Fund raising

£5000 by the end of 2008

This page is a link to my running page which can be located here Andi Cheese Running Scrapbook. I have set an amount of money that i would like to raise by the end of 2008 for Tower Hills Animal Sanctuary which is £5000.  The main event of the year will be to try and get into the London Marathon and complete it. In the meantime i am going to set smaller targets for my training which will help add a little cash to the kitty.

 All efforts are now focused on the Londom Marathon so if you want to Sponsor me please let me know. The Marathon take place on April 13th.

 If anyone wants to donate to this cause then please e-mail me at and put Tower Hill Donation in the Subject field. I will add all monies to the kitty and also put your name by the donation or keep it anonymous if you wish.

Also for a small donation i will wear a company t-shirt or product shirt during one or more of my runs to advertise. Please mail me on the above mail address for details.


As well as all the above i will be trying other things to reach my total so if anyone has ideas for me please let me know.



  • £260 pledged if i run the 2008 marathon and an extra £40 if i complete it. (The persons wish to remain anonymous)
  • £100 quid from me to complete the London Marathon.

Running total to date



  • £25 for hitting 16 and a half stone
  • £25 for hitting 15 and a half stone
  • £25 for hitting 14 and a half stone (3/5/07) 
  • £60 in miles (Now Stopped 3/10/07))
  • £22.50 For Great Baddow 10 Mile (20/5/07).



 Donations and other

  • £6 Anonymous person for the Sevenoakes 10k i did in March.
  •  £10 From Dave James (work Collegue (Thanks)
  • £20 from Headless (Work Collegue) for sale f DVD player (Thanks)