Project #28:  2015


Amili Gelbman Visual Artist & Curator Project No. 2 7 In Canada 2014 Uploaded by עמילי גלבמן Project No. 2 7 In "All it exists is only the dream" Artists Group "And I Couldn't Say" Canada - Ross Creek April- may 2014

 Project #27:
Project No. 2 7 In "All it exists is only the dream" Artists Group "And I Couldn't Say" Canada - Ross Creek April- may 2014 
           Project #26:

Nov 2013  Front door peepholes exhibition          Italy   Empoli (Florence)                   

                  Project #25:   "Identity, dream and memory" Canada-Nova Scotia
Project #24:    The book - Austria Art Symposium
Project #23:     "Internal dialogue" In ,Pieve di San Cresci , Italy

Project #22: 
"Portrait of Timeline" 
In Tondela, Portugal At the Galeria de exposições- Town hall 2011 Nov. 
Cooperation: Micaela Ferreira , ARTErra Residências Rurais Artísticas

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project #21:
"Diary Pieces"
In England. At The Art HouseWakefield 17-23/8/2011

Project #20 

The name art Project: "leave the light on"

In Finland -Hovinkartano Arts&Cultural Centre

Support by the Israeli Embassy in Finland. 17-28 6/2011

Project #19
The art exhibition -"Beyond Material Aspects"
In Academic Conferences Internationa in Bar Ilan University
Initiator Exhibition –
Prof. Zemira Mevarech, Dean of Bar-Ilan's Faculty of Social Sciences

27/12/2010 -6.1.2010


Project #18
2010 Dec, The new exhibition “Time point set"-ISRAEL–
beer sheva-Kaye Art College

Project #17
The new exhibition “Time pointset”
Chelsea Gallery , London U.K

Project 16           June 2010 Finland “Yesterday’s Footprints”

Project 15 
2010 "white smoke2" Partnership with Committee Beit Jan

Project 14
-Yafo museum of antiques- Tel Aviv

Project 13
Amiad center -Tel Aviv

2009-" BACKSPACE" support by the Israeli T.V. Channel 10
2009-August -Chelsea Gallery , LONDON U.K - The exhibition

Project 12
: " Without any limits”

2009-U.K. June Exhibition's curator and participant artist: “And I Couldn’t Say

Project 11
Art project "IDENTITY CARDS" at "The Art House ".(Support by the Israeli Embassy in England)

2009- " Is Prohibition?" - - May Efrat Gallery, Tel Aviv

2008- "white smoke" An exhibition of the “And I Couldn’t Say group" in Tiltan College ,Haifa

2008 -Exhibition : "Six Directions" At the University of Maryland United States

2008-" Magen David Album" In Beit Sokolov, the Government Press Office, Tel Aviv

2007-"IDENTITY CARDS" Efrat Gallery,

Exhibition's curator,and participant artis group : “And I Couldn’t Say”

2007 "And I Couldn’t Say " Old Jaffa Museum squares

2007 "- And I Couldn’t Say -” yellowsubmarine " Gallary Jerusalem

2006 -"And I Couldn’t Say” “Gaudi” Gallary, Ranana

"Amili Gelbman Visual Artist -Initiator & exhibition's
 curator of “And I Couldn’t Say 

The "And I Couldn't Say" group of artists was established
in 2006.

It has presented 26 programs / art exhibitions
 worldwide U.S., Portugal, England, Italy, Austria - 
and Israel.

"And I Couldn't Say" exists to create an open discussion
of work and ideas – puzzle, characterized by the dialogue
 with an Israeli identity, and immortalization of a defined
 point in time between the past and the present. The group
 is currently comprised of Israeli Professional artists, whose motives are to create art, to present their individual social statements in an artistic way, such that would endeavour to touch humanity by the strings of interpersonal and universal relationships.

And I Couldn't Say” Israeli group of artists. 

Initiates of projects &curator \

2013 : canada #25

The art project -Front door peepholes - November, 20 – 28, 2013 ARTIST IN RESIDENCY - Amili Gelbman Visual Artist & Curator of Artists Group -Project No. 26 In - SINCRESIS D’A Art Space Italy Empoli (Florence),

Project #23: "Internal dialogue"

                                                     The Video

Symposium Art - Austria -2012 - "I Could not Say"