Price Dollhouse Furniture

price dollhouse furniture
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price dollhouse furniture - Dollhouse: Season
Dollhouse: Season One
Dollhouse: Season One
From Joss Whedon comes a new groundbreaking show starring Eliza Dushku as Echo, an operative in an underground organization that provides hired personas for various missions.

Stills from Dollhouse: Season One (Click for larger image)

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Vintage Limited Edition Fireplace
Vintage Limited Edition Fireplace
This one inch scale, limited edition, rosewood fireplace is a beautiful piece worthy of any proud miniature collector. It was made by the Fantastic Merchandise Co. in 1982. It is signed, dated, and numbered, and has all its original labels. It comes with a white marble hearth for the fireplace to sit upon. The over mantle is beautifully carved and has a mirror set in. It is in great condition except for one side of the mantle which has some tiny chips in the finish. The original price tag of $95.00 is still attached to the back, along with a gold tag which reads “Made in Taiwan” and the “Fantastic Merchandise” label. The hand written signature reads “#61/300 J.C. ’82 “Pit” G. “ .
Where they live !!!
Where they live !!!
This is a temporary home for most of my dolls. I'm planning to buy new furniture soon and redecorate my room so the dolls will have proper rooms in specials shelves too (i'm not decorating for the dolls though !!! i just want new walls, etc...) I think this is quite comfy still, they have chairs, blankets, a wardrobe, 3 beds (the big one is handmade and at least five dolls can seat on it !). Well, it's a little doll paradise !!! But in my room, it's a doll invasion... View in large !

price dollhouse furniture