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2015 GOs


**GO.No.367,Dt.6.7.2015 Medical Reimbursement facility continue upto Dec2015  Click here

**GO.No.29,Dt.2.7.2015,Language Pandits(working in MP/ZP Schools)are eligible for
  School Assts. Promotions   Click here

**GO.No.28,Dt.2.7.2015,Language Pandits(working in Govt.Schools)are eligible for
  School Assts. Promotions
  Click here

**GO.No.58,Dt.20.6.2015, AadharCard/RationCard in the place of Residence Certificates  Click here

**GO.No.75,Dt.20.6.2015,General Transfers Ban Lifted in 9Districts of AP till June30th Click here

**GO.No.74,Dt.18.6.2015, APGLI Loan Interest Calculation Guidelines  Click here

**GO.No.68,Dt.12.6.2015, AAS Increments   Click here
**GO.No.67,Dt.12.6.2015, Stagnation Increments  Click here
**GO.No.66,Dt.12.6.2015, ConsolidationPension/Family Pension to Pensioners Click here

**Cir.No.25,Dt.9.6.2015, Mention SSA Grants withdrawls on back side of Cheque  Click here


Dt.26.5.2015 Schools Reopen on 15thJune,2015.   Click here

**MemoNo.3682,Dt.26.5.2015, Procedural instructions for PRC Fixtation.   Click here

**GO.57,Dt.18.5.2015, General Transfers  to AP Employees Guidelines.  Click here

**GO.53,Dt.12.5.2015,Recruitment of Teachers in TribalWelfare Dept.Click here

**GO.51,Dt.8.5.2015,Implementation of PRC-2015 to AP Pensioners wef.1.7.2013 Click here 

>New PRC -2015 GOs
**GO.46,Dt.30.4.2015;Revised Pay Scales of 2015 Click here
**GO.47,Dt.30.4.2015;DA for NewPay scales         Click here
**GO.48,Dt.30.4.2015;HRA for New Pay Scales      Click here
**GO.49;Dt.30.4.2015 CCA for New Pay Scales      Click here

**GO.45,Dt.21.4.2015 CFMS Operational from 1stJuly,2015 Instructions to DDOs Click here
    (Employees' Data Updation in AP Finance Portal  Step by Step Guide)  Click here


**GO.No.33,Dt.31.3.2015 SamkyaAndhra Strike Period treated as Special CCL for NGOs click here

**Rc.No.121,Dt.21.3.2015 Video Conference on23.3.2015 to DEOs,MEOs &others on SSC Exams-2015  Click here

**GO.71,Dt.20.3.2015 Re allocation of Funds under Loans & Advances to Govt.Servants working in Education Dept. Click here

**Rc.No.181,Dt.16.3.2015 School Assistant(Languages) Promotions based on Go.No.15&16  Click here

**Rc.No.102,Dt.13.3.2015,HalfDay Schools from March16th, 2015  Click here

**Rc.No.443,Dt.5.3.2015 Modified SchoolTimings &  New TimeTable for all Schools  Click here

**GO.727,dt.10.3.2015 Local Holiday on Teacher MLC Elections  Click here

**GO.476Dt.7.3.2015Ladt date is 31March for Arrear Bills before Bifurcation Period  Click here

**GO.651Dt.4.3.2015 Holi HoliDay Changed to March 6th from March5th,2015   Click here


**GO.113,Dt.28.2.2015, Medical Reimbursement Continue upto April 30,2015  Click here

**RcNo.23,Dt.27.2.2015, Single Teacher Schools exempted to attend School Complex Meetings  Click here

**GO.No.19,Dt.25.2.2015,AP 'PRATIBHA' Awards Gudelines   click here

**GO.No.22,Dt.20.2.2015, Hostel Wardens can select Best quality of Rice from MLS Points   Click here

**GO.No.16 Dt.7.2.2015 PG Degree not Eligible for SA Lang pandits Promotions in ZP,MPUP Schools  Click here

**GO.No.15 Dt.7.2.2015 PG Degree not Eligible for SA Lang pandits Promotions in Govt.High Schols  Click here

**RC.36,Dt7.2.2012 New Timings for All Schools   Click here


**Go.No:191;dt:2.2.15 Sanction of Addl.budget for Payment of arrears bills to the period prior 2.6.14. Click here

**GO.No.183,Dt.31.1.2015 Lastdate extended for Submission arrerar bills prior to June2nd,2014  Click here

**Rc.No.118, Dt.24.1.2015 Preparation of 9th and 10th Class Question Papers by DCEBs  Click here

**GoNo:62 dt.29.1.2015,APGovt Sanctioned 1252 Academic Instructors for 3 months in MunicipalSchools  click here

**GO.181Dt27.1.2015 BADI BASA School Visits TimeTable & Schedule  Click here

**GO.No.8,Dt.24.1.2015 Renemeration of Tutors in TribalWelfare institutions hiked to Rs.1500  Click here

**GO.No.7,Dt.23.1.2015 Treatment for Chronic Diseases-Certain Amendements in TieUp   Click here

**GO.No.4 Dt.19.1.2015 One Month Basic Pay as Advance for Visakha Dist. Employees  Click here

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