Andi's Running Scrapbook

A Diary of runs completed and future events that Andi "The Cheese" is undertaking to help raise awareness and funds for Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary.




 Christmas has now come and gone and the new year is in full swing with the months rolling by quicker than ever. It has been a while since i update this page but i have now finally got round to it. Much has been happening here and at Tower Hill Stables, click on the THS link to see the latest news.

I will soon be made redundant from my current post and have decided to go back to university to get a degree in nutrition and health. I have also secured a part time job at a company i previously worked for which will help whislt i go to Uni.

On the running front the end of 2007 was not a very good finish as i had a few injuries and also a couple of runs i could not get to due to the never ending rail works at weekends and the sloppy bus service they put on which is always late or never tunrs up. However i am back to running again and preparing as best i can to do the London Marathon. This is the main event that i want to do to raise some cash for Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary so please if you read this sponsor me as the money will be going to a great place where anaimals are respected, cared for and can live out their lives in a safe environment. 


 Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary


The following details are a chronological list of runs that I have done or will be doing to help raise awareness for Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary. Fiona Oakes  who runs the sanctuary is herself an elite marathon runner and it is through her running and work at the sanctuary which has made me get off my arse and try and run another marathon myself (Way back in 1984 I completed the London Marathon).  I hope to be able to take part in the 2008 marathon and raise vital funds for Tower Hill Stables and all the animals in Fiona's care. Please visit the sanctuary website and take a look round. You may even want to sponsor one of the 300+ animals there. 

My hope is to be able to raise a certain amount of money by the end of next year with the London Marathon in 2008 being the main focus. Please see my link about raising money by clicking on the link below.


Raising Money


Bob and Terry  

Bess having a snooze while Saracen takes a rest as well





 Most of the runs i will be running with my good friend and work collegue Sai who helps me with my training schedule as i have to try and keep up with him. To view Sai's running stats so far go to his home page at Sai's running schedule home page. Hopefully Sai will also be running the 2008 marathon with me. It is a good idea to have someone to train with on occassions and to take part in races as it is healthy competition and keeps you motivated. Cheers Sai.

Sai at the Sevenoakes 10K


Just a note to put things in perspective i am 42 years of age and started this project in October 2006. At the end of July 2006 i weighed in at over 18 stone due to greed and laziness. I am now hitting the scales at 95 Kg which is 14 stone and 12 pounds (April 2007). My aim is to be under 12 stone which i hope to be able to manage by the end of 2007. 




The London Flora Marathon

The Big One


Well its now done and the race completed in a time of 5 hours 39 minutes. A lot slower than i wanted but i managed to complete the course albeit with multiple chaffing and sore legs but a great day all the same. If you have not managed to sponsor me and would still like to please contact me at the usual e-mail All the money is going to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary. My ballot entry for next year is now in as i would love to do it again regarding the sores and pain.





  •  Sunday 30th March 2008  ASICS Kingston Breakfast Run 16 Miles
  • The race is organised by the Human Race
  • Race Website  ASICS Breakfast Run
  • My finish time was  2 Hours 56 minutes 43 seconds


  •  Sunday 16th March 2008 Knole Park 10K
  • The race is organised by the Sevenoaks Rotary Club
  • Race Website  Knloe Park 10K
  • My finish time was  1 Hour 11 Seconds


  •  Sunday 9th March 2008 Brentwood Half Marathon
  • The race is organised by the Brentwod Rotary Club
  • Race Website  Brentwood Half
  • My finish time was 2 Hours 11 Minutes 19 Seconds


  •  Sunday 2nd March 2008 Greewich Meridian 10K
  • The race is the Greenwich Meridian in Greenwich park organised by the Cambridge Harriers
  • Race Website  Greenwich 10K race
  • My finish time was 58 Minutes 34 seconds
  •  Saturday 23rd Febuary 2008 32 Mile Moonlight Challenge.
  • This was planned last year to help raise funds for another sanscuary called the Retreat. As my company manch sponsors up to £500 for charities we thought it was a good idea to get this in before i leave this job at the end of March. This is a 5 lap course done in the dark from 18:00 - 02:00 over farm tracks and country roads. The last lap has to be started before 01:00.
  • Race Website Moonlight Challenge
  • I did not managed to complete the last lap due to being told i did not have enough time. However i completed 4 laps (26.3 Miles) and was more than happy. It was difficult running in the dark with only a head lamp to guide you and it made for slow running. But the main purpose was to raise funds for the Retreat animal sanctuary and so far we have managed about £2000 which is brilliant. Thanks to all the generous people that sponsored me and also to Kevin and Dawn who drove me there and back and had to wait around for hours as i went round the course. Thanks K and D.
  • A picture on the Retreat website  News Item and picture



2007 Results


  •  Sunday  8th December 2007 London Santa Run
  • To round off a year of getting back to running we are (Sai and I) going to run in a 6k race wearing a Santa outfit. This is being organised to help raise funds for  the Disability Snowsport UK charity.
  • Race Website London Santa Run
  • If anyone wants to sign up then the more the merrier and maybe after go for a christmas drink.
  • My finish time for this fun race was 36 Minutes 44 seconds.


  •  Sunday 2nd December 2007 Luton Marathon
  • That's right folks, a marathon, don't ask why because i don't know why.
  • Race Website  Luton Marathon Website
  • Well this is my first DNF (Did not Finish)

I was ill the few days before thisrace and should not realy of taken part. However due to the circumstances for my friend and collegue below i decided to give it a go. This was a 3 lap course with each lap being about 9 miles. I plodded through the first lap ok but at the start of the second i was feeling rough but carried on. Halfway round this lap i also slipped on a gass verge and twisted my knee slightly. I managed to continue but as the end of the second lap approached i was feeling sick and ill so decided to call it a day. I gave it my best shot and i am happy with what i managed to complete. I will put this down to try and do again when i can. Thanks to Simmy who came with me on this trip who helped me get home as i was feeling quite ill and depressed, cheers mate.




I am going to run this Marathon to the memory of a good friend and collegue Tomasz Lugowski who i had the pleasure to know during my trips to Poland (Warsaw) over the last 3 years. He was a funny, caring and just all round great guy. He always found time for people and was always willing to help you out . He made people laugh and was it was great to be in his company. He will be missed by all those that know him very much and there is not a day go by where i do not think of him and our phone calls we used to make to one another. Tommy i miss you a lot mate and i know you are looking out for your family and friends. Tommy died unexpectedly in his sleep and the age of 26 so each mile i run will represent one year of his life.







  •  Sunday 18th Novenmber 2007 Jersey Half Marathon
  • Modern Hotels Half Marathon
  • Race Website  Jersy Half Marathon
  • My finish time was 2 hours 4 minutes 7 seconds (Another PB by  15 minutes)

The Jersey half was done in gale force winds, cold and pouring rain. The first 5 miles was also quite hilly;so added to the difficulty with the conditions. However the marshals were great and i was thrilled to get a PB in the circumstances.




  •  Sunday 11th Novenmber 2007 Stebbing 10 Mile
  • Stebbing 10 mile road race , Dunmow, Essex
  • Race Website Stebbing 10 Mile
  •  My finish time was 1 hour 27 minutes 10 seconds (Another PB by 7 minutes)


  •  Sunday 4th Novenmber 2007 12th 10K
  • Billericay Striders Waitrose 10K
  • My finish time was 53 minutes 30 seconds (New PB)



  •  Sunday 14th October 2007 my greatest challenge yet of 16 miles
  • ASICS Kingston Running Festival 16 Mile in Kingston. Organised by Human Race
  • My finish time was 2 hours 42 minutes 18 seconds

This race was the furthest i have run in both events and training. Recently i have been putting a bit more focus on strength and endurance rather than times. I have been setting the treadmill at approx 10 minutes miles over a longer distance than i would normally do. On the race day my plan was to try and stick to 10 minute miles as far as i could and hope that i had enough energy to get me through the remainder. I managed to stick to to a 10:05 (approx) mile pace up to the 10 mile mark and then slowed a little. I managed to bring it back to approx 10 minutes mile at 13/14 mile mark and managed to beat my half marathon time i set in Nottingham (Robin Hood Half) by approx 9 minutes at this point. However in the last 2 miles i struggled to keep the pace going and slipped to just over 11 minute miles. I was more than happy with the result and pleased i managed to complete the course. My knees are not so happy today but i think they will get over it.



  • Sunday 7th October 2007  11th 10k
  • Southend 10K Classic
  • Race Website Southend Classic 10K
  • My finish time was 57 minutes 43 seconds.

Pictures of me at the finishing line and also a friend called Dave who finished well before me.




  • Sunday 16th September 2007 First Half Marathon
  • Experian Robin Hood Half Marathon
  • Race Website Robin Hood Half Marathon
  • My finish time (Chip time) 2 hours 19 minutes 17 seconds.


Stew, Peter and me on completion of our races. Peter and I did the half marathon while Stew did his first Marathon. (Well done mate and enjoyed the evening out). Below is Stew at the end of his marathon.




  •  Sunday 9th September 2007 10th 10K
  • Middlesex and Open 10K (Victoria Park)
  • My finish time was 56 minutes 5 Seconds.


 Sai at the end of the Middlesex 10K


  • Saturday 18th August 2007 9th 10K
  • London Pride Run (Victoria Park)
  • Race Website London Pride Website
  • My finish time was 56 Minutes 9 seconds


Water stop at London Pride Run


  • Sunday 12th August 2007 8th 10K
  • Sheruns Heruns 10K at Bluewater, Dartford. Organised by Sheruns Heruns.
  • My finish time was 57 Minutes 27 seconds.


Myself, Sai and Duncan after the Bluewater 10K, also Mick who came to support us with his mum.


  • Sunday 15th july 2007 7th 10K
  • BUPA Great Capital Run in Hyde Park. Organised by BUPA
  • My finish time was 57 Minutes 13 seconds.
  • Sai and I at the end of the race.





  • Sunday 24th June 2007 6th 10K
  • Oprington Runners Open 10K in Oprington. Organised by Oprington Runners
  • My finish time was 59 minutes 19 seconds
  • A nice momento at the finish




  • Sunday 17th June 2007 5th 10K
  • Cancerbackup Fathers Day Fun Run in Regents ParK London. Organised by Cancerbackup
  • My finish time was 54 minutes 13 seconds. (PB)
  • Pictures of Sai and myself at the Hub




  • Wednesday 6th June 2007 4th 10K
  • Hearts First Jog - Canary Wharf 10k. Organised by the British Heart Foundation
  • This was a non timed fun run. A good gentle run.
  • Pictures of Myself and Sai in trouble with the old bill.




  • Friday 25th May 2007 Fourth 5k race
  • The race is the Last Friday of the month Serpentine 5k in Hyde park
  • My finish time was 25 minutes 05 seconds (PB)
  • Race Website Serpentine Runners Club


  • Sunday 20th May 2007 and my first 10 mile race
  • The race is the Edmund Carr Great Baddow. Organised by the Rotary Club
  • My time on completion was 1 hour , 34 minutes and 46 seconds.
  • 4 of us went into the race and 2 of us wore the Tower Hill Stables Shirts. Also running was Graeme's nephew Alex who run in the 2 mile fun run so well done to him. Left to right (Duncan, Graeme, Me and Alex in front)




  • Wednesday 9th May 2007 3rd 10K
  • Hearts First Jog -Tower Of London 10k. Organised by the British Heart Foundation
  • This was more like 8.5 K than 10k so i will not add my time to this run.
  • Picture of Sai and myself with the BHF mascot.



  • Friday 27th April 2007 Third 5k race
  • The race is the Last Friday of the month Serpentine 5k in Hyde park
  • My finish time was 25 minutes 16 seconds (PB)
  • Race Website Serpentine Runners Club

My PB could be due to me wearing a Tower Hill Stables T-shirt for this race which i have not done before:



  • Sunday 25th March 2007 and my second 10k
  • The race is in Knole Park, Sevenoakes organised by the Rotary Club
  • I completed the race in 1 hour 3 minutes 29 seconds
  • Race websie Sevenoakes 10k
  • Pictures of Sai and myself at the finish and one of me at the start. I am wearing my new Tower Hill Stables Shirt to help promote the sanctuary. Shirts available here Tower Hill Clothes as well as other clothes. A big percentage of the cost goes to the sanctuary.






  • Sunday 4th March  2007 and i did my first 10k race
  • The race is the Greenwich Meridian in Greenwich park organised by the Cambridge Harriers
  • I completed the race in 1 hours and 29 seconds
  • Race website Greenwich Meridian 10k
  • Pictures of myself and one of Sai (Friend) and me at the finish






  • Friday 23rd Febuary 2007 Second 5k race
  • The race is the Last Friday of the month Serpentine 5k in Hyde park
  • My finish time was 27 minutes 17 seconds
  • Race Website Serpentine Runners Club




  • Friday 26th January 2007  My first roadrace which is a 5K distance
  • The race is the Last Friday of the month Serpentine 5k in Hyde park
  • My finish time is 27 minutes 13 seconds which was better than i expected
  • Race Website Serpentine Runners Club
  • Picture of me at the finish



Personal Bests

 5K = 25 minutes 5 seconds (Serpentine 5k 25/05/07)

10K = 53 minutes 30 seconds. (Billericay Waitrose 4/11/07)

10 Mile = 1 hour 27 minutes 10 secs (Stebbing 10 mile 11/11/07)

Half Marathon = 2 hours 19 minutes 17 seconds (Robin Hood, 16/09/07)

16 Mile = 2 hours 42 minutes 18 seconds (Kingston  ASICS 14/10/07)