federal and Ohio courts."  - Sheriff Mike Scott.


YOU SHOULD BE OUTRAGED, What happened to Nick Christie is happening all over the USA. Out of control police and departments which do nothing more than cover up and approve of the actions of unprofessional officers.


What happened to Nick Christie?


More info

I Give Credit , where Credit is Due and I am

happy and shocked to see the Lee County

Sheriff is # 37 on the list of
county sheriffs that

say they won't enforce federal law that violates

2nd Amendment


Update !

I know I haven't updated in a while, However , Family First !

I plan on making some serious changes and moving a lot of this to my Google site. Although, I have paid in advance for this site, the extremely overwhelming traffic has caused me to pay a monthly fee.

All of my social networking sites are updated daily and I will continue to use this site for Community News, Child Welfare and Safety and Resources .

A New section will be available soon, This will be resources for Drug and Alcohol Abuse. We have had a serious explosion of drugs but very little resources to help. These resources will be able to help those who want to help themselves , that are afraid of law Enforcement . 

Abuse of Powers by any Law Enforcements or Government , will be moved to the Google site , And there's a lot for me to update ..

All High profile cases will be available on all sites..
The Torture and Murder of Nick Christie is a very high priority and will remain everywhere until Justice is Served









Now, Go Back up to the google link and click that, and then READ, I know some of you already know some of this but please let me remind you who you're dealing with....

Now, let me take this time to send a great big THANK YOU to whom ever supplied with this Priceless information , I have a feeling it was on of my fans at LCSO ...However, I was reading LEO Affairs trying to figure out who made sure that this info landed in my hands and I was very surprised to see that how much they have posted about me, where I live and even what's on my door.

Out of fear for their jobs,( because they spends more time bad mouthing Mike Scott than me ), They all use fake names and it's really hard to figure it out.. I do find it very creepy that someone would go to that length by coming to my home and leaving it .. I have Plenty of emails sent me over the years with information but if I can't see it or verify it, I'm Not going to post it and arm Mike Scott.

So; Why was this giving to me ? Why not the News Press or other media ? How about the sender send me and email and tell me why ? You all talk gossip and brave enough on LEO Affairs to call me out, call me names and make up stories , Grow a set and Come Clean..

Leave your black ski mask in the drawer and write me and tell me, Who are you trying to take out with this info, Mike Scott ? Dick Spence ? Lee Bushong ? Me ? or are you trying to set one or me them up ?????

From what I hear, several businesses are receiving packages with basically the same information enclosed but a lot more detailed with a bizarre twist of Fortune Teller in the story, Clearly, she wasn't a very good one or Lee County wouldn't be in this mess. So don't Blame me for everything... 98% OF LCSO DEPUTIES HAVE INTEGRITY , YOU 2 % , ASK FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME ..


         Power Corrupts And Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."

                                                  ~ John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton

The Torture and Murder of Nick Christie in the Lee County Jail is still a very active case. This past week , Ohio's I-Team from FOX-8 aired a reminder to the local community of the horror that happened to a tourist from their home town .


The petition is also, demanding Justice and the outrage & outcry is still continuing ..


This is NOT going away and a Federal Judge has said, This case is moving forward.

CLEVELAND — A federal judge in Florida has refused to throw out a lawsuit against the Lee County sheriff’s department over the pepper-spraying death of a former Cleveland boilermaker.

Nick Christie died after being repeatedly pepper-sprayed in jail.

The coroner ruled his death a homicide.

Christie, who had mental health issues, was taken to jail after an argument at his hotel.
He was not given his medications, and was pepper-sprayed time and time again.

In his ruling, the judge says Christie was “poisoned” by the spray.

The ruling goes on to say that a jury could reasonably conclude that deputies were only trying to harm Christie.

In a statement to the I-Team, Nick DiCello, the attorney for the Christie family says:

“Joyce Christie (Nick’s widow) is very pleased with the Court’s recent ruling. She is grateful that after almost four years, the shocking circumstances surrounding her husband Nick’s death will soon be presented to a jury.”

Posted on: 10:05 pm, January 20, 2013, by Bill Sheil, updated on: 10:13pm, January 20, 2013

Guest opinion: Law enforcement is failing Lee countians

June 23, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

There is no easy way to say this: We are not safe anymore. Law enforcement is failing us.

Crime is up all over. Violence is rampant in our streets. In some places, gunshots are a common sound and the body count keeps climbing.

Just in the past month, we've had drive-by shootings, murders and now two people (one pregnant) shot and killed while sitting in their car. Thankfully, the 3 year-old child asleep in the back of the car wasn't killed.

According to the 2011 Uniform Crime Report by Florida's Department of Law Enforcement, last year there were 38 murders in Lee County. Twenty of them occurred in the City of Fort Myers alone (up from 7 the year before - a 35 percent increase in violent death in Fort Myers). This year there have been 12 murders in Fort Myers already. Keeping at the current trend, this will be another record-breaking year of murder. Already, Fort Myers is ranked as one of the most violent cities in Florida.

Last year, there were 107 rapes (sexual battery) forced upon people in Lee County. Over 600 robberies occurred (a robbery is theft while using force - think of a bank robbery with guns) and 5,326 burglaries were reported (a burglary is where someone breaks into your house, car or business).

Don't be fooled. Violence brews in our streets. It is no longer confined to a particular area. Unchecked, violence will continue to spread. Last week there was a shooting on Colonial Boulevard in broad daylight. How many people drive on Colonial Blvd on a given morning or afternoon? What are the chances an innocent person might become an unintentional victim?

So where's the help? What is preventing law enforcement from doing its job? What is keeping us from safety? Politics is the answer. There are too many politics in law enforcement. There are too many "invisible" lines drawn on the ground. There are too many turf wars over whose responsibility it is to work one crime or another. There are too many jurisdictional disputes.

The fact of the matter is simple: The criminal element does not pay attention to imaginary lines drawn on maps hanging in police headquarters somewhere. Criminals will hurt and kill when and where they want to unless there is a reason not to. That reason is why law enforcement exists.

The sheriff of Lee County is responsible for everything that happens in this county. Period. A leader knows that he/she is responsible for everything that happens, or does not happen, under his/her watch. So said, the sheriff is responsible for crime in Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Sanibel Island, Lehigh Acres and everywhere in between.

The Sheriff's Office has more resources to fight crime than the municipalities do. So why isn't the sheriff helping to curb the violence in Fort Myers? Again, it's politics.

There are too many kingdoms in Lee County. The sheriff doesn't communicate well with other municipalities. Imagine the chaos if the Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard did not coordinate their efforts and communicate. Imagine if each service were to do what its respective commander wanted to do. Chaos would reign. Our safety would be jeopardized. People would get hurt. The same concept applies here in Lee County, too.

It's an election year. The sheriff wants to continue on his "Crime Down, Budget Down" campaign. He is quick to point out that the cities are responsible for the crime within those imaginary boundaries. If he assumes responsibility for the city's high murder rate, then he can't stay on the Crime Down aspect. So, in the name of politics, he doesn't get involved in stopping the bloodshed.

Ask yourself, what is a life worth? What is your mother's life, brother's life, or children's life worth to you? While many have the luxury of sitting back and watching the violence on television, many people are living it day-in and day-out. As the violence continues to spread, you can rest assured it will be at your door sooner than you think.

On behalf of all the victims of violent crime, I want to see a cooperative Violent Crime Task Force enacted. The Sheriff's Office has the resources. Members of all law enforcement bodies need to contribute and seek out those who aim to harm. It's time to stop being politicians and worrying about numbers. It's time to become cops again.

If I were sheriff today, this would be done already. I don't care who gets the credit or who gets to stand in front of the cameras. It doesn't matter to me who gets an award or who gets invited to a special dinner. I can't bear the thought of an innocent person needlessly dying - especially when the resources are present to stop this threat.

So again, I ask you - What is a life worth?

Lee Bushong

Lehigh Acres

Lee Bushong is a former lieutenant, detective sergeant and homicide detective with the

Let's not forget why " You " are here....


Current TV

62-year-old Nick Christie was restrained, gagged and pepper sprayed up to 10 times in the Lee County Jail in Florida - his death is raising questions about torture and abuse. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks.


I am sick and tired of the Bull Shit that is going on in the Lee County Main Jail..I have had enough and I'm moving forward ! As it says in my website : I Live life in such a way that when my feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders & says ; "Oh shit... she's awake!!!"

All new site with more detailed accounts of the LSCO Sheriff Mike Scott and the County Jail... PDF's , letters from inmates and families and lot's of information

Just click here and you are on your way :



I'm awake and ready to GO !! Look Out , Here I Come ...............




Where were the CO's this time ??

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a report by an inmate at the Lee County Jail that he was raped by another inmate.


Read the disgusting comments left from the readers, It's another embarrassment to the Sheriff's Department and these readers have no morals what so ever

This is extremely well done article, It is not only about Nick Christie but others that Asst. SAO, Dean R. Plattner , would not charge for abuse of their powers..

The Prosecutor Who Cleared Nick Christie’s Jailers For Pepper-Spraying Him to Death Had a History of Letting Cops Off the Hook

By: Mike Riggs , who is an associate editor at Reason magazine and Reason.com.

Dean Ross Plattner, 53, of Fort Myers, passed away Friday, October 7, 2011. My condolences to his family for their loss..It is never a good thing to lose a husband, father or brother, So suddenly.





Outrage from all over the world, Demanding Justice for Nick !
Every website that I have read , people ask what are the names of these deputies that murdered Nick Christie ?

The state attorney's office cleared the five LCSO corrections deputies
 Kurtis Calhoun, Frank Hansen, Daniel Falzone, Monshay Gibbs and Dathan Pyle
- of criminal wrongdoing in the case

All, to the best of my knowledge , are still employed with LCSO, None were even suspended during the bogus investigation..
After I read the motion of the wrongful death civil suit , I noticed that one name did not and should of been on the motion..
That is Col. Michael Waite , Retired in October 2011 and In my opinion , I also believe that SAO Steve Russell holds some responsibility since he also knew since 2005 about the abuse at the Lee County Jail..

I have kept a paper trail of letters and emails from inmates and their families of disturbing incidents, Before Mike Scott decided to go to post card mail..Now; I hear from families that fear to email or call to find out what the hell is going on and why is it still allowed and condoned .

If you have a story about what you seen in the Lee County Jail; Please email me at : comments2marian@yahoo.com


The Murder of Nick Christie was not enough for the Lee county Jail..

 When will they learn ?
I just came from the Lee County Jail and was informed by several people that nothing has changed there at all...Request are still denied , no medical and Deputies are still running a muck using inmates as sport...This STOPS NOW !
I promise that big changes are coming because Karma and God are taking the devil down...
Now; Let's Make It Right !

Please sign this petition and spread the word , Justice for Nick Christie :



Keep opening your mouth and inserting your foot, Liar, Liar...Green Pants on Fire !!


Read Sam Cooks ( News-Press ) article and watch the video..

The policy: Chapter 26:48 of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Operations Manual states deputies should avoid felons

Lee County Sheriff’s Office Operations Manual: Chapter 26:48: Association with criminals: Except as necessary in the performance of official duties, Sheriff’s Office members should avoid regular or continuous associations or dealings with persons whom they know or should know are persons under investigation in a criminal matter or indictment, or who are convicted felons, or persons actively involved in criminal activity, or persons generally held in ill repute in the community, or have relationships with persons that would reflect discredit on the member or the Office.

What is it about Alva Village Market manager Dick Spence that some Lee sheriff’s deputies — including Sheriff Mike Scott — find so irresistible?

“Because I’m just a good guy,” Spence, 54, said Dec. 15 after three deputies had lunch at his store. “And we got the best pizza in town.”

Spence is a felon.

That designation should be enough for deputies to not befriend him and breach agency policy.

But Spence estimates 150 law enforcement officers a week frequent his store.

This not just a small time felon, especially since everything in Lee County is a felony, Richard "Dick" Spence is A money launderer and kidnapper, the former Colombian cartel cocaine supplier served only three years in prison.

Sheriff Corp. Mike Scott closed our Sub-Stations, However.....

In 2011, the sheriff has spent $225,000 on these announcements, which have aired on major networks – CBS and NBC, and at key times, such as during the “Tonight” Show. That’s six times more than the $37,500 the agency paid last year for the public service announcements. The sheriff’s office pays for the messages with money seized from illegal activities, such as drug sales.The increase has caused some in Lee County, including one of Scott’s opponents in the 2012 sheriff’s race, to question if Scott is using the announcements for his own political gain. Though the messages contain no mention of the sheriff’s re-election run, they say his increasing appearance in TV announcements is promoting his re-election.

“Every time we turn the television on it’s Mike Scott, Mike Scott,” said Lee Bushong, one of Scott’s opponents in the 2012 race and a former Lee County sheriff’s lieutenant. “If the sheriff wanted to do it the right way, he’d be out there campaigning on his own dime.”

Scott said in an email to the News-Press ; " His job entails a number of public appearances, and called the suggestion his public interactions were political “laughable.” He said an aggressive public awareness effort was necessary because of the magnitude of the issues, particularly texting while driving and prescription drug abuse.

“As the person charged with public safety countywide, I see these two issues as serious, life and death threats and both seem to have surfaced more prominently this year,” Scott wrote.

It's time for a serious change here in Lee County, Let's Make It Right !


                             The Eight Amendment

The Eighth Amendment protects inmates from inhumane treatment, or cruel and unusual punishment. Inmates have the right to file a grievance regarding the way they are being treated or the condition of their housing.
This include Medical which inmates have the right to adequate medical care for any illness, either immediate or long term. Inmates have the right to seek adequate mental health care when needed.

                                                   Nick Cristie
                                              10/06/46 - 03/31/09


Oh Yea; Mike Scott-Free is running for re-election again, I think he should take the Sargent exam first but why bother now...

What does Mike Scott call lunch with a convicted felon ?
 A fundraiser !


Let's Make It RIGHT !

I am running for Sheriff based on the foundation of proven law enforcement
experience (my evaluations and commendations are listed on my website
and are publicly available) and high moral character. Most of all, I am a committed law enforcement officer.
I am not and will not run based on politically fueled promises, partnerships and
agendas. I ask you - the taxpayer, the citizen, the parent, the retiree - to attend the press conference and the following debates and announcements. I ask you to listen, see the evidence I present and make a decision based on fact and not a smile.
I anticipate a challenging and exciting campaign over the next 11 months, as well
as the greater challenges when you elect me as your Sheriff. I am committed to the
challenge, hard work and dedication that lay ahead for us all as a community. Together, “Let’s Make It Right!”

“Those who expect to reap the blessings
of liberty must undergo the fatigues of
supporting it.” -Thomas Paine

– Lee Bushong
LEE 2012 Bushong L e t ’ s M a k e I t R i g h t
Political Advertisement


Lee Bushong, Candidate for Lee County Sheriff Announces Challenge


Lee Bushong, Candidate for Lee County Sheriff calls for multiple “all candidate debates” in anticipation for the Republican Primary election next year.


The easily anticipated announcement by the current Lee County Sheriff opens the door to multiple debates that will provide Lee County citizens with the information they need to elect their new sheriff in 2012. 


“Now that the sheriff has announced his attempt at another term, I can formally challenge him as well as the other candidates to a series of professionally moderated, video-taped debates that Lee County deserves. We cannot keep the citizens of Lee County in the dark. They deserve to see their candidates stand shoulder to shoulder, to debate the topics that are important and critical to their very safety. The people need to understand how their money is being spent, amongst other very important, insightful and significant issues.  There has been a lack of consistency in the leadership of the Sheriff’s Office, and in the midst of this crisis, I wish to bring accountability and answers to the people.” – said Lee Bushong.


Bushong added, “I challenge any and all candidates to these debates because there is nothing more sacred than the right to vote. It is a right that I have fought for, millions have sacrificed for, and one which many across the globe do not have. It is vital that we stand before our citizens for questioning and judgment. It is their right.”


When asked about when and where the debates should take place, Mr. Bushong stated that it is in the interest of the public to have such debates conducted on neutral ground, moderated by a neutral party such as a professional representative from each major media outlet. It is important that all candidates be involved.


“I just hope that the other candidates feel as passionately as I do to have the opportunity to willingly stand before the tax payers to be judged on the issues at hand. After all, the sheriff works for the tax payers, not the other way around,” he said. 




The second airing of the Cover-Up was last weekend and I have been receiving a lot of emails about this movie, People want to know what is the latest update on Kevin's case. Stu Pepper Welcomes any and all comments, questions and concerns, Please contact Stu for further details at:http://stuartpepper.com


Personal injury attorney Stuart Pepper faces the challenge of his young career when he takes on a controversial case of wrongful death in small town Iowa. Kevin Thacker's body was found in the alley outside the Marshalltown Police Department after the young man was arrested for drunk driving. The arresting officer's story is highly suspicious and everyone involved, from the investigating detective to the FBI, appear to be aiding in covering up what actually happened that fateful night. With a promise made to the Thacker family to expose the truth, Stu dives head first into an uphill battle against lies and corruption. What transpires will change this lawyer's life forever. Written by Robert Dean Klein  

Just as in the case of Nick Cristie, back in
October 29, 1983: An unarmed, defenseless young man from a white middle-class family in Des Moines, Iowa, who had just been arrested by Marshalltown, Iowa police officer Kendall Eldred for driving while intoxicated, was found murdered in the alley behind the Marshalltown police station.

The next showing of The CoverUp is June 11 at 8pm, and again at midnight (12:00am) on June 12 on Lifetime Movie Network. LMN can been seen on Comcast channel 119, Cox channel 208, DirecTV channel 253, and Dish Network channel 109


The website for The CoverUp is intended to give the viewer comprehensive information about the Kevin Thacker case trial and its aftermath. This includes pretrial depositions of police officers involved in the cover-up; the entire trial transcript; important court filings in the trial court and appellate court; the FBI investigation and results; relevant court exhibits, including actual photographs and medical records; and, the actual booking video taken by Eldred just minutes before Kevin was found near dead in the alley. The trial was covered daily by the Des Moines Register and the Marshalltown Times-Republican.
 When you see the enormity of evidence that calls for a re-investigation, you can help make it a reality. Call, write or email each member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has oversight of the FBI. Call your congressperson. Write your senator. Join our Facebook page. Tweet about the movie and the developments surrounding it. Exhort your friends and family to watch the movie, and then get involved


                                        “Let’s Make it Right”


Lee Bushong, a former Lieutenant with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, will make public his decision to run for Lee County Sheriff on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 12:10 pm (or about that time), on the North steps of the Old Courthouse located at 2120 Main Street Fort Myers.

Lee Bushong was born in 1974 in Ohio.  During 1992, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served two tours.  Upon his separation from the Marines, Lee joined the Lee County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office.

Lee has lived in Cape Coral and Fort Myers.  During his career with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, he served in a variety of capacities.  He was a patrolman, active in community events.  Later, he was promoted to a general crimes detective and spent time between Bonita Springs and a County-wide task force before receiving an assignment to the homicide unit.

After Lee’s tour in homicide, he was promoted to sergeant and served as a patrol supervisor.  He brought new concepts in aggressive, criminal targeted programs that resulted in removing key criminals in West Lee County (South Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach area).  Soon after, he was promoted to Detective Sergeant, and later Lieutenant.

Lee’s career with the Sheriff’s Office spanned 11 years.  His time there was marked with commendations and gratitiude.  He resigned during December 2009 in order to prepare to run for this office.

Lee currently lives in the Gateway area of Fort Myers with his wife and children.  Most of his family is from Fort Myers Beach and Cincinnati.  Lee looks forward to bringing leadership to the Sheriff’s Office and improving the safety and quality of life to those who live and visit Lee County.

Details on his plan will be released from time to time during his campaign.  What Lee wishes to drive home is that he believes in accountability and that as the Sheriff, he will be solely responsible for all things within the Sheriff’s Office – good and bad.

The community needs access to law enforcement, and Lee will ensure it.

Lee will be available for comment immediately following the announcement of his decision.  Further information can be obtained at www.lee2012.com and/or  www.leebushong.com

On the steps of the old courthouse in downtown Fort Myers, Lee Bushong announced his run for Lee County Sheriff ..

With his wife and daughter in attendance as well as a couple of dozen supports, Bushong stated, “I pledge that my partnership with you will be grounded firmly in trust, honesty, and dedication to the greater good and a passionate commitment to the fiscally responsible practice of the rule of law.”

Among the topics Bushong touched on during his speech was the goal of reducing the sheriff’s office budget, while putting more boots on the street. When asked how he could do this Bushong stated, “Funds are there to increase patrol deputies and reduce the level of the budget. To make it work misplaced funds need to be re-appropriated.”

Another strong statement Bushong made was on what he feels should be the equal treatment of all, “I vow to preserve and protect the rights of all persons, regardless of who they are. Everyone is a human being and should be treated as such,” said Bushong.

Read in it's entirety at : http://www.capecoral.com/content/bushong-officially-announces-his-run-lee-county-sheriff


Election Season 2012

As you know ; my priority these last 2 years has been to the Restoration of the Iwo Jima Statue, However; It's time for to get ready for the 2012 Elections and time for everyone to do their research and find the candidates that You hope you can trust enough to vote for. Republican or Democrat, RINO or DINO, Liberal and Non-Partisan; It is our duty to get out and vote.. Remember that freedom was brought to you and preserved by the American Solider. Everyone has their own opinion on where we like to see our government, You have to research out your choice, look at every pro and con to these people that we entrust with our future and our childrens future. 

I have done my research and still continuing before I cast my final vote, we have several big elections on all levels, In my own opinions; I have written my choices and why on the Article and Archives section of this site not to deter from the severity of the subjects on this page.

From Lee Bushong ~ June 5, 2010.

Laws were written and developed many years ago as a basis to form a civilized society. As time evolved, some governments abused the laws, leading to fractured and sometimes new societies. We are all familiar with one story dating back to 1776 which laid the groundwork for the Constitution and the society which we live in.

Those Constitutional guarantees, and the laws of this great State were not made to be ignored, nor to be treated arbitrarily or with indifference.

I believe those laws and guarantees should be passionately protected and preserved for all people - citizens, immigrants, deputies; innocent people and guilty people. Free people and incarcerated people. EVERYONE. We all have rights, and it is the responsibility of law enforcement to do just that - enforce the law and thereby protecting those rights.

As much as anyone wants to bend the rules from time to time to circumvent the Constitution or to get around a law, it cannot be done. It's the mandate and the very concept of law enforcement to protect those rights through impartial, unbiased application of the law. Justice is supposed to be blind, right?

Sadly, though, I just learned of another recent example of the Lee County Sheriff's Office - the body charged with enforcing all laws in Lee County, willfully neglecting the very laws it's supposed to enforce. Or more accurately, Mike Scott is not enforcing the very laws he swore to uphold And that profoundly disturbs me.

So let me say it again - passionate unbridled protection and preservation of the rights of all people regardless of who they are and what their past is.

To read Lee's views on the Fatal crash involving a LCSO deputy that was in the words of the state attorney “incomplete or inaccurate.”, Please visit the F.Y.I section


FDLE proves they are willing to cover the tracks of the Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott-Free, At any cost !



Feb. 21-24 — E-mails show John Taylor of the business Taylor Carpet One asking Sheriff Mike Scott for two background checks. Scott asks former Lt. Lee Bushong to run the checks for his cousin, which Bushong does.

April 12 — Bushong tells The News-Press that Sheriff Mike Scott had him run criminal backgrounds searches for personal reasons. Scott said it was an employment background check for Taylor Carpet.

April 17 — A follow-up News-Press column reveals John Taylor, of Taylor Carpet, is Scott’s cousin. Bushong said he violated agreement terms of the National Crime Information Center and the Florida Crime Information Center — computerized law enforcement indexes.

May 8 — A letter from Donna M. Uzzell, a director at Florida Department of Law Enforcement, asks Scott to explain Bushong’s allegations made to The News-Press.

May 15 — In a reply letter to FDLE, Scott did not indicate his cousin requested the background checks. Instead, he said he ordered the criminal checks because “anonymous, third party information” advised a fugitive was relocating to Fort Myers and seeking employment. Though neither person was a fugitive, Scott notified Taylor Carpet one man had a prior record.

Summer 2009 — FDLE chose not to investigate.

FDLE has cleared their brother Scott of all wrong doing with every investigation !

The State Attorney's office has cleared brother Scott and his department of all wrong doing every time, even when defying Steve Russell; the SAO rules do not apply to Scott-Free !

Governor Charlie Crist keeps  backing him, Our County Commissioners ,Congressman and Senators never get involved !

The FBI have done nothing about Scott or his department and he even was able to beat the charges of his violation of the Hatch Act during a presidential rally..

So; if he doesn't answer to the voters as an elected official then who does he answer too ????
If no one above him cares about his corruption and wrong doings , Who should care ????

The families of those he has hurt, Care !
The families of dead inmates in his county jail, CARE !
The victims of his corrupt department , Care !

Bushong resigns after " Brothers from another Mother " Clear Mike Scott Free of Criminal Misconduct..

Sgt. Lee Bushong, once fired by Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott then rehired prior to his civil service hearing, has resigned December 4th., Stating: "Irreconcilable differences", It may sound like a divorce but if Bushong stayed after FDLE had cleared Scott Free of any wrong doing; He would have a huge bulls eye tattooed to his head.

Just this past month, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement cleared Scott of any criminal misconduct after allegations by two former sheriff's office employees; Charlie and Dominic Farrante and Bushong.

Scott demoted Bushong, in March 2009 from lieutenant and head of the Intelligence Unit to deputy for improper conduct and abusive insubordination.

According to the News-Press ; Bushong sent a threatening, off-color e-mail in Jan. 2009 to two sergeants chastising the unit for taking too much time away from the job.Scott then fired him in April.

He then rehired him in June just before Bushong’s attorney Stuart Pepper was prepared to call 39 witnesses for Bushong's civil service board hearing.

Bushong alleged Scott broke federal and state law by directing employees to collect criminal background information on two job seekers for his cousin.

Scott said he ordered the search and gave his cousin the information.

Bushong said information taken from the National Crime Information Center and Florida Crime Information Center or Computerized Criminal History cannot be released to noncriminal justice personnel.

This is no surprise, Bushong and the Ferrante brothers all did the right thing and followed proper channels of file the complaints, However, the first step was to take it to FDLE. The complaint was clearly overlooked and ignored as all other complaints filed against Mike Scott with his brothers of the badge in this department.

Scott Free was very confident from the start that he would be cleared of all wrong doing even prior to knowing what the approximately 100 plus page complaint and almost 300 pages of supporting documentation said in detail :




Note: Talk about off color email and threatening emails, Mike Scott has never sent or replied to citizens in any other fashion ..

Considering the complaint and the documentation, FDLE completed this investigation quickly...They have had the Nick Christie Murder case on their desk and wrapped in red tape for longer with NO answers yet; I wonder Why ??

Why is FDLE, the SAO, LCSO IA department and The FBI still sitting on this case ??

Why did the guards not get suspended pending the outcome of this Murder investigation ??

Are the guards who killed Mr. Christie CO's or Deputies ??

12/06/09 ( Unconfirmed )

Read a letter from Lee Bushong that was written this morning to his former co-workers and their replies :





FDLE clears Golden Child Mike Scott-Free of all criminal wrong doing.. Not the FBI but FDLE has yet again turned another ass cheek :

FDLE today cleared Scott of four specific allegations:

• Allegations Richard Spence was allowed to clean up a crime scene at his son’s home.

• Allegations a sheriff’s office employee revealed the installation of a pole camera at the Alva Market, Spence’s store.

• Allegations a sheriff's office employee revealed an undercover officer’s identity.

• Allegations public records were destroyed regarding a polygraph exam of two captains.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has cleared Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott of all criminal misconduct over certain aspects of his relationship with a convicted felon, According to today's article in the News-Press our largest media source.

Considering the allegations and documentation provided to the FDLE, They were able to conclude quickly..They had the Christie Murder case since April and it passes around the red tape unanswered.  I wonder why ??????


Justice Delayed may not be Justice Denied...

With all the information flooding in from all over the state; I am just going to put in the links from different media outlets..
I have received letters from all over the country and from many different organizations that have been fighting against corruption in the State of Florida and there is too much to post..
Media from all over the state have contacted me and are looking for stories to post of proof of corruption, They are asking very detailed and meticulous documentation.

If we were able to do a time line with all the players involved, It would look like a paper plate with the governor himself right in the middle..

Please contact your local FBI office and send your information to them for further investigation, If you have already and were disregarded ; Them I would recommend you contact the media..

* Please follow the proper procedure not to compromise these investigations.



Florida Gov. Crist wants grand jury on public corruption

On the day he called for a grand jury to investigate public corruption, Gov. Charlie Crist was mum about his ties to indicted political fundraiser Alan Mendelsohn.


Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau

The most recent major public corruption indictment, handed down by a federal grand jury last month, charged political player Alan Mendelsohn with 32 counts of fraud and wrongdoing for allegedly attempting to sell his access to lawmakers -- including Crist.

Mendelsohn, who has pleaded not guilty, had even claimed he could bribe Crist, a charge that prosecutors investigated and declared false. Mendelsohn this year held a fundraiser for Crist's fellow Republican and rival for U.S. Senate, Marco Rubio.

Still, Mendelsohn's political ties with Crist ran deep. Mendelsohn held fundraisers at his home for Crist's 2006 governor's race and had used secretive political committees to boost Crist and attack at least one rival.

Crist then made Mendelsohn a member of his gubernatorial transition team in 2007. And the governor wrote a personal letter asking the University of Florida's medical school to admit Mendelsohn's son.


Ex-police officer dies in Lee County jail cell.. http://www.news-press.com/article/

If the jail said he acted fine, they said He was no threat to himself, Then why are they in a fuss to air this out in the public, so quickly to calling it a suicide , I have a reason of concern here...They still have not released the details concerning the Death Of Nick Cristie who died the end of March, LCSO went above and beyond to hide that, The guards who killed him are still active and working , The SAO didn't find out for weeks after the media got a hold of it, The courts even issued a bench warrant for failure to appear..LCSO has something to hide and the leader of this fine up standing jail is getting ready to walk away with a Gold watch in October , Does anyone else find this disturbing ? Does anyone see that Col Michael Waite will retire soon without any recourse of his actions; He had full knowledge of what was going on in that jail and the behavior, That KILLED people..


Sam Cook and his watchdog team, wrote a great article today, that I just couldn't let go unseen:


"Spence and Ferrante didn't want to share the sheriff. One had to go."

When Scott became sheriff , he looked for the person with the most knowledge of the job, He chose Charlie Ferrante as Chief Deputy, Regardless he was not personally liked by the LE, He knew his job better than anyone else, He was by the book, and he never took any crap off the cry babies..After 5 years of minor disgraces, He leaves and the next thing we all know is the shit hits the fan, LCSO is in the news almost daily with disgrace after disgrace and the flood gates are wide opened..
Scott was never qualified for the job from the beginning, he was one of the guys, well known to the residents as the Traffic reporter on TV and just a familiar smiling face..
People may not want to accept it but Ferrante ran the department and did a good job, he had personal issues with several but so what..Look at his background, he had more knowledge and knew the job of sheriff more than Scott ever will.
He seen corruption, he warned Scott and he, other good LE are gone because Scott chose the dark side...

I do have to admire the fact that the News-Press is holding their ground, It has shown another side of their journalism, that they lacked prior, Now I see real investigating and I hope they continue to bring all the facts to light, However, the magnitude of this story is not only about sheriff Scott, the entire Florida Government has been corrupted and compromised including some very heavy weight players like SAO, Steve Russell, Rep. Connie Mack, Governor Charlie Crist and many others that are still being investigated.
This is just the beginning and further research is absolutely needed, these waters run very deep and the News-Press has the resources to find out the truth and bring all those involved to light.


Every day this week the story continued, more updates were posted by the News-Press, I on the other hand would like to hear from the rest involved, So far we have 2 short statements from Governor Charlie Crist and SAO Steve Russell, But claim not to know Richard Spence, But did admit accepting money from him

 Today's Story Again; Focuses on Sheriff Mike Scott and a open investigation. To read this article , Just click the link below..There is way too much happening for me to post it all every day.

Lee County sheriff is subject of preliminary state inquiry


It has come to my attention that I am Guilty of really pushing the envelope concerning this county..I was reading a article in the paper today that really opened my eyes to other peoples views,
When you see something so wrong that is makes you want to scream in anger, I get blind sided with my own opinions, I need to stop injecting those opinions on my readers and allow them to make their own conclusions.. One quote sticks out of this article that I love :

" The power of such anger is awesome - surpassed only by the power of a listening ear."

What a simple powerful statement,  It was like reading my mind on how people over react finding no other room to maneuver, They start yelling or getting personal to hurt people not to agree to dis-agree.

So now I have had my light bulb moment after reading hundreds of opinions on What is happening in our local government, It was either For or Against, Agree or Dis-agree until it got catty and nasty..So for myself , I need change and For those who set out to hurt others, There has to be change !
I will admit that I have said things about Mike Scott's shinny head and his uniform but I never called him fat or ever spoke about his family, I would never include a family with my objections to his politics, Ever !

They say the opposite of Comedy is Tragic , I find no humor in people who set out to destroy because of personal feelings...I don't know Mike Scott or his family, I apologize for the remark about him hiding behind his mothers skirt, I don't know his mother..I really don't personally know most that I write about and if I do, Than that is my opinions on them as well as any proven facts..

When dealing with politics, You judge the official not the person, I can be harsh out of principle, That will not stop, That is my right, However, I will not lower myself to these standards any further..Everyone is entitled to their opinions, However, Some need to try and look at the other sides of people before passing any judgment on their personal lives.

I don't like Sheriff Scott, I disagree a lot with him , Is Mike Scott a good dad or husband ? I don't know and it's none of my business !

Well, I had my wake up call, Have You ?


Spence's record didn't stop calls

Gov. Charlie Crist, for whom Spence said he raised $500,000 during his last election, while in Fort Myers that he does not know Spence.

Crist, who praised Scott, said he was not aware of Scott’s relationship with Spence, but he would be “happy to look into it.”

Sheriff Mike Scott said he would have “great concerns” for any Lee County Sheriff’s Office employee who associated regularly with felons.

Rachel Revehl of the News-Press; Rocks this county..

Rachel is what the News Press needs to get stories like that out, email her with your story ideas, If she does any thing like this, We will see more results in this county, She has guts and went above the NP standards of reporting ...Great Job !

She has a real future a head of her and she earned it , So; before we send her to Washington lets get this state cleaned up first.

Journalism is what she does not reporting, which is very odd for the News Press, They should be thankful for her services, I am and I look forward to see her follow up stories..

Keep up the Great work, Rachel : I'm counting on you


Strange Bed Fellows:

Governor Charlie Crist, State Attorney Steve Russell , Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott, former Hendry County Sheriff Ronnie Lee, former state attorney Joe D'Alessandro and U.S. Rep. Connie Mack IV, R-Fort Myers.

"All involve with Colombian Cali Cartel Felon"

Mike Scott (Free), Makes Headlines( Again ) So Big, I can't even post all of it and all I can say is : "LMAO" Here comes " Karma "

Just click the Headline and off you go !
8 well written pages, A beautiful article with links to PDF files..I'll print it and save it with my Life magazines.. 

Lee County Sheriff's link with felon raises influence fears

The Policy :

“Association With Criminals: Except as necessary in the performance of official duties, Sheriff’s Office members shall avoid regular or continuous associations or dealings with persons whom they know or should know are persons under investigation in a criminal matter or indictment, or who are convicted felons, or persons actively involved in criminal activity, or persons generally held in ill repute with the community or have relationships with persons that would reflect discredit on the member or the office.”

-From Chapter 26 of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office operations manual

There are more LCSO that have connections with felons than reported, It's part of the double standards, Depending on who you are, Will determine your fate and this is one of the reasons these guys need Union, As long as he is the sheriff, They need protection from Him and the rest of the Good Ol Boys ..

One of the agency’s ex-deputies, holds that the relationship was such that deputies frequented Spence’s store as an informal channel to Scott.

Sheriff’s Office policy prohibits deputies from associating with individuals they know are convicted felons.

“The fact is I did not know he was a felon,” the sheriff said in an interview . “I guess we can argue or disagree about whether I should have known.”

Griner said Spence told him otherwise, that the sheriff knew about his background before August 2008.

Spence butted heads with Scott’s former second-in-command, Chief Deputy Charles Ferrante. Ferrante and his brother, former Capt. Dominick Ferrante, both left the Sheriff’s Office under "allegations of wrongdoing" earlier this year. Others in the Special Operations Bureau, including its commander, then-Major Scott Ciresi, were transferred or demoted at the same time.

Samantha Syoen, a spokeswoman for the State Attorney’s Office, said Russell received a $500 donation from Spence for his 2006 campaign and then returned $385 that was never used. Russell only learned of Spence’s history late last year, Syoen said.

Griner disagreed — he said deputies went to Spence to get around Ferrante, who they claim to feared. “They found a loophole,” he said

A state inquiry into Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott will determine if a complaint made by ex-employees should prompt a criminal investigation into the sheriff.

The nature of the complaint, as well as the names of the complainants, are confidential, said Florida Department of Law Enforcement spokeswoman Kristen Perezluha.

"We're just looking to find out if we need to do a full investigation," she said.

The agency opened the preliminary investigation after receiving a complaint from several ex-employees in May. The Tallahassee-based Office of Executive Investigations is handling the inquiry, due to Scott's high profile.

The same office would handle a criminal investigation if one is deemed necessary, Perezluha said.

Findings from a criminal investigation would then go before the State Attorney's Office. LOL and why would they send it to the SAO who is also involved ??

The recent revelation of a years-long friendship between Scott and a convicted felon with former ties to a Colombian cartel has raised questions of the man's influence inside the Sheriff's Office.

Scott has denied that the man, Richard Spence, a convenience store owner in Alva, had any sway in his agency.

Earlier this year, a restructuring of the Sheriff's Office saw several employees part ways with the agency.

Scott, in a prepared statement, said the investigation would work to his advantage.

“I am thankful for the inquiry into these false accusations, and I am supremely confident that the independent and unbiased review of the facts will eliminate the agenda driven cloud of suspicion.”

Really ? Really !

If Mike Scott Free walks away with a slap on his hand, Then every deputy, fired, demoted or voluntarily left needs to go back to work, We can't have Double Standards..

State Attorney Stephen Russell, who oversees prosecutors in Lee and four surrounding counties, also has maintained a friendship with Spence. Phone records show Russell talked to Spence 15 times between January 2008 and June 2009. This communication, too, continued after Russell learned of Spence's background. The state attorney's office, unlike the sheriff's office, does not have a policy restricting associations with felons, Russell said.

If you want some info on Spence, Rachel wrote another great article all about him...

Spence's role in 90s money laundering scheme

Richard “Dick” Spence, manager of the Alva Village Market and friend of Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott, was one of the top three organizers in the New York cell of the Colombian Cali cartel that laundered more than $100 million in the early 1990s


"The Sheriff’s Office never notified the State Attorney’s Office of Nick Christie’s death, despite a requirement by State Attorney Stephen Russell that his office be informed of in-custody deaths no later than the end of the next day."

Prosecutors only heard of the death from media reports in May.

The Lee Circuit Court, too, was never notified, and a bench warrant was filed in Christie’s and delivered to the Sheriff’s Office three weeks after his death. The court only learned of Christie’s death two weeks later.

Bet you feel the " Abuse of Power " now, Don't you ?

Steve Russell    Mike Scott

July 27, 2009

Come on already !
Why is LCSO holding back ? What are they hiding from us  ?


Updated 07/17/09

I Spoke with Public information at LCSO today and was told that this investigation is " Almost " complete.
I contact our local news paper hoping that maybe we can get the attention this case deserves, It has been back burner-ed long enough and it's time for IA to rear their ugly heads ..
Nick Christie has a family that has gone long enough without answers and the residents of Lee County also deserve to know the truth about the Abuse in the Jail and How this behavior was acceptable by the Sheriff , IA and Those who were in charge of the jail..

Enough is Enough ! 

4 months later and still no answers, had this been a resident instead of an inmate, would this investigation be done ?

Had this been a resident would this " Homicide " be ruled as Murder ?

Had this been a resident would there be an arrest by now ?

LCSO Internal Affairs is dragging their feet......Why ?


LCSO Col. Michael Waite takes his Retirement soon ! Get the gold watch ready ..

 Col. Mike Waite, who oversees the corrections bureau, has formally issued a letter of retirement, which will be effective later this year.Waite was the third in command before the agency’s restructuring earlier this year, when he was transferred to head of corrections operations.

Col Waite is wise to take his retirement before the civil / possible criminal case of Nick Cristie's Homicide ,
Mr. Cristie's attorney is aware of that the than Major Waite was fully aware of the abuse in the Lee County Jail, And he chose not to do anything but condone the bad behavior..
It was just a matter of time that Col Waite would have to answer to someone for Mr. Cristie's death.

It all started on March 29, 2009, And still nothing on this investigation... I contacted a Staff Writer with the News Press, And asked if She had heard anything and she replied with :  "
We request completed, substantiated internal affairs investigation results every two weeks from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and nothing has come back on that yet "

It is time to really focus on the death of
Nick Cristie. What is going on with this investigation ?? And Why are those guards still at work ?

I don't believe that the outside health care provider was at fault here, That is not true, not that they are good at their job or quick and efficient. But they are not the offenders...

So Let's FOCUS ..

The Militarization of Our Police....
*Note: This is not a general blanket statement about police. We know there are many more decent, hard-working police officers than not and we respect you and what you do....

In one high profile issue the Chief wanted to do things by the book, However, Scott, as a favor to a Captain, Squashed it,
Telling the public that there was no direct connection to this deputy:

Sam Cook: Seeing students' creative efforts and talents is believing..

April 22, 2009

North Fort Myers

RITA: My two "attacks'' on the sheriff since I've known him were for not firing Cpl. Michael Detar after he used a Taser as a joke on someone at a party and his Hussein reference to President Barack Obama at a rally. Bushong deserves a chance to tell his side of the story.

- - -

SAM: While I hold Sheriff Scott in very high regard, I feel that it would be to his advantage to allow an unbiased third party to do the investigation of recent killings by his deputies. One question for the sheriff is this: Will you openly and completely publish the full and unbiased reports related to these investigations? Not the summary, but the full report. If the answer is no, The News-Press needs to get in gear and demand to know why not and demand an independent investigation.

This is what was said in 2007 when she was asked about the over crowed justice system:

From January to June 2007 , 1505 felony cases ended in forced pleas and 49 went to trial while 5856 misdemeanor cases ended in forced pleas and 45 went to trial according to Charlie Green Clerk of Courts for Lee county.

Kelly Worcester of the Felony head of the State Attorneys office said " It's all strategy , it's a dance and most defendants know that "

Now, 2009 and nothing has changed, the system is so badly over crowed that all the Public Defenders and Private attorneys will do is Plea deals..No one gets fair justice ! You either take the deals offered or they'll make it worst and only offer Prison if found guilty.

Guilty is the only verdict our Judge know and for those in the Domestic Violence Courts are not issuing Protection Orders for victims, Depending on Who did the victimizing..

All I can say is: 
                         1) Never give any statements, Somehow they will be used against you !
                          2) Never waive your Speedy Trial rights, or you'll sit in jail for years before trial !
                          3) If your Innocent, Fight, Kick and Scream and never allow them to violate your rights !

Recent personnel changes in the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.
One of these people uses a fake name :
Mel Dasher; Coward who won't show his real face yet claims :

" you not even knowing the first thing about me choose to libel me."


"Madam, you are a lost and dying sinner and you are completely disobeying God's word through your blog! "


This is not a blog but a website. and I am protected by God and the 4th amendment....

Update on Mel Dasher: Mel started to creep me out and throw his faith in my face as if I am doomed to eternal damnation, I ask him to delete my email address.

Use serious caution if you are contacted by this guy, He has Stalker like issues and seem unstable and possiable dangerous . He feels He is doing Gods work..


If anyone here thinks that I am slandering you, please feel free to contact me with your side of the story, I would be more than happy to print your side in your own words.

Please no fake names , It just makes your creditably sink low..

Just a note from Me :

With all the turmoil in the county right now, A few are referring to me as a cop hater, this is far from the truth.. I support Law enforcement, I have family and many friends that are LE, here and all over the country. That bothers me, because I sat with the widow of a fallen cop, he was one of my best friends and I lost many other friends as well.

Those who have dignity have nothing to hide !
What I don't support is abuse of the badge and those who condone it.

I don't support the patriotic act and violations of our civil and constitutional rights.

I believe in Justice, fair and balanced Justice from all civil servants and every elected officials.

This is not an axe to grind or a personal issue, this is a citizens right to call it as I see it and let people know that this is happening here and in other states until a change is made..

We don't need a Big Brother, we don't need to fear LE or the justice system, we should not be afraid to call the police or let our children be afraid of them because of the scare tactics that are used right in front of their eyes.
There has to be balance..That is what this country is made of .
Our constitutional and civil rights should be complied by everyone.

Every one has the right to agree to dis-agree and that is why we live in the United State of America.
This is one of my rights and it's your right and it should never be taken away from any of us.

This country is Based on Christian Values and I believe that there are more good guys than bad but the bad strips the good of their dignity and self-respect if you don't stand up and Make a Difference..

With Regards,
Marian / Karma 4 All


In Loving  memory of :

Police Officer Albert A. Valentino
Philadelphia Police Department, PA
EOW: Monday, October 23, 1989
Cause of Death: Gunfire (Accidental)

EOW ~ 22 years ago

Police Officer Albert A. Valentino

Philadelphia Police Department

End of Watch: Monday, October 23, 1989

Biographical Info
Age: 37
Tour of Duty: 12 years
Badge Number: 7113

Incident Details
Cause of Death: Gunfire (Accidental)
Date of Incident: Monday, October 23, 1989
Weapon Used: Officer's handgun
Suspect Info: Shot and killed

Officer Albert Valentino was accidentally shot and killed by a fellow officer while involved in a shootout on a city street. The suspect involved in the shootout was also shot and killed.

Officer Valentino was survived by his wife, two sons, and a daughter Gina Marie, born a week after her father's death.

I miss you , Al and I'm so proud of you, not a day goes by that I don't think of you... You were a good husband, father and friend..

  In Memory of my friends who protected and served with dignity...
Patch image: Philadelphia Police Department, PA Police Officer Daniel J. Faulkner
Philadelphia Police Department, PA
EOW: Wednesday, December 9, 1981
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: Philadelphia Police Department, PA Police Officer Charles Patrick O'Hanlon
Philadelphia Police Department, PA
EOW: Wednesday, November 13, 1985
Cause of Death: Struck by vehicle
Patch image: Philadelphia Police Department, PA Police Officer Daniel T. Gleason
Philadelphia Police Department, PA
EOW: Thursday, June 5, 1986
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: Philadelphia Police Department, PA Police Officer William D. McCarthy
Philadelphia Police Department, PA
EOW: Tuesday, September 22, 1987
Cause of Death: Vehicular assault
Patch image: Philadelphia Police Department, PA Police Officer Albert A. Valentino
Philadelphia Police Department, PA
EOW: Monday, October 23, 1989
Cause of Death: Gunfire (Accidental)
Patch image: Philadelphia Police Department, PA Police Officer Freddie Dukes
Philadelphia Police Department, PA
EOW: Tuesday, December 25, 1990
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: Philadelphia Police Department, PA Police Officer Daniel R. Boyle
Philadelphia Police Department, PA
EOW: Wednesday, February 6, 1991
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: Philadelphia Police Department, PA Police Officer Robert Hayes
Philadelphia Police Department, PA
EOW: Thursday, June 17, 1993
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: Philadelphia Police Department, PA Police Officer Robert Porter
Philadelphia Police Department, PA
EOW: Friday, January 19, 1996
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: Philadelphia Police Department, PA Detective John Cousin
Philadelphia Police Department, PA
EOW: Thursday, August 15, 1996
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Patch image: Philadelphia Police Department, PA Police Officer Thomas M. Bray
Philadelphia Police Department, PA
EOW: Tuesday, November 13, 2001
Cause of Death: Drowned
Patch image: Philadelphia Police Department, PA Detective Anthony Johnson
Philadelphia Police Department, PA
EOW: Tuesday, January 7, 2003
Cause of Death: Heart attack
Patch image: Philadelphia Police Department, PA Police Officer Charles Cassidy
Philadelphia Police Department, PA
EOW: Thursday, November 1, 2007
Cause of Death: Gunfire


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