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Victims of LCSO


Lee County soon be Bankrupted because of corruption and fraud !
So many are suing the County and Sheriff's Department , We're going to be broke .. However, Karma will always come back around !

Just the Torture and Murder of Nick Christie civil case, will cost the taxpayers of Lee County $ Millions $ 
Just because the Sheriff and State Attorney  refused to their jobs ....... !  


Enzo Vincenzi wins case !
By order of Judge Fuller , all property is to be returned !!

After 5 years of fighting Lee County, 6 attorneys, 3 judges and perseverance, Enzo was vindicated..

Congratulations Enzo , You put up  a good fight and succeeded with the truth 

Read more about Enzo's battle at : and



I can't wait to show my new link that is coming soon..
The title is : WITHOUT INCIDENT !

I love this file, All these LCSO arrest that are published all over of Beaten people who were arrested and it always says, Resisting Without Incident. Really ? These people look like they were beat in their faces with bats .

And LCSO Deputy Fortunato Mazzotta, I know what YOU did !
Shame , Shame !

? ? ? ?'s...Lots of them

What happened to Tommy Kollman ?

Thomas Kollman, age 48, died on the early morning of December 15th, 2012, during a traffic incident. According to the police report, a Lee County deputy allegedly shot him in "self-defense".

Kollman, who was currently residing in Fort Myers, was driving a Jeep Wrangler when the on-duty deputy attempted to perform a traffic stop on a suspicious vehicle at 3:39 a.m. The report said Kollman pulled into the back of Love Boat Home Made Ice Cream on San Carlos Blvd. and, when the deputy approached the vehicle, an armed Kollman engaged him. Multiple Shots were fired by the deputy , Kollman was killed and the deputy was not injured.

The deputy's name was not included in the report. His name is being withheld for investigation reasons. The Lee County Sheriff's Office Major Crimes Unit is investigating the case.

"We are holding some information to protect the integrity of the investigation," said a spokesperson from the Lee Sheriff's Public Information Office.

Tommy was extremely well known to many in Lee County, He was considered to be a very good man, who was always there for anyone . Also known as a gentle man, That everyone called Junebug, he was without a violent bone in his body and a non-confrontational person.

According to the LCSO report, Tommy was armed with a gun, had 500 rounds of ammunition, wire ties, handcuffs, ski mask, gloves and God only knows what else , They claim he had with him... People who knew him , know he did own a weapon , however, this seems very excessive and a bit over exaggerated .

The bottom line here is , No One believe this, I don't believe this ..

Too many unanswered questions and the public outcry is overwhelming . A friend who was with Tommy earlier that night said :

" I find it all very hard to believe, from the “suspicious” vehicle to the supposed pointing of an AK47… i was in that very jeep with Tommy Kollman that evening, and NONE of the items the LCSO is claiming was in that vehicle were in that vehicle. I know this because I was searching this vehicle with Tommy’s flashlight on my way to the airport and if there had been any of those items in that vehicle I would have freaked out on him. I find it completely UNBELIEVABLE that he dropped me at the airport, went home armed himself with any of this nonsense in his jeep, then went to visit friends on the beach. My last conversation with Tommy was close to midnight, he was with friends, he was fine, he was happy, and making plans for the following Tuesday night. I would like to know who the officer was that arrested Tommy in November on what was a seriously ridiculous arrest (for those who know the whole story on that one) and would like to know if it is the SAME officer and is that what made Tommy’s vehicle suspicious. I think all the facts of this shooting should be made public because once it is…anyone and everyone could probably decide where the fault would fall ".

By BOB PETCHER ( , Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

"Tommy's death is raising many questions," said Beach resident John Heim. "He was the kind of guy who helped me move, helped an elderly woman who fell to the ground, a kind, gentle man who wouldn't leave the house without his positive smile and sense of chivalry that was proof that it still exists in our society. Tommy was a stand-up man to the point that he was a human example of what this island is truly all about - a real community-driven human being. The Beach lost a friend and island family member who can never be replaced, yet who will live in our character as a beach forever."

Others were just stunned by the news of Kollman's passing.

"There are no words to describe how I am feeling about the loss of my dear friend, Tommy Kollman," said musician John Hyatt. "I am in complete shock, denial and saddened by his passing. The times that we jammed together were some of the most memorable and magical times that I can remember. Rest in peace, brother."

"I knew him for the past 10 years or so and sat in on a couple of songs with him over the years. He was such a talented musician and amazing guy," said musician Tommy V. "I didn't know him as well as many others, but he always greeted me with a smile, and we would converse on music topics and issues that musicians see. Tommy would always go out of his way to shake my hand and say 'hi' whenever I saw him working at the Mermaid. He was a great guy and will be missed but not forgotten."

Patrick McGuire was a band member of Kollman's in the group "Cinder" years ago and kept in touch. He calls the death of a "loving, giving, kind person" a tragedy.

"Everyone who knew Tommy knows that what happened is completely out of character. It just doesn't fit with the kind of person that he was," he said. "That is what makes this so devastating for all of us. Tommy was not a person to make trouble. He was one of the kindest people I ever knew. I can't count how many times he lifted me up when I needed it. He never asked for help; he always gave help and sometimes to a fault. I wished he reached out if he was having problems. But that wasn't in his nature. He had to be the strongest one."

So, here we are again..
Another internal investigation, We need to have a 3rd party investigation with all these crimes that are being committed by our own law enforcement . Back 2008, we had the ladies of IA , who were real winners. Amazingly , 1 , Kathy Rairden was promoted to MAJOR the day after this past election.. Well, Go figure !

There comes a time when enough is enough, that time is Now with the Lee County Sheriffs Office..I wonder When and If the Lee County Commissioners, Attorney General Office or FDLE will ever realize that something is NOT RIGHT in this department.

And here we go again ! 

Captain Rex Shevitski has been demoted and will immediately receive a 5 percent pay cut.
  Lt. Robert Bal investigated the complaints, which centered on derogatory statements Shevitski, who oversees the Marine Unit, made regarding Cpl. Randy Hodges and Shevitski's involvement into investigations within the Agricultural Unit.

 Several complaints against Shevitski were made by resident Fred Kobie Sr., a farmer who also has an air conditioning business. Some of the allegations were Shevitski had fired his weapon dangerously, expected to be charged less for air conditioning services in exchange for keeping Kobie's son out of jail, told Kobie's young son about a prostitution arrest and came to Kobie with information about Kobie's son being under investigation for theft of cattle.

So here is the brief on the never ending topic :

We have the Victims :

Chief Deputy Ferrante
began his career in Lee County as a corrections deputy at the jail. He has been a member of the SWAT team, headed the Fugitive/Warrants Unit and was North District assistant commander.He came to the sheriff’s office after two years at the New York City Department of Corrections.

Scott, who named Ferrante chief deputy in 2005, said his second-in-command goes out on top.“After 20 years of impeccable service, he is going to retire to pursue other interests,’’ Scott said.
Chief Ferrante, said he is interested in pursuing a job as chief of police.
“I’ve given a lot of years of great service and I learned a lot here,’’ he said. “I’m proud of the things I’ve done, but I’ve gone as far as I can here. My aspiration is not to be sheriff.’’

Earned all his strips, promotions, and work his way to the top, And Has a degree in his field.


When Scott became sheriff , he looked for the person with the most knowledge of the job, He chose Charlie Ferrante as Chief Deputy, Regardless he was not personally liked by the LE, He knew his job better than anyone else, He was by the book, and he never took any crap off the cry babies..After 5 years of minor disgraces, He leaves and the next thing we all know is the shit hits the fan, LCSO is in the news almost daily with disgrace after disgrace and the flood gates are wide opened..
Scott was never qualified for the job from the beginning, he was one of the guys, well known to the residents as the Traffic reporter on TV and just a familiar smiling face..
People may not want to accept it but Ferrante ran the department and did a good job, he had personal issues with several but so what..Look at his background, he had more knowledge and knew the job of sheriff more than Scott ever will.
He seen corruption, he warned Scott and he, other good LE are gone because Scott chose the dark side...

I do have to admire the fact that the News-Press is holding their ground, It has shown another side of their journalism, that they lacked prior, Now I see real investigating and I hope they continue to bring all the facts to light, However, the magnitude of this story is not only about sheriff Scott, the entire Florida Government has been corrupted and compromised including some very heavy weight players like SAO, Steve Russell, Rep. Connie Mack, Governor Charlie Crist and many others that are still being investigated.
This is just the beginning and further research is absolutely needed, these waters run very deep and the News-Press has the resources to find out the truth and bring all those involved to light.

Capt. Dominick Ferrante,
who oversaw the Special Operations division which includes the SWAT team and other special units,
As division commander, Ferrante oversaw several units, including Narcotics, Intelligence, Criminal Apprehension (fugitive warrants), Sexual Predators and Anti-Crime.
Ferrante first came to work for the sheriff’s office in 1992, but resigned in 2000 to work for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Four years later, he resigned from FDLE, and returned to the sheriff’s office.

Knows law enforcement well enough to be former FDLE

Lt. Lee Bushong
who had overseen the agency's intelligence unit, now holds the title of deputy rather than lieutenant.
Bushong has been a member of the agency since 1998.

In his personnel file, released Monday, the former U.S. Marine sergeant repeatedly received stellar reviews and several letters of commendation, including for his part in saving two lives - one who had threatened suicide and another who had driven into a pond. He is described by his superiors as someone who is motivated, polite, an excellent writer and a good team player.

His records indicate he was counseled in the last few years for not going through the proper chain of command and the need to cultivate better relationships with other lieutenants and sergeants.

The intelligence unit Bushong oversaw included the gang unit, homeland security, crime tracking, career support and Crimestoppers. Bushong also is a member of the regional Joint Terrorism Task Force.
Served our country, earned all of his promotions and has been labeled as a hero for saving lives.

And Now we Have the reasons :

Sergeant Ryan Bell, A
grievance was filed against Lee County Deputy Chief Charles Ferrante after he transferred a sergeant and then reportedly intimidated that sergeant.

Filed by Sergeant Ryan Bell, the grievance claims Ferrante threatened his job and career after Bell was investigated for actions taken against a co-worker in the forensics unit.

Bell’s Hired  Fort Myers attorney Wilbur Smith who said Bell was a forensics sergeant in November when he had a disagreement with a chemist within the department. The chemist then went to Ferrante, who transferred Bell to the road patrol unit.

Knows that Internal Affairs won't help him but if you call an attorney, You'll get attention. I do Love that all the same names I have heard over and over are listed in his complaint, You can read the PDF at:


To: File

Thru: Captain James Leavens 

From: Lieutenant Kathryn Rairden 93-148

Date: September 17, 2008

Ref: IA-2008-024



8. Falsification of Official Documents:

Balke stated Sergeant Bell had Crime Scene Tech - Randy Eubanks remove Corporal Mike Detar's name

from Crime Scene reports for the purposes of hiding the information from the Media.

Randy Eubanks stated he was told to remove Detar's name from the report, but the comment typed by

Sergeant Bell stated "She has never overtly accused Detar; she has only implied that he may have done this.

Therefore we should leave his name out of the report." CST Eubanks stated he did not have a problem

removing Detar's name from the "Suspect" section but refused to remove his name from the report entirely.

CST Eubanks stated he did not recall being told to remove the name for the purposes of "hiding" the

information from the Media.

Sergeant Bell stated he did not have CST Eubanks remove Corporal Mike Detar's name from a Crime Scene

Report for the purposes of "hiding it from the Media."

Conclusion: This is not a falsification of official documents, but rather a perception issue. There were

extenuating circumstances surrounding this case that once explained, made sense to CST Eubanks. It does

not appear as if the explanation was ever forwarded to the Crime Scene Manager, Harry Balke. The only

place Detar's name was removed from this report is as the listed "SUSPECT," which at the time there were


Direct Link:


Abbi Smith, The file for Capt. Dominick Ferrante had first to be reviewed by the sheriff’s legal staff, and while aide Abbi Smith was looking over the documents prior to their release, Charles Ferrante reportedly approached her. He told her the documents about the confrontation involving his brother did not belong in the file. The documents detailed the sheriff’s exoneration of the other deputy in the dispute.

“I told him the signature on the page was an original, and I believed the sheriff meant for it to be there,” Smith wrote in a memo to Scott dated March 11. “He again told me that it did not belong there. I stood to leave the room, and he walked with me. ... I told (my supervisor) that I felt that the chief was trying to get me to remove the paper from the file, and I refused to do so.”

Charles Ferrante Did Not say : Give it to me, But she felt threatened in some way in her opinion. Good thing Abbi wasn't sexually assaulted or beaten by him because that would of been dismissed by the Sheriff and Internal Affairs, criminal charges would brought against her for some reason by the state attorney and turned on her . She may want to read about sexual violence ...Just in case !

Sheriff Corporal Mike Scott,

Motorcycle traffic cop and local news traffic reporter..

Could not even pass the Sergeants exam, Doesn't really know what his job description is or how to work his way up the chain of command. However, Was elected because his face was known to the public and Surely was carried and advised by Charles Ferrante who had the knowledge.

Mike Scott should explain to the public what happened and why he contradicted himself in the course of a weekend.

Scott praised Ferrante for his service when announcing his No. 2’s retirement. " His second-in-command goes out on top.“After 20 years of impeccable service " and excellent performance reviews..

Than the  story changed the following Monday. Ferrante was placed on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

Oh for crying out loud: Does anyone with any authority see this or question it ?????

BOCC; Wake up and forget about the Red Soxs for a while .

Complaints have been filed for years and no one has done a thing, No ONE !
The Good Ol Boys need to be stopped.

Sheriff Corporal Mike Scott needs to hold a lot of accountability concerning his department and should also be investigated for all the wrong doings that he has done.
Just this year alone there have been more issues with this department than ever. High ranking Brass are falling like a house of cards, 3 deputies have shot people and the departments corruption leader seems to always point the finger and never take any accountability for his or their actions. Mike Scott has done things for high ranking brass that were unethical and illegal, He has covered up for deputies that have committed crimes, domestic violence, abuse of power, sexual assault, and violation of policies and procedures, With the State Attorneys Office  backing him  ( More Good Ol Boys ! ).

Who is Mike Scott covering up for concerning the release of the names of the 3 deputies involved in shootings, Is it that maybe one or all have already been in the spot light before ?
Scott has no problem releasing the information on the investigations concerning the Brass that was thrown under the bus, But refuses to tell us who the gun slinging 3 are.

Just this month alone LCSO seems to be the topic of news with high ranking brass going down, and being investigated by LCSO internal affairs, Who I personally feel is not worth their titles to handle these indiscretions of this department. This department needs to clean house with an outside investigation and Mike Scott also on suspension pending the outcome, If these Deputies have done such wrong, Surely they learned it from him.

In the last 4 weeks I have written on each topic and Since then I have seem more abuse of powers with the department just out of retaliation for my right of freedom of speech, My family has received 5 tickets, 1 warning, 1 fix it ticket and I personally was with my son during a " Random " pull over : On Friday the 13th we were on our way to work and seen the LCSO car some distance before we pass him, sure enough he whipped around and the lights went on; My son who cares more about his car then his toe nails, pulled over and we were approached very politely by an announcement of LCSO, no reason for the stop just asked for all the information. When the deputy returned to the car he ask to search and I replied NO, there was no probable cause for the stop or search, after waiting a few minutes, 4 deputies and a dog later, we were ask to exit the car ( I was wearing my And Justice 4 All shirt , LOL) , they search my son but not me, pulled him aside and he agreed to the search. I was never searched, not my handbag or my grand-daughters back pack. All the deputies were very mannerly and respectful and we were sent on our way.
Now, Not for nothing but wouldn't you think knowing how this department is and having issues in the past with them, that anyone in my family would be stupid to do anything illegal ?
We wear our seat belts in the house watching TV..I will not allow that department ever victimize my family again. I have had enough with their lies and cover ups and we are squeaky clean, For the last 2 years this department has violated my family and I refuse to ever let him do it again.

I just hope with Brass going under the bus that one of them tells the truth and releases information of Truth on how things really work there and how the IA department is just as involved, they have no integrity or self respect, they chose to victimize victims of officer involved domestic violence, sexual assault, abuse of powers with their badge and hide behind the blue wall of silence.

When the Truth does come out , will there be vindication for the their victims ? Probably not in the public eye, However, Those victims will finally be Free of Fear.

For more information on some of the news stories, go to F.Y.I  or you can contact me at :
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