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    My name is Joel Anderson and I am a progressive reenactor of the American Revolution. Since 1999, I have portrayed Continental heavy and light infantry, Continental Artillery, Loyalist and Continental Dragoons, and Mounted and Dismounted Militia. Through my search for clothing and equipment I have found that there is a limited supply of quality goods available from larger companies. Because of this, I have thrown my hand to making my own garments and gear. On this site you can find uniforms, civilian clothing, and accessories that I have previously made. I can take orders for the garments you will see on this site as well as custom commissions. If you have a keen interest in upgrading your kit or just want a finely made item, please let me help you in that regard. I take pride in being able to hand sew all the items you see, but can also machine stitch any item to make it cost effective for customers. 
Thank you for visiting and enjoy!