How To Draw A Hibiscus Flower

how to draw a hibiscus flower
    hibiscus flower
  • (hibiscus flowers) certified organic is used to ease eczema. Hibiscus is astringent and is known to be anti-inflammatory and is very good for sensitive skin types.
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how to draw a hibiscus flower - Hibiscus Flower
Hibiscus Flower Powder 16 Oz (1 Pound)
Hibiscus Flower Powder 16 Oz (1 Pound)
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lavender poppy tea 003
lavender poppy tea 003
A sleepy-time herbal tea from another dimension some would say. A hypnotically delicious cup of soothing tea-time wonder is what I like to call it right before it lulls me towards slumber every night. *??) ?.·??.·*??) ?.·*?) (?.·? (?.·`Lavendera Somniferum is like nothing you've ever tasted & I am proud to present it as the second of my "Genuine Pixxxie Pressed Teas & Tinctures" collection. This practically magical tea has been a guarded recipe in my book of tasty shadows for quite some time and after much deliberation I've finally decided to share it with the world. Comprised of wholesome, fair trade, organic ingredients it is an exotic melding of richly cultivated flavors. ¦The headiest components here are luscious, high grade, organic Lavender, chopped California Poppy and finely ground Chamomile Powder of identical caliber. ¦Next on our alchemical component scroll is a mixed allotment of organic Hibiscus, Lemon Balm, Hops Flowers, Skullcap and Valerian Root. ¦Rounding off all this goodness is the semi-precious wonderment that is Roasted Brown Rice. Like a velvet ribbon accent on a present that is already sinfully fantastic, it adds a certain richness that is distinct yet smooth. It's an exotic flavor, almost bordering on the roasted tastiness one finds with fresh Sesame Crackers. All of these components meld together to create a cup of the most stunning tea you've ever tasted. To say this is the stuff of which dreams are made of would be putting it lightly... Sure to lull you right to sleep, I suggest drinking it right before bed time. Be forewarned that you shouldn't drive a vehicle, horse-drawn or otherwise, after sipping this concoction. ...And also consider avoiding moonlit walks after gulping this down, for it can make you easy prey for all manner of night's creatures. *??) ?.·??.·*??) ?.·*?) (?.·? (?.·`How Much You Receive: Sold in one corked glass vial, you receive 1.5 oz of Geniune Pixxxie Pressed Tea. This makes about 3-4 cups of tea depending on the size of your tea cups. I commonly use one of these old world vials in my personal tea pot and pull at least 6 cups from it since this is one of the rare loose teas that you can steep in hot water 2 times over and still get a delicious cup of tea that's not bitter from "over steeping". ¦Tea is sent in bottle with constituents layered in the lovely strata you see pictured. If you'd like the tea to come to you mixed please leave me a note in your Paypal buying notes or Etsy buying notes with the simple statement "Please Mix Tea Components". ¦Product will come to you in gift-style wrappings, packaged securely with love and care. ¦You will also find 2 re-usable drawstring muslin tea bags of cotton nestled alongside your corked apothecary jar of tea. Despite sending you the little bags I really suggest using a tea pot with an internal basket or a French Press if you have one. ¦Alternative Recipe for Grown Ups: Instead of filling your teapot solely with hot water, fill half of it with hot water and fill the other half with Sangria + 3 heaping teaspoons of brown sugar or raw sugar. Steep tea for whatever duration of time suits your fancy and drink up. This is ultra soothing and commonly brings on the "Sleep of Ages" or something pretty damn similar. Because it is a heady alchemical decoction, it is not suitable for children (no matter how ill mannered or hyperactive you think them to be...No matter what Mary Poppins or her cohorts think). And while we're on the topic, you probably shouldn't listen to any nanny of the Mary Poppin's School of Child Rearing w/ Witchcraft anyway. They'll have your wee ones grow up to be very docile lifetime alcoholics for magical wine-brews! Believe it. Despite depictions of "Poppins Types" descending from rain clouds or some such, know now that they're practically Vampires and can only come into your home if you invite them! But that's another topic.... *??) ?.·??.·*??) ?.·*?) (?.·? (?.·`Notables: -¦-Product does not contain caffeine. It's for helping you unwind and relax your frazzled nerves so you can actually go to sleep. -¦-All ingredients here are certified organic and fair trade. -¦-Roasted Brown Rice is "puffed" and some grains puff out and expand like wild, giving them the look of small popcorn kernels. -¦-Ingredients are super fresh, so this will probably be one of the freshest cups of tea you will ever taste. Very different from tea purchased at the grocery store that may have been sitting on the shelf for a long time. Drink lightly to gauge you tolerance since this strong stuff. -¦-Tea lasts longer if you store it in a cool dry place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. This tea has a rather long shelf life but it tastes best if you drink it within 60 days of receiving it. -¦-You can also jazz this tea up a bit more by adding whipped cream or milk. Or serve it over ice for the days when you'd rather have your tea cold. -
...on My Mind
...on My Mind
I made a series of black and white flower images recently. This isn't necessarily my favorite, but it draws me back frequently. What I like about the series is the sense of suspension in space; the images were taken outdoors under a light breeze, but could have been made anywhere. I would love to have some of my black and white work printed, but unfortunately it's so hard to get a decent print done commercially when few people know how to manage monochrome digital output. Hopefully I'll be better equipped to do it myself after reading through the comprehensive and gorgeously presented book Way Beyond Monochrome.

how to draw a hibiscus flower
how to draw a hibiscus flower
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