It is close to christmas and a good friend bougt himself an early gift.
I suggest you do the same too. Merry Christmas! 
Photo at himself.: Jesper Hammarström 
Als got a review of the concert. Pretty good i must say. 
Also some really good pictures here: taken by Hans Joergensen. 

Thank you Telstar Sound Drone for for letting us play your show at Loppen. We and Telstar Sound Drone were really good that night!
Super good pictures are taken by Stefan Frank Thor Straten.

"Anders" are playing Loppen, Copenhagen once again. The date is 190316. Undervattens Orkestern are as usual;  Nikolai Lykke Nielsen, Morten "Aron" Larsen, Henrik "Hobbitt" Klitstrøm and Anders Grøn. My favorite companions of all time!  We will play support for Telstar Sound Drone who are soon to release an album on Bad Afro Records. The things i heard about it sounds indeed promising. 

                                     Finally managed to to embed the players. 

All Anders albums released so far is sold out from the me and Kommun 2(you can still find them roaming Discogs and others). Therefor i opened a band camp account where you can download all the albums from. If its to pricy let me know via e-mail and i will send them in mp3. 

Another brilliant journalist who have listen and understand me quite well if i may say. are now open for business again, Yuhu!  

230614 has closed the web shop for the summer, opening again in start August. 

Or send me a mail and we can sort it. 

If you dont want to use the patch included with LP please send me an email and i´ll send you another one for 3 euros, postage 2 euro. There are limited amounts.  anders . stub @ gmail . com  


First review from Danish

’Sadness Be Gone’
(Kommun 2 / Svensk Psych Aften)

Anders (med efternavnet Stub) har tidligere slået sine folder i de hårdtslående, svenske Mother Superior samt i danske On Trial, hvor han overtog trommestolen efter Lorenzo Woodrose. Hans soloplader er dog noget mere afdæmpede og med en hjemmeoptaget feel, som hidrører fra ”mostly summer houses and garages around Sweden and Denmark,” som han selv omtalte det i liner-notes’ne til debuten ’The Silent Boatman’ fra 2009.

Anders spiller som på de to forgængere selv alle instrumenter, men resultatet er dog på ingen måde indadvendt. Skulle man male med den brede genre-reference-pensel er der på ’Sadness Be Gone’ klare inspirationer fra Roky Ericksons solooptagelser fra 70’erne samt tidlig Stooges, dog spillet ganske blidt og dagligstue-agtigt. Og så er det hele tilsat en håndfuld pertentlig loner-psych-folk-stemning. På sangen ‘I Keep My Eyes Wide Open’  er der gæster, og ensomheden brydes af hans danske venner Aron og Hobbitten, sidstnævnte med hans velkendte “bubble guitar”, et af den nyere danske rock-undergrunds stærkeste brands.

Pladen har været længe undervejs, men resultatet har været ventetiden værd. Fra den udknaldede ‘A Shade of Shame’, over den nedtonede og smukke ’Can We Fix This’ og til den melodiøse ’We Had Missions’ lever pladen i hvert sekund, pauserne inklusiv. Jeg bryder mig i grunden ikke om udtrykket ”verdensklasse”, for der er godt nok meget skidt derude, men i tilfældet Anders er den altså god nok.

They say it`s good, trust me. 


Now its possible to bye the album in some record stores in Malmö and Copenhagen and Uppsala, Sort Kaffe og Vinyl, Sound station, Route 66, Rundgång, Repeat Records, Open Mind Records and on web stores like ,


Finally arrived!!! 

Official release date 010514.


The new album should arrive in Malmö the 17 of april so i will then walk around Copenhagen selling the record. will sell it but also some other shops around the world. I´ll keep you posted. I am now in the making of insert and other stuff.



A new song and the title of the new album Sadness be Gone


All files have been sent to the pressing plant and the record are now in making. Hopefully the release will be in start April or late march.  




Some pictures from the mastering session at Black Tornado in Copenhagen. With Anders Onsberg as Engineer and som very secret friends round the table. Anders (the engineer) made an amazing job concidering the waves he got. From the computer through some fairchild and some really old eq´s to a 2 chanel tape recorder. Hobbit is still working on the cover.    


So i am finally finished with the third album. I will master it as soon as possible at Black Tornado with Dr Onsberg, the same studio i mastered the first to. It will be 10 songs on vinyl limited to 400 copys.  

I am now of to Hobitts place to se how he is doing and how far he is in the cover making. 


"Fluffy" a good friend of the band GOAT have the good taste of recommending my records in an interview, and if you how popular GOAT is, you should do so to.

 The article: 

If you are having problems downloading the records at the bottom of this page, send me an e-mail and i will send them in wave, flac or mp3 via 

anders (dot) stub@gmail (dot) com



Pictures from a very good record shop in Athens, Greece. In the front window next to my good label friend of Technicolor Poets.




I wouldn´t say i am a part of this record more then that i was the driver and tried to let the musicians to feel confortable by opening beers and helping out with gear. We had a fantastic time in the woods of Värmland with the legendary sound man Anders Lind in Silence Studios. To see and hear a Master of his Arts was very overwhelming experience. Yet a very humble man respecting the work of the new old dorks. The result of this has now been released on Kommun 2 and it is highly recommended.

Get it at:

the studio:

Collage made of Peter Wallgren who visited and made the cover of KAMA LOKA LP. Peter have also helped me on all my records with different layout stuff. 


At Loppen 041012 with my friends. We played really good of course but a little bit shaky as it should be.

Tomorrow we will play We have a new member onboard his name is Søren and plays piano. Sounds really great. Søren normally plays amongst other with Aron.
100912 The night for Ralph was a really nice evening spending time with old friends. My former guitar soldier Sölvi Silver aka White Angel performed a very nice song for Ralph. Here is a picture of him:

My good friend and fellow musician NIK are about to release a 100 copy cassette tape later this year. It sound promising indeed.

The night of the 8 th of september we are going to shoot of Ralph to outer space with a ball at I really dont know what is going to happen but i am sure it will be fun. 

As i mentioned earlier i am also playing with Troldmand and White Hills the 4 th of October 

Tonight my friends of Dean Allan Foyd are playing i KB18 in Copenhagen. Go there. 

Me and Ralph 2011 mastering i Black Tornado.
A VERY big loss for me personally but also for the whole music life in general. Me and Ralph mastering In the Dark Hours in Black Tornado CPH. I was so proud working with Ralph i had to take picture on us both.  Ralph fighted cancer for a long time. NYD LIVET!
I am playing 4 th of october.

I have had my birthday and it was great!
Tomorrow i will play Loppen, Christiania in Copenhagen with my friends of Aron and some others. We will support the legendary Swedish band of Träd Gräs och Stenar.

I also have made some videos. Great ones!

Hey hey Bye bye

In the Dark Hours

Update on gig: We were really good.
Me and Scott "Dr Space" made some recordings on all bands so hopefully there will be some records or files floating around someday. I will keep you posted.

Anders live


So its official!

Anders og hans Psykedeliske Undervandsorkester will play Ungdomshuset 3rd of February together with acts as Huggorm and Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting.

My fellow boats men are top musicians from bands as On Trial, Spids Nøgenhat, Dragontears, Aron, ex Baby woodrose.


Anders Grøn





Now the new album are up for download.

Due too lack of space(not that space) on the internet i have to pull down the first record from this site in order to upload the new one.
If you want the first record i mp3 just send me an email and i will send it to you via Sprend.
anders.stub    at
The upload i will do soooon.
Dead: On Trial. We made a fantastisc gig at Loppen 030611. I would here like to say thank you to, you that have supported On Trial over the years.
My first video, made my self as  you might understand.



In the Dark Hours

Kommun2-14 2011 Stereo. Limited edition vinyl only released with a bonus trinket

The new Anders album In the Dark Hours is a dark, puzzling experience; a true kaleidoscope. Anders is a loner in the true sense of the word, but a little help from friends and family has added spice to an already rich dish. The crude arrangements suggest this was made in a haze, but nevertheless with brains and sound judgment. The songwriting is intricate without veering towards progressive, but to excite the imagination with a mosaic of strong rhythms and sounds.

Label Web Site:

Contact/Booking: anders.stub at

Finally arrived!

I will upload the songs to this site as soon i have converted the files to mp3.

The new record will arrive to Malmö 180411 so the shipping will start soon after that. I just have to fix the inlay and the special goodie that will be included in the record. The cover is made by the fantastic artist and friend Henrik Hobbit Klitstrøm with help from Peter Wallgren.
Title: In the Dark Hours
Hi sailors again!
New record is on its way. Working very very hard.  Of course on my favorite label Kommun 2 
Hej då
Hi Sailor!
Anders, The silent Boatman Mp3, free download.
Songs, poster and cover but no smell.....

Sorry about no Zip.......

If you want to by the record try,
Very few left. 

Anders Stub
anders (dot) stub (at) gmail (dot) com