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Klopfenstein Home Rooms Furniture

klopfenstein home rooms furniture
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klopfenstein home rooms furniture - Klopfenstein AA300
Klopfenstein AA300 Table
Klopfenstein AA300 Table
Klopfenstein AA300 TableSturdy 3/4 inch solid core table top with a tough Melamine surface. Spring assisted top telescopes from 32 inches to 45 inches and pivots 180 degrees. Pivot bracket locks at any tilt angle with dual locking handles for non-slip positioning. Base and center upright are 2 inch square tube. Upright securely attaches to welded base. Metal edge-stop keeps materials from sliding off. Leg levelers adjust to uneven surfaces. Weight is 55-60 lbs. Base measures 17 inches by 28 inches top measures 30 inches by 36 inches. This table ships via UPS. Due to the size and weight the shipping cost is $79.95. The alternate image shows the tilt mechanism that is underneath the table top. Klopfenstein art furniture is made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for fabrication and shipping time. They are worth the wait!

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Family action
Family action
Paul and Kathy Klopfenstein feeling and expressing that love is in the air on this beautiful wedding day!
Bev Klopfenstein, Uncle Mark's wife, enjoying the ceremony.

klopfenstein home rooms furniture
klopfenstein home rooms furniture
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